Sima Yi's wisdom ambition, foresight, in, Zhu Geliang and Guo Jia.

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Sima Yi's wisdom ambition, foresight, in, Zhu Geliang and Guo Jia.

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I know there are different opinions, I understand that I am Zhu Geliang and Guo Jia on the reasons for his ideas and vision of Sima Yi. When Cao Cao took a fancy to him, he hid his light for many times. There is a saying that the good know too many dead faster. Sima Yi ambition is to entire Jiangshan, all in on the wisdom Taolue I think no one can than, finally Sima house take the entire Jiangshan but he laid the foundation stone figures.

We see Zhu Geliang in the romance of the sang in the military than Sima Yi, Sima Yi, Zhu Geliang and Zhuge are rarely faced with the design, or in ambush. Sima Yi is also very smart. He saw Zhu Geliang busy all day to worry about the affairs of state, numbered. Can be used to avoid the use of a move to avoid, can not fight will not fight, and later Kongming Sima Yi dragged dead. This is supposed to be a good thing to celebrate, and Zhu Geliang's real opponent is dead. But Sima Yi could not think so, feeling there is a trace of regret. Is not a contest with him once. Most of them are Zhu Geliang's war. A lot of times are in the strategy of Zhuge.

Now that Zhuge Liang, Zhuge Liang is a famous military strategist in the period of the Three Kingdoms, his life in tactical strategy made a lot of brilliant achievements, but also future generations is the most respected military one, toiling over death. There is no one to blame the liu. Let him not be a good war. In the imperial court also had to do anything. The emperor is not in use. Also love to listen to slanderous villain. Several times in the battle of Zhuge called back.

As for Guo Jia, it's a pity. Died at the age of thirty-eight. A lot of people say that Guo Jia is the most powerful. I don't think so。 Guo Jia was at a church on the counselor. If Sima Yi and Zhuge were more than sure. People Zhuge but with the soldiers fought. Guojia in the eyes of Cao Cao is very like him. Each other very much appreciate each other, also repeatedly to Cao Cao's advice to the wartime time to grasp the good. Pity ah. God did not give him too much time is due to premature mortality.

All said, from the military perspective and vision, Sima Yi is higher than the latter. Who fight to the end is the winner.