Wu Zetian: The Untold mystery of stele, the crack was not!

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Wu Zetian: The Untold mystery of stele, the crack was not!

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The new spring guide: Wu Zetian, "the only history China casts a thousand beams. Queen" in the title, can not be avoided. Has always been the emperor tree monument Li said that the merits and demerits of his comments, and the tomb of Wu Zetian's Monument chose the word no, and a a "first", thousands of years under different opinions. The new age for you to reveal the ultimate answer -

(no monument with a whole piece of stone carving and is the monument of China's ancient groups bankrolled, 753 meters high, 2.1 meters wide, 1.49 meters thick, weight up to 98.9 tons)

Qianling is the burial tomb of Tang Emperor Li Zhi and Empress Wu Zetian, is the ancient Chinese emperors' mausoleums of the only couple emperor he Zangmu, Tomb of two high monument, and to the west is the holy monuments, of articles by Empress Wu, Tang Zhongzong writing. The east Wu Zetian "monument with the words", monument by a huge whole stone into, it did not question the Beiming, only monument first carved eight Chi dragon, cleverly wrapped around together. The monument on both sides of a flying dragon. Beizuo adret lines are carved lion horses, horse hoof bent bow, lion head is angry. There are many flowers and plants on the monument, fine lines and smooth lines.

"Monument with the words" and "the holy monument" in Emperor Gaozong died by Empress Wu Zetian of, "monument with the words" in fact is Wu Zetian in advance to prepare for their "merit monument. But surprisingly, this is so tall stone was not a word, become the eternal mystery.

As for the "monument with the words" why wordless, thousands of years to all can be roughly summed up in two: knowing sinful inconvenience to say, can not say, so don't say that; the second is originally the monument on the word, Zhongzong Lee significantly succeeded to the throne after the shovel. Xiao Bian believes that these two arguments are the descendants of the ancients on false assumptions. The little girl years of research that the monument would have no word, not later to shovel, and wordless is Wu Zetian deliberately, the reason is her highly confident, is born of woman's identity to the silent declaration of the patriarchal society.

One, Wu Zetian old age, and even after the death of a great control, and later to say not to be established.

16 years of the reign of Empress Wu, from Xian Qing five years (660 years) began to take part in politics, to Shenlong year (705 years) the first month was forced to abdicate, practical grasp at the helm of the world for 45 years, is dominated, hero. Even in his old age, still have absolute control of the political situation. Many people take the Tang room restoration of the thing, Wu Zetian is forced to think. In fact, this is not completely understand the history of the people give full play to imagination. Di Renjie is convinced Wu Zetian Li Xian, rather than simply do not have the ability to "Wu Sansi, force". Don't believe it:

"Gu Zhi and mother and child, or pro? Your majesty Li Luling king temple, often enjoy the long years; think twice, not Fuji Gu temple." After feeling, now send Xu Yanbo Ying Lu Ling Wang in real state. To the king, the king after the anonymous account, called Lu Ling Renjie language. Please cut to apply Renjie, tears can not stop. Then the king went out and said, "you are still the prince!" - Zizhitongjian "

Wu Zetian agreed with Li Xian to the throne though unwilling, but most is to accept the recommendations of others, rather than passive acceptance. This is a political deal, 'I agree you reset, on condition that you must admit I place in history, but also to maintain the family Wushi security and status. Li Xian succeeded and Wushi forces continue to maintain Wu Sansi clan, about politics, is the most powerful verification. Lee although of Wu Zetian disgruntled, but dare not, not later will not, because from the blood, Wu Zetian is, after all, their grandmother. Li Tang Wu Zetian has expressed dissatisfaction with the public after the year of Kaiyuan Xuanzong Li Longji came to power things. Lilongji did indeed ordering the destruction of Wu Zetian built "Tianshu", that is because it at the deputy of Luoyang, in the palace will be able to see, too "eyesore". Shovel word so much trouble, if it is deliberately destroyed as revenge, "Tianshu" as a direct hit is not easy? Chinese history, smashing the monument, the tomb of the thing is not uncommon, but the shovel word has never.

