Who controls this place, who can rule the whole world, where is this place? Not far away

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Who controls this place, who can rule the whole world, where is this place? Not far away

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Some people say that the Strait was the world, in fact, this is a typical theory of the right to sea. According to the theory of land rights,The channel may not have to the world.

(one of the most important channels in the world, the Malacca Strait)

On the VS land rights theory of sea power:

Sea power theory of the author is a U. S. Navy captain, his name called Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840 - 1914), Mahan think thalassocracy is crucial to a country's development, who controlled the sea, who will be able to control all over the world. Since the opening of the new route, the human transportation mainly depends on the ocean, and the ocean holds the economic lifeline of a country.

The ocean has a very important value in military and marine national protection from local in war, the control of the port and channel, had achieved naval supremacy, modern war, the role of the Navy than the army greater.


After the military thought of the sea power theory, the United States, Britain, Japan and the Soviet Union successively put the "sea power theory" as the guiding ideology of the construction of the Navy.

With the theory of sea power corresponding to the land power theory, the theory of sea power surge, UKThe sights on the vast Eurasian Geopolitician Halford Mackinder. He believes that with the development of land transport, the strategic position of Eurasia "heartland" will become more and more important.

(Mai Jinde)

The military thought of the land right theory, its core, is summed up, is such a word:

Who ruled Eastern Europe, who took control of the heart;

Who rules the heart, who is in control of the world;

Who rules the world, who control the world.

What is the world island?

(World Island Map)

The earth is made up of two parts, one part is the world, the other is the edge of the world around the world. Europe, Asia, Africa, Europe and Asia is the world's largest island, here is the world's largest land, the largest population. At its edge, there are a series of relatively isolated continents, such as the American continent, the Philippines islands, the islands, the Indonesia islands, the Japanese islands and the British Isles.

How can we control the world island? For western countries, it is necessary to control the Eastern Europe, control of Eastern Europe, will be able to go deep into the Eurasian continent, and then rule the world island, ruled the world can control the world island.

We think that the Soviet Union and the United States during the cold war, the land is not the right VS sea power?

For the United States, Europe and Asia, the world island of things at both ends, absolutely can not be a sound, must present a split state, otherwise it will form a strategic siege of the United states.

After the end of World War II, the United States to break the Soviet Union's land rights, mainly in two aspects, first, to foster Western Europe; second, to foster china. From 1949 to 1958, China and the Soviet Union have a honeymoon period, Americans are very afraid. So to build the three island chain to containment Asia at the eastern end of the socialist camp, the first island chain north of Japan islands, the Ryukyu Islands, then Taiwan Island, South to the Philippines, Xun he Islands. The second island chain north of Izu Islands, the Ogasawara Islands, volcano islands, Mariana Islands, Palau island. From the third island chain north of Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands extending the American Pacific Islands until the United States, a key ally Australia and New Zealand.

(the first and second chain chain)

For Western Europe, the United States is trying to foster Western Europe, the introduction of the Marshall plan, the revitalization of the European economy, but also to build the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as far as possible to suppress the Soviet forces to Eastern europe.

During the cold war, the Americans have been able to successfully break the Soviet Union's land rights, which is because the success of the Eurasian continent East and West are not controlled by the Soviet union.

(Soviet Union and Eastern Europe)

This is a very important practice of land rights VS sea power.

For China is concerned, the importance of land rights, or the sea is important to it? China is a country on the Eurasian continent, but also has a long coastline, land and sea power, both important. China is now to learn how to use the land to break the U.S. sea power, China is not a traditional maritime power, the major ports and channels are controlled by the traditional maritime powers, China should pay attention to land rights, land use rights to crack the sea. For example, Chinese should pay attention to the construction of Pakistan Economic Corridor, to pay attention to the construction of the international channel. Pakistan Economic Corridor and the channel once the successful construction of the so-called chain useless. Direct communication between the India ocean and the Persian Gulf, but also the need for the Malacca Strait?

(China Pakistan railway)

For westerners, pay attention to land in the first step is the importance of Eastern Europe, and for the countries of China and Japan that the eastern end of the Eurasia continent, pay attention to land in the first step is to pay attention to the central and South Asia, Central Asia and South Asia, not far from the Chinese, and is far away from Japan, so in the land, China than the Japanese advantage.

Now the railway transport more and more quickly, if the heart of Asia and Europe continent, there are dense high-speed rail network, you say it is important to the sea, or the important land rights?

After the land right theory is the theory of air rights, if the future of the world's transport rely mainly on air transport, which places the strategic position is more important? Or Asia Europe continent, because the big airport is in the land.