He was known as the king of Kung Fu, he was in Japan called Wu Sheng, Mao Zedong because of his tears

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He was known as the king of Kung Fu, he was in Japan called Wu Sheng, Mao Zedong because of his tears

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China since ancient times has a chivalrous wind, the assassin in the pre Qin period, subsequent dynasties Ranger, even when the Republic of China martial arts you undoubtedly represents the most traditional Chinese martial art, martial arts. And in the modern, so a person, he swept the world, even died, he still has a strong influence, he was known to the Americans as the king of Kung Fu, he was in Japan called wusheng, Mao Zedong, even for his films, and her eyes filled with tears, he is founder of the Jeet kune do, martial arts master, Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee Li Zhenfan,One thousand nine hundred and fortyBorn in San Francisco, but his ancestral home in Guangdong China.One thousand nine hundred and forty-oneYears, three months of Bruce Lee was involved in the film "Golden Gate" show, six years old, Bruce Lee entered the Canossian Saint Mary's college reading, at the age of eight when Bruce Lee again shock, made a cameo appearance in the movie "aristocrats." And at that time, the father of Bruce Lee in order to let Bruce Lee have a good physique, then has let him start to learn Tai chi.NineWhen Bruce Lee began to go to your school in Hongkong, and follow the famous boxer Shao Hansheng learning boxing.TenYears old, Bruce Lee and starred in "Lu Xi Xiang", playing a from good to bad, the bad become good orphan, Bruce Lee the show, won the unanimous praise from the audience. A year later, Bruce Lee again starred in the movie "Men at their birth".

FourteenYears old, Bruce Lee worship the great master Yip Man as a teacher, learning Wing Chun every day on the set up stakes qinxuekulian. Later, Bruce and PracticeThe mantis boxing, boxing, Shaolin boxing, stamp foot, boxing, crane boxing boxing, drawing hundreds of long, and later founded the Jeet kune do to lay a solid foundation.

SeventeenYears old, in San Fang Ji college studying Bruce Lee beat once in the school continued to dominate three years champion Charlie Owen, won the intercollegiate American youth boxing champion. The following year, Bruce Lee entered the school high school, because at just dance and get the cha cha champion of Hongkong.

One thousand nine hundred and fifty-nineyearFourmonthTwenty-nineDay,NineteenYear old Bruce Lee bid farewell to their parents, to study in the United States, but because often in school belligerent, it is family to Seattle Edison technical school. In Seattle during the time of Bruce Lee's life is very poor, but he never complained, soon Lee entered the University, began to put the center of gravity of the life in the martial arts like him, he in the school set up a "Chinese Kung Fu team", they in school performances, often won praise from teachers and students. Is that a period of time, Bruce Lee practiced his stunt later"Li Sanjue" and "Cunquan" and "goulou hand", and a long stick, the club and the nunchaku and other weapons. Second, Bruce Lee in order to promote the Chinese martial arts, rented a a corner of the school parking lot, hang a brand of "Zhen fan Martial Arts Museum", as a martial art schools. It is in this school, he later met his wife, came to learn martial arts medical college female student Linda.One thousand nine hundred and sixty-oneIn the year, Bruce Lee entered the University of Washington, majoring in drama, but also study philosophy and psychology and other courses, and beat the world judo champion Kimura Masahiko. At the same time, he also defeated the world karate champion Yamamoto Okao.

In order to improve their level of martial arts, Bruce Lee out of the practicing the traditional Chinese martial arts, also began to study western boxing, even in order to truly understand western boxing. He also played in the Western boxing exercise classes, and also save money to buy world champion Lewis boxing documentary, from learning boxing footwork, body, boxing and training methods.

The establishment of music Zhenfan martial arts hall, Bruce Lee began to participate in various competitions, defeated the black champion Sander Neem. With his winning more and more high, Zhen fan martial arts hall of fame grew louder and louder, he began to open martial arts of the branch and apprentices in Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

One thousand nine hundred and sixty-threeBruce Lee years, only one was the "basic China boxing" self published. Also in October of that year, he was with the formal establishment of a relationship with Linda.

One thousand nine hundred and sixty-fourIn the summer, Bruce Lee closed "Seattle Zhen fan martial arts museum",SevenmonthNineteenFrom Seattle to broadway.Eightmonth<1Two3>2At the "International Karate championship" performance.Eightmonth<12Three>3"Zhen fan Martial Arts Museum" formal classes.Eightmonth12Day and Linda in the King County Court for marriage,SeventeenWedding at the University of Rolle church. After marriage, Bruce Lee couple both drop out, force management of martial arts, karate champion crowned.

One thousand nine hundred and sixty-fiveIn the year, has beenTwenty-fiveHuang Zemin year old Bruce Lee to accept the challenge, the incorruptible victory, shortly after went on to beat the Bajocian master Jenny lebel won the world Jiu Jitsu championship in that year summer once again defeated by Dan Inosanto. And her son, Li Guohao, was born. Hollywood film company also found Bruce Lee at this time, and he signed a contract with the music actor.

