Spring and Autumn period (eighteen) Xia Ji rebellion

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Spring and Autumn period (eighteen) Xia Ji rebellion

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(in Chinese history of the spring and Autumn period, there is a beautiful woman, her name is Xia Ji, her startling beauty beauty, but see Xia Ji man, almost all of which were impressed by her appearance. Because of her, a country collapse, even a hero generation overlord almost Chuzhuang Wang, threw himself at her feet. And her existence, even affected the historical process of the spring and autumn period. So, what kind of woman is Xia Ji? Does she really have the magic that can influence the process of history?.

Xia Ji, Ji should be female, from Zheng Guo. First married to a Mr. Chen's husband, Royal uncle, gave birth to a son, called Shu shu. Results, Royal uncle old premature death, because Xia Ji is very beautiful, Royal uncle anyway is to marry a cost of a beautiful woman, is live for several years.

So the Xia Ji beautiful to what extent?? some books of Han Dynasty, said she has "nip technology", her life in her own holds a Kung Fu, is the operation of Fangji is rejuvenated. What the data say? She said three times again. We usually adolescent girls eighteen, 20, 20, a second adolescence, people twice eighteen times eighteen, so the technology lost, regret. So today, if anyone had to dig it out, it's going to be a big one. Also said that she is three for the queen, seven for the lady. Say what? Three queen, seven for the lady, married people, three times to marry him, died three months, seven times to marry a doctor, died seven months, this is a killer, she kind of erotic power, to the man bloodshed. This means that the people of the Han Dynasty is the point of life, is a bit too much imagination.

However, "Zuozhuan" records, she had a lot of dead people around. Widow's door is I-@ J. Chen linggong, king father and instrument line hole Ning also took a fancy to her. She received a single charge. Three day and night to her home run. In the daytime, the two cavalry king of one of the hands of a private gift of her underwear. This reminds us of this woman, tall, three people holding a gift show. This is the Lords declared prostitution. Where there is such a thing? Said the doctor, this like anything? Groups like Xuan prostitution, let people look at how? Chen linggong listens, heart is non or some, just not our own desires. Quickly accept, change. And, the relief Ye told Kong Ning and instrument for father. Two people began to plan and kill the man. Confucius said, "the people of the monarch, no independent monarch, the discharge of the rule that" this thing is said to be the rule of the rule, there is no curse three people, three people are not ashamed of. Say if the silence is a good thing. Now that they are not worth it.

Vent ye were killed, three people on the day of her home run to become aggravated. Ming said find Xia Zhengshu and discuss things. However, people have sharp eyes and on poetry irony, the poem called "Zhulin": "Hu Zhu Lin, from Nan Xia, Mo he is not going to Zhulin; and from the southern summer, drive me to ride a horse, said to wild strains. Take me by Colt, towards the food in the plant. Ze PO by the shores of that marsh, PU and lotus. There was a beautiful man, injuries such as what! "To find summer south is Xiazheng Shu, not to Zhulin, is indeed to find Xiazheng Shu. It is a confession. This is folk, sarcastic to you. To expose your cleverness. Then said the drive from the carriage to go there and have a rest, Zhu Lin, dinner. Eat with men and women of the matter. By eating nannvzhishi, shisexingye. This is a mapping. This is "poetry" in the rare ability of poetry. Chen linggong three people abandoned the national policy, at this time, Zhou royal family single male secretary to song country travel, after the state of Chu, channelled through to Chen, away from the state of Chen, come back to King Zhou to say this, said "Chen Hou do not have big blame, the country will perish". Don't change, will. This single male under the prophecies, to be destroyed.

Chen linggong one with the father, the well hole instrument for summer drink, people do not say, say something. Chen linggong, Xiazheng Shu like you, they like you said. This annoyed Xiazheng shu. Results drinking boy lit let this Xia Zhengshu sixteen, has begun to move, after the end of the party, three people go outside, go to the stables, an arrow to the key parts, Chen linggong died. (Chu responded, account of King Zhuang of Chu people into the state of Chen, destroy the Chan Kwok, but soon, re established the Chan Kwok, destroy a stand ask what happened?)

Chen's people are not satisfied with the choudant Xiazheng monarch. Chuzhuang Wang issued an order for small West, refers to Xiazheng Shu jia. Everyone has the right to punish. Chen people do not move, so out of the Chen country, prepared after the elimination of the regime, at the time, the side on it. The nations also hasten to congratulate. However, a person does not speak, this is the sage Shen Shushi. Shen Shushi came back from Qi, just out of Chen Guo. Shen Shushi just to explain the situation, turned to go. This is a prestigious ministers, Chu Zhuangwang wonder, how do you like others to congratulate? Shen Shushi stopped. This, also allow I speak? Of course, you can swing.

