In the face of British women in Qing strong military attack, he used the toilet back

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In the face of British women in Qing strong military attack, he used the toilet back

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The face feel not clear about the British, the Qing army fought a battle, no matter how hard, in vain. Such enemies, beyond the Chinese people's thinking frame, they can not think of their solutions, how to return a responsibility? Sent to the front of the Guangzhou as deputy commander of Yang Fang, there is such a confusion.

Dao Guang, the Qing Emperor (Figure) Aixinjueluo Nin, formerly known as mian Ning, Ning min to the throne after the. The Qing Dynasty eighth emperors of Qing Dynasty, is also the capital of Beijing after the sixth emperor.

Yang Fang is famous at that time, 15 years old to join the army, an old ranks, in to destroy the five provinces of white lotus uprising and set illustrious military exploits, so the Daoguang emperor to his expectations very high. In the same time with many times previously, sent to the Guangdong army, coach as usual, this is the Manchu nobility, Yi shan. But the boss is just a front, after the win, coach for a, defeated, fushuai take command. People oriented, Han director, this is the practice, this is no exception. So, Guangzhou front, the real masters of the family, is the deputy commander Yang Fang.

Yang Fang came to the front, it is found that the battle was strange, we hit the devil, and unerring hings we've played them, how can not beat, beat did not seem to anything. He does not understand that this is people ships and armament, well-trained sake, feel that there must be a strange and foreign devils 80% is black magic. It is no wonder that in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, rebel rebellion in the mainland, the net is some of the sect of the trouble, white lotus, tenrikyo, eight trigrams or something. These teach uprising door often claim that their spells, for a long time, even the opponents of Qing, also feel each other really a spell, or hex said. After the war, in to announce the memorial to the throne, often rendering your opponent hex badly, as well as their own side to peep to break the spell and defeat the enemy, a lot of credit reporting, please more reward. See the emperor since you win, also not go. In the course of contacts, we all feel that what really spell the thing.

Yang Fang is coming, Guangzhou is very exciting, that's one, English is mostly to stand up. But star without appealing to the deployed forces, but the arrangement of down, orders received wide toilet, toilet woman spent, the more years taste more is unpleasant and better. When close the toilet, and also touched the woman menstrual blood pool, The more, the better. Yang Fang himself, into the temple to burn incense and worship, Yan tie. Tie, not like Zhu Geliang, in order to borrow arrows, but magic. Scarecrow tied into the British way, England coach and vice handsome Yi law and Elliot's name written on, in principle, should also have the birthdates of these people, it is not good to inquire about, had no choice but to empty. And then sprayed with realgar, peach wood sword stab, blood marks on a road. In this way, even if the British commander in chief has been put in the spirit to kill.

Obviously, this is not safe, then the toilet array on the go. The collection of women used the toilet, filled with filth, has installed with the rafts and boats, full of rivers, toilet mouth are against the British people. The British at sight of the battle, really confused situation, sent to inquire about, just know originally Yang Fang is to get rid of the hex, alive hell. A blast hit in the past, next to the toilet and the toilet of the soldiers, all saw yan. British people still have a gun, cannon and cannon.

Is a large array of toilet, presumably learn from Fengshen Yanyi, Yang Fang and his colleagues in dealing with the mainland sect uprising, perhaps really used. The principle is that all folk religion, scary magic, are afraid of women, especially afraid of naked women and filth. When applying each other as long as tit for tat, spell, release woman filth grams, can break the other method. However, this time with foreigners in the body, did not use a point, white lost many soldiers and Guangzhou patriotic women's toilet.

Zhu Geliang (pictured), Three Kingdoms period, the prime minister, statesman, strategist, essayist, calligrapher, inventor

A reliable point array than toilet tactics is the fire attack.

Fire attack is novel to teach, is said to be one of the ancient tactics. The four fire bulls, big famous. But Zhuge Liang of the Qing Dynasty's most popular novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," which is a fire experts, the best tactics is incendiary attacks. Who do not know Zhu Geliang Xinye fire, Chibi fire by the east wind? The ancient war stories, pay attention to is a battle of wits, not fighting force, so by leveraging Shen trend, superior forces play won, not skill, ability is outnumbered, David and Goliath. Here the head needs to play fraud, fire attack, is actually a kind of swindle. By the fire force, will defeat the opponent, to use the. But, in the Qing Dynasty, the history of war, there seems to be no such successful wars. Not used, does not mean that people do not want to use. A strong British frontier generals first thought, is borrowed from the fire god power.

Finally came to the front of the time and again Luanshan, toilet matrix is no, using Zhu Geliang's approach, fire attack. This way of fighting, Lin Zexu had detailed arrangements. However, when he was still in charge of Guangzhou, with no use. However, after Yi mountain, then use.

According to complain about the British, Guangzhou and Zhejiang in the front, Chinese the fire attack many times, application. Lian Qishan in Tianjin to prepare, mainly for fire attack. In general is from the upper reaches of the river, put down the full extremely flammable objects, things such as wood, oil and salt raft or boat and put it down, nears the enemy ships, up a shot with fire arrows, to be ignited. In front of Zhejiang, such incendiary attacks is art, each, with tung oil two hundred jins, mesotrione forty pounds, firewood thirty loads, five boats for a group. Unfortunately, every time the British sent a boat with a claw hook a raft, turn to, for nothing.

