In the history of the most cattle people wear what watch

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In the history of the most cattle people wear what watch

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In history, there are always somecattlePeople.

Expert do is cattle. Because the existence of these people, the history of a country and even the history of mankind, are more or less changed. To popularize the culture of the clock and watch the cattle of the "clock Tour" ~, this time we want to tell you, the history of these cattle people, have been wearing what table ~

1 Queen Victoria

The famous Queen of Vitoria

A 18 year old girl, boarded the peak of power, becoming a country's Lord, this has been very cattle, right? More cattle, she reigned for 64 years. Under the rule of her, making her state of unprecedented prosperity, known as the "empire", this country is england. And this young girl, isqueen victoria.

Patek Philippe favored by the queen of Vitoria

She had used a watch, is "King"Calatrava Ref. This is a coin with blue decoration, exquisite diamond watch. Queen Victoria in London at the great exhibition, selected the gold pocket watch, it is with the queen spent nearly half a century.

2 Einstein

Einstein and he wore the Longines gold watch

Without doubt,EinsteinIs one of the greatest physicists in human history, has been the United States "Time" named "great man of the century"". The academic Montana's watch brand, very popular Chinese people welcome it isLongines. Longines is also one of the national watch brands in the kingdom of watches and clocks.

Einstein wearing the Longines gold watch, had shot nearly $600 thousand price

From the "watch tours" to get information, Einstein has at least two pieces of Longines, a watch, a watch. A few years ago, he wore gold Longines table, actually take the price of nearly $60 million, a record auction record for Longines, the back of the gold watch, also inscribed the words of Albert Einstein professor. This is the "celebrity" of the charm and collection value.

3 Churchill

Churchill ranked first in the BBC's "100 greatest Britons" survey.

You know"The 100 greatest British people"What do you have? In 2002, BBC made a survey of the "great 100 British people," the resultsChurchillFirst row. Churchill is not only an important political leader in twentieth Century, has served as the British Prime Minister two times, or rather a professional writer, won the Nobel prize in literature in 1953.

Such an expert, wear what is the table? Is everyone for having heard it many times.Rolex. This Rolex, not Churchill buy, but someone else to send. Who is this person? Rolex founder Wilsdorf Hans.

Churchill's thanks to Rolex's founder, Wilsdorf Hans

Churchill is wearing a Rolex watch log

In the Rolex the 10 million only officially certified chronometer chronometer was born, wilsdorf after careful consideration, the Rolex DATEJUST watch presented to Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill gladly accepted, and specialized in the letter of thanks.

4 Mao Zedong

The new Chinese pioneer Mao Zedong

British great man wearing Rolex, what do we Chinese people wear?omega. "Clock Tour" is a great man who said? One of the 100 most influential people in twentieth Century, the pioneer of the new ChinaMao Zedong.

Like Mao Zedong, Churchill wearing OMEGA is not to buy their own, but from the gift of the poet Guo Moruo. It is said that when Chairman Mao raised his hand to the cheering crowd, Guo Moruo found that his wrist was empty, not even a block. He is very mixed feelings, and later in a meeting with the chairman to talk, Guo Moruo deliberately put himself on a OMEGA off, gave Mao Zedong.

It is said that Mao Zedong usually do not accept other people's gifts, but this table is clearly an exception. He not only accepted, but also very popular, has been wearing it to the end of the journey of life.

Chairman Mao once wore OMEGA

5 Zhou Enlai

Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong on the scene

Mao Zedong's partner, known as the "perfect"Zhou EnlaiWear is a domestic table -Shanghai. Although to Premier Zhou Enlai, he can wear a world renown, but he has been the heart of China's watch industry, when heard that Shanghai production of a watch, Premier Zhou Enlai immediately said to buy a piece of.

Premier Zhou had to wear watches in Shanghai

Shanghai watch factory after repeated selection, and ultimately brought him a piece of 120 yuan worth of watches. Premier Zhou died, this watch by China people's Revolutionary Military Museum collection.

6 Deng Xiaoping

After the reform and opening up the Chinese people to get rich Deng Xiaoping, wearing a Rolex and Vacheron Constantin. In his later years, the wrist was basically Vacheron Constantin.

7 Napoleon

French strategist, statesman, Napoleon

The clock has not been separated, nineteenth Century, or watch, clock in the world. There is such a person, riding a horse, after suffering, the world war, has done the overlord of Europe, he isNapoleon.

Breguet as Napoleon made travel clock

Napoleon was a great strategist and statesman of France in nineteenth Century, he personally created the first French empire. 1798, Napoleon fromBreguetThere bought a travel clock. This traveling clock retro Rome digital time scales, collocation Baoji pointers and function, with the calendar spring. The lateral travel clock, after processing the exquisite carving. Although it is far away from now, it is a memorable piece of work.

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