One thousand nine hundred and sixty-sixYears, Bruce Lee to Los Angeles to shoot the "Green Hornet", in September of that year, the Green Hornet a aired after received great acclaim, a time audience reviews. A year later, Bruce Lee also made a cameo appearance in the movie "Batman" and "Ironside".One thousand nine hundred and sixty-eightYears, Bruce Lee beat to beat the world renowned Taekwondo champion Li Jun 9, year July in the sabotage unit, responsible to guide action. In August in "Marlowe" out performed a killer November was a guest movie "lovely woman" and "here comes the bride".

Bruce Lee beat MuhammadFrazier Joe,One thousand nine hundred and seventyIn the year, the world wrestling conference JKD swept all the kung fu master Bruce Lee, and won the first. With the continuous development of Bruce Lee fame continues to increase and Zhen fan Martial Arts Museum, more and more people started by Bruce Lee impressed, many martial arts star, such as the United States karate champion Chuck Norris, are scrambling to worship him as a teacher, the famous Hollywood movie star as accounted for scholar yohimbine and Steve husband are his disciples. The world heavyweight champion Ali visited, exchange of experience with him. American schools often gather in the martial arts boxer Bruce Lee Wu Yi notes.

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-oneYears, Bruce Lee appeared in the Tangshan brother, in Bangkok, Thailand, studio, Cha Er, challenged Bruce shop, but was Bruce Lee "serial tripod" pounded his abdomen, facial and temple him pound pour on the ground, before and after less thanEighteenSeconds. The Tangshan brother investment although it's only $100, 000, but he created in Hong Kong since its inception the highest grossing film of record, reachedThree hundredMillion Hong Kong dollars.One thousand nine hundred and seventy-twoIn 2008, Bruce Lee also appeared in the "fist of fury". Broke the Asian box office record. Bruce Lee"Lee three feet" and "lying ground boxing" and "nunchaku", a time swept the world.In the same year, Jeet kune do master identity, Bruce Lee was named "black belt" Journal of international authoritative martial arts hall of fame. This marks the new Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do access to foreign martial arts authority recognized. Thereafter, Bruce Lee and the film company wrote, directed, and starred in the film "the Raptors River" and "game of death", the Raptors River ", a worldwide issue. "Enter the dragon" in the American release and achieved spectacular box office, at the box office beat many released in the same period of a Hollywood blockbuster and Hollywood new Kung Fu was born.

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-threeIn the year, Bruce Lee suspended the game of death.Shooting, instead shooting "enter the dragon". After filming "enter the dragon" again to return to Hong Kong filming "game of death", but at this time. That yearSevenmonthTwentyOn the sun, Bruce Lee died suddenly, onlyThirty-threeAt the age of.

So far, the cause of Bruce Lee's death is still a mystery, the Hollywood is a pity, and in a variety of ways to remember the legendary Bruce Lee. United States to award him a number of film awards.

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-nineThe Losangeles municipal government will Bupai version of "game of death" to begin onSixmonthEightDay as Bruce Lee day".One thousand nine hundred and ninety-threeU.S. issue of Bruce Lee's death inTwentyAnniversary of the bill, the Hollywood celebrity Avenue shop on the Bruce Lee Memorial star emblem. The same year, the Hongkong Film Awards Congress awarded the "lifetime achievement award".One thousand nine hundred and ninety-eightyearElevenIn July, the Chinese Martial Arts Association awarded the "martial arts film star award"".

According to the existing information, Mao Zedong is also a super fan of Bruce Lee.

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-fourYears, working hard for many years for the country of Mao Zedong was diagnosed with cataract, and his advice him not to read, so he will attention to the film, and read a lot, such as the "Lincoln: a biography", so the film biography of the biography of Napoleon. Then his eyes gradually transferred to the Hongkong film. When he was Deputy Minister of culture Liu Qingtang, Mao Zedong is responsible for helping to collect the film. At the time, between the mainland and Hong Kong, and no cultural exchange, Liu Qingtang is through, President of the Hong Kong Branch of the Xinhua News Agency Liang Weilin friends of the to borrow to Bruce Lee movies.

According to Liu Qingtang, Mao Zedong movies when Liu Qingtang would sit beside him, watching Bruce Lee "the Tangshan big brother", "fists of Fury" and "Meng long river", see highlights of Mao Zedong will be excited to sing the praises.

Mao Zedong's first "fists of Fury" cried after the end of the film, said, "Bruce Lee is really a hero!". Chairman Mao looked at the film more than two times, in Liu Qingtang impression, no film can be so attractive to the president, so that he saw three times.

To the date of the return of the film, no one dared to mention this matter with Mao Zedong, lest he urged to see not let also. Only when he was terminally ill, was he returned to two of them.

Mao Zedong why like movies, presumably because they are great people, a to the World Declaration of the Chinese people have stood up, a is in the movie "fists of Fury" a corner kick broken piece foot kick broken "Chinese and dogs not allowed" insulting billboard.

Every man is worthy of our respect, we are happy and grateful for the rise of China......

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