Another incendiary attacks requires the operator a little courage, also by raft or boat, filled with combustibles, ship a lead, to be close to the enemy, set fire to the burning ship. The result is the same, even if it is burned up, others ship a move, it is all right, there is no law to the people after the treatment of the ship.

The third huogong tactics, it is to prepare for the rocket (bow and arrow tie oily light cotton ball), cupping, toward the enemy warship on launch. The problem is, to do so, the need to approach the enemy operations, even if the throw up, but also hurt the people, the ship is not a point. Moreover, no one on the up, has been shot. Some people have suggested, with hundreds of soldiers carrying boats, besieging enemy ships, each with a flamethrower soldiers. Even if the enemy can play a number of heavy, and the rest can also approach the enemy ship set fire.

(Figure) the burning of Chibi

Unfortunately, in the battlefield, did not dare to do so, can not find so many soldiers are not afraid of death. In addition, there is a fire attack idea, is sent with the monkeys trained with regularity of gunpowder, climbed up the fire razed the ship, the ship. The front line in Zhejiang, it has bought 19 monkeys, Jinbing, sedan chair with the monkeys, but always there is no opportunity to send out these brave monkey. At the end of the soldiers break, the monkey did not know where to go.

The most reliable fire attack strategy, and appeared on the occasion. The man who brought several urn Sichuan Huo Jing in the production of kerosene, in fact, that is the oil, sprinkle lit in the river took a direct British ship to burn. So much of the Yangtze River, then oil, really SA to go in, to sprinkle a little pepper surface as, but for the ships passing in the night light.

We call for Lin Zexu, opened his eyes to see the world's first people, both in Guangzhou or in Zhejiang, the idea, the most important is huogong. However, during the war, was frequently use huogong tactics, not the slightest use, even a British soldier did not hurt. The British troop, is through special processing, in general, not easy to ignite. Moreover, the so-called fire ship without power to be rushed to the scene, a British lead, as elsewhere. Try and useless fire attack was front-line troops, generals, as a magic weapon, always in use. And, with an effort to report to the emperor, burned the number of the number of the ship.

All those despised the generals Maogong. Before the war with the small size of the British contact, also will continue to report said, burned the ship of the British people. During the whole war, Dao Guang was happy for a while, and then he was sad. In fact, Yishan, carefully organize the one on one hundred, incendiary attacks, was British toggle, but towards the shore, burning their own people, in front of the defeated. Zhejiang front of Yi, life is not higher than that of Yishan good, dispatched by, did not burn to the enemy. Instead their River Camp burning.

(Figure) in 1842 (Qing Dynasty, twenty-two years), in the Qing Dynasty and the first Opium War British defeat. On behalf of the Qing government and the British signed the Treaty of Nanking, in the modern history of China and foreign signed the first humiliating unequal treaties

This is the Chinese people's war, if there is a wide gap between the strength, positive but the play, then a Jones, Jones is also useless, it is a evil soldiers, please God help. So Yang Fang, later arrived at the Guangzhou front coach Luanshan, almost. The Zhejiang front was established by coach david. Just because he went to Hangzhou Temple been swamped, "tiger help. During the war, with the election in the year of the tiger year happens to be the year of the tiger), moon tiger, tiger, and the tiger Jinbing, and Daihu headgear of Jinchuan Tusi forces, specifically to born in the year of the tiger a Bing served as commander in chief. The results of it, or suffer a big.

Yi Shan said the emperor, Yuexiu Hill Guanyin Temple of Guanyin, on occasion in the British city apparitions. Sudden downpour, the British rocket extinguished flood rushed many foreigners and Chinese traitors, the foreigners without fear, dare not from siege. Therefore asked the emperor to give a piece of Guanyin Temple calligraphy plaque, in recognition of the goddess of mercy. The Daoguang emperor really obedient, immediately wrote four Chinese characters: "Ciyou Ching hai". Do not know now Yuexiu Guanyin temple, there is no such a tablet?

At the time, the actual situation is, Yishan defeated, request with the British and, while the British also is not willing to siege, ask for the 600 million taels of redemption fee after a pause. Luanshan Henguai, the armistice sum into a credit, and give credit to the goddess of mercy. See the tricks of the clerical work, Yishan next lie dragged more big, blew a hurricane, heavy rain poured down, the foreigners and the traitors drowned countless, size ships destroyed more than 40 aircraft, is simply the startled day victory. Played the Daoguang Emperor Wen, overjoyed, because Yi Shan did not say, in the end is which fairy Wei, so he sent large incense 20, let Yi mountain in Guangzhou size temples throughout the incense. Here in Beijing, sent near prince to ancestor temple to burn incense. According to the estimation of the Emperor Daoguang, the sky fell to the good, not deities angry, is the spirits of the ancestors, for a stick of incense and insurance.

Viceroy of Liangjiang Kam cattle in facing the enemy, to Chen sent to 300 bodyguard, the wear colored masks, wearing tiger clothing, from time to time to jump out the position, jump dance. Probably want to let British people think that magic bound, no war since the retreat? Later, in the second Opium War, Guangzhou front Manager Ye Mingchen, in soldiers arrives, but also in the concept of Changchun Fuji incense, praying magic lower bound. Of course, Jones and soldiers have used, or win, rest, can only be surrendered. At this time, the emperor knew what the original quote is victory, Maogong flicker. At the end of the mess, he had to pick up.

From "Zhang Ming said Chinese modern history -- Founding disaster", Zhang Ming (a), Chongqing press release authorized cooperation