Shen Shushi said, "to the fields through the morning glory, and the capture of cattle". Shen Shushi said this "no but too heavy almost? King Zhuang of Chu didn't think, now Crusade princes follow, you have discussed is excessive and excessively, it is a moral act, has now become a greedy, and cattle, let princes to see how? Points out, under the system of the nations to princes followed, do not particularly. Out of the country, other states will want to have a day is me. This will say what the disunity, this is also the history of the spring and autumn and the Warring States period? History is not the same, to speak the truth. There is no time for pure recognition. Chuzhuang Wang smart, listen to, immediately understand that I did not expect. How to do? "Shushi said, take out from the bosom, in his hands. "To take up all the arms and also to the hands, for the more or less". To restore the state of Chen is over. So, he began to establish a new monarch, so that the country to restore the original. Confucius reading, "said Chu Zhuangwang is not simple, heavy and light in a country". This man is a man of Dali. Actual Confucius also has a sweat for chen. This show is the wise king. Chuzhuang Wang Chen in each village move a person he Chu composition summer 30 l, Xia Ji Ping chaos formed a 30 l that commemorate. (out Youjian Chen Chen Chu, Chu Zhuangwang also has the curiosity of Xia Ji, what will happen after the meeting.

Chuzhuang Wang Chen Youfu out Chen, Chen Xia Ji? The chaos is from her heart, Chu Zhuangwang despise Chen linggong. To meet Xia Ji, Chen, even have a curious look, look out, the woman also gripped his heart. He's just like electricity. I thought, unexpectedly, Chen linggong died worth it. This woman is really good, offered to marry her, ready as concubines, if so, I am afraid more disgraceful than from chen. Minister Shen Gong Wu Chen stood up, said the Lord, the crusade against Hall of Chen Guotang is positive and finally marry the she, let the nations say you? Chuzhuang Wang really listened to, not simple. Not easy, than Chuzhuang Wang promised, Chen is not easy to abandon. Is defeated, cut off the root of lust, is a man. Chuzhuang Wang listened, another big servant - (Sima) stood out, said the monarch is not married, I married, fancy. This is the delicious beauty you feel the same. Shen Gong Wu minister and stop. This is not a morally, say the woman is not auspicious, make how many people died? Speak, can imagine Shen Gong Wu Chen seize the anti fear psychology. Later, Xia Ji presented even Yin Xiang old, then he was shot dead, the son of black with the stepmother is not clear so. Then Xia Ji quit the stage of history.

(she let the side of men have lost, but it happened that some people know her story, still insist on marrying her wife, which is it?

Shen Gong Wu Chen to marry her, this is fantastic. I think what he is beginning to persuade and reverse thinking of Chu, is worth considering. He has persuaded others not to convince himself. This is probably the love. Whole life to love a person, is worthy of admiration. "Poem": "by the shores of that marsh, rushes and lotus, there was a beautiful man, hurt, waking or sleeping, I do nothing; and a flood of tears!" to describe his very appropriate. At this time, Xia Ji husband even Yin Xiang old, on the battlefield was shot dead, Shen Gong Wu Chen to her letters, she Zheng back in to find her husband's body, she promised. Then, the public servants from Shen Zheng Guo letter to Xia Ji, said her husband found a corpse. Xia Ji proposed to even Yin Xiang old burial. Xia Ji came to Zheng Guo from chu. Before you leave with Chu said, if you can't find it, don't come back, stay at Zheng Guo. Shen Gong Wu Chen proposed to marry her. Zheng Guole had to, so "air" got married. Shen Gong Wu Chenlai can't wait. After ten years, and had to go to war, a chance to come out with Qi to pull, Shen Chen was sent to the public the. Left the state of Chu, first mission to Qi, come back again, came to Zheng, deputy to let him return to the state, his not to walk, after a number of years Xia Ji officially married Shen Gong Wu Chen.

Shen Gong Wu finally meet their own requirements. At this time, the summer Ji more than and 50, the return of youth, no?. And Shen Gong Wu Chen, to their families are still walking the, spread to the state of Chu in the news of Zheng of marriage, when the king of Chu is small, the son is still alive, which proposed joint, CO produced by two people, kill Shen Gong Wu Chen family, dividing family III} production. This is Xia Ji did not. There are still murder occurred. Sub sub two weight and anti slaughter in the state of Chu, Wu Shen Gong is Chen Jin, want to go last fall in the state of Jin Qi. I am writing to them, and you have made your work far too far, and I will give you no peace. And to the king of Jin ideas, Chu challenged us to, because there is no enemy, we should cultivate his opponents, United Nations Wu, Jin and Wu in the two hit it off, rapidly rising, constant harassment from the state of Chu. This is a manifestation of the strength of Xia Ji, change the situation at that time, causing the historical center of the south to advance, causing the Wu Yue hegemony. Especially Wu, a woman changed throughout the history of the situation, to reflect today, may for official historian ingenious means of historical explanation. As the Xia Ji is not so big power? Today can only see "Zuo Zhuan", Wu Yue hegemony to an explanation, historians put it the literary interpretation. This theme is a good performance. We'll come back alive. Speak Chuzhuang Wang.