Wu Zetian is the two exploits illustrious, extremely confident, not guilty, but not to blame.

Wu Zetian always crave for greatness and success, came to power, to repair the palace, temple built, nothing, until 70 years old still in Luoyang cost tens of billions of singing the praises of the construction of the "Tianshu": "Tianshu, high 150 feet, diameter of twelve feet, eight, the size of five feet. Tieshan, a hundred and seventy feet, copper pan Kirin around; for Tengyun bearing dew dish, three feet in diameter, the four dragons stand holding fire beads, Joe. " It's Title: "big week million Guoshu de tianshu." ("mirror") and, with their appearance on a sculpture of Buddha, which is how much confidence? She would feel bad evaluation? This is completely ignorant of the descendants of the villain of the heart, the hero of the belly, I do not know the emperor of the mind. Moreover, from 683 emperor died.both to 705 years Wu Zetian died, Qianling in Wu Zetian personally planning and command built, consuming up to 22 years, she has enough time to do this thing.

Wu Zetian ruling during wenzhiwugong, the moment unparalleled. Don't let Li Shimin Zhenguan rule, after Kai Li Longji the Kaiyuan flourishing, economy, military affairs, diplomacy in China history not inferior to any spirit king. In the processing of complex situation before and after the death of Emperor Gaozong, she showed extraordinary talent; "remonstrance" and "these two points, even with the orthodox feudal ideas to Litang people gasp in admiration. In the face of "Wan Yi to the" spirit of the power, if the evaluation of their own struggle for more than and 20 years, this is Wu Zetian? She would think that he and Tang Jian Zhou is treason and heresy? She even killed his own son, daughter's eyes are blinking; she married Lao Tzu married son, she publicly to mianshou (Zhang Yizhi, pregnant with meaning monk) kept in the harem, vertical moving in the hall, she will not confident? Internal disease? "The sin is great. consciously"? What a joke, if so she can be a queen?

Third, the ultimate answer Wu beat all opponents, except to change a woman's identity, so the eternal merits to leave to posterity comment.

Wu Zetian, since the Three Sovereigns and five emperors, she was the first empress, life dominated, the twilight years of government in the son, to Dili, Emperor queen fame. This is like a victorious swordsman, sword in hand, defeated the best the world hero, Dugu, want to find opponents are rare. Twilight years back, only makes her solution is the identity of a woman, child, female, pass the nephew of the problem when it comes to home or because she is a woman without someone let her unable to overcome. If she makes a decision, whether to choose a son, a daughter or a nephew, she has three inches of gas in, no one can shake. However, she can make it live, can not make its dead. It is also difficult to change the historical fate of all historical figures, the number of heroes in old age to make the choice of ordinary people difficult to understand, the reason is that this. So she chose to compromise.

The Chiang Ching Kuo in his later years the selection problem is the same, as a "foreign power", if you choose to continue, "martial law", are not allowed free group party, regression police society, as long as he ordered to open grab arrests, he was able to do, but also in his lifetime is to maintain the stability of no problem. But after death? So there is no eternal ruling party to become his choice. Wu Zetian is the same, big young people kill cutting by heart, very decisively, but the party will thought their historical position, behind the national and historical thought, she can regardless of any person, but not for the national history and do a proper explanation. History proves that her choice is right.

History is the most ambitious and not a trace of the carpenter, the gander. After the Tang Dynasties to visitors towards the hills, facing the stele, heart feeling, there are many inscriptions are. Disseminated in the years to come, "monument with the words" turned out to be the monument there, censured and praise, as in today's era of freedom, the public that the public rational, the woman said rational po, contend, a matter of opinion. Towering wordless tablet, after the song, Jin, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, adds a lot of text, through the numerous pay homage, unexpectedly naturally formed on the evaluation of Wu Zetian and handwriting really, grass, scribe, seal characters, the eight available, are not available in the inscriptions of the emperors. Somewhere, perhaps this is Wu Zetian want results.

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