He just started xunguo, no wonder in the war, no disrespect

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He just started xunguo, no wonder in the war, no disrespect

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Since the July 7 Incident burst, to Japan will eventually surrendered, eight year war of resistance against Japan emerged many anti Japanese hero, inn wrote a lot of people, like to go and see.

To say today of the heroes, there is, because after the outbreak of the war just over 21 days, the hero was martyred in the, haven't enough time to kill several devil, "don't Jie body predecease". However, whether the Kuomintang Communist Party remains, regardless of in the meantime still is now, just mention the hero, must have a thumbs up, its fame and influence far than any Japanese star not to be inferior.

The great hero of indomitable spirit, named Zhao Dengyu, Shandong Heze.

Zhao Dengyu was born in 1898, please note, in the big role was born in 1898 certainly earth shattering, just say a person is enough, Zhou Enlai. If you feel that it is not enough, then give you two - Liu Shaoji, Peng Dehuai. The three new China's cutting-edge Oomoto Hoon, are born in 1898.

In addition, in the Kuomintang side, there are several very high level of the big role, the first is Chen Cheng, equivalent to the level of our Zhou Enlai. In addition to Chen Cheng, and the Kuomintang's shangenbo, Hao Mengling, juntong Bureau Mao Renfeng, confidential secretary Zheng Jiemin.

In the literary world, we also have three cutting-edge essays: Zhu Ziqing, Feng Zikai, Zheng Zhenduo.

Well, it's about today's main character, Zhao Dengyu.

Zhao Dengyu is typical of Shandong hero, from coach martial arts, martial arts of various sects have deep attainments, coupled with innate divine. At a young age, had a reputation in outside. So-called "Xuecheng martial arts, goods to sell the imperial family", the "emperor" has no, Zhao Dengyu is followed in the village of a few people together to take refuge in Feng Yuxiang's troops.

Once, Feng Yuxiang to observation force, was found to have a private tugged at the shoes, not to put your foot into a shoe to, Feng Yuxiang to discipline always request is very strict, immediately fire, to call the soldiers out, questioned why he didn't put the shoes.

The soldier said, my feet are too big, the shoes are too small, do not wear. Feng Yuxiang looked at his physique, indeed extremely robust. In warriors center to appear more outstanding and asked if he would not Kung Fu. The soldier said, of course, from the practice.

Feng Yuxiang said, that is good, you have to contest with me, if you win, I will not pursue.

The results, Feng Yuxiang with the soldiers than three times, all soldiers win. Scared around the platoon, training he said how you put the commander-in-chief to win, don't know me? Results the soldiers rudely replied, just war on the battlefield, mean what one says, also let me?

Feng Yuxiang laughed, not only no trace of his rudeness, but transferred him to the side, when a guard.

Just say, all the war just burst 21 days, Zhao Dengyu was martyred. But this does not weaken the Zhao Dengyu battlefield in the Anti Japanese war because of his career distinctions won in battle, from 1933 to start.

In the 1933 year, the Japanese fire point to the the Great Wall. To know, in the hearts of the Chinese people, the Great Wall since ancient times is to resist the symbol of shame, now small Japan the big carriage on the wall, naturally aroused the intense indignation of Chinese soldiers and civilians.

At that time, Zhao Dengyu served as the twenty-ninth army 37 division 109 brigade, was guarding the the Great Wall. However, on both sides of the fire really differ too wide, zhaodengyu forces even using broadsword mainly, dedicated to the many people still did not pose a threat to the Japanese. At this time, Zhao Dengyu anger, pick out a skill intensive death squads, a sword, in a snow night, broke into the Japanese stronghold.

In a surprise attack, Zhao Dengyu lead broadsword team, such as cut melon vegetable, the Japanese devils blood red, the Great Wall every inch of land. Imagine: snow night, knife, devil's blood, accompanied by the snow, more readily more readily!

Xifengkou war were hacked to death more than 5000 Japanese, greatly cheered up since the September 18th Incident depressed depressed national morale, the whole country to cheer up. Zhao Dengyu, also due to the war gods, as Chinese heart incomparable national hero.

After the war, Zhao Dengyu was promoted to the 132 division, awarded the rank of lieutenant, and was awarded the "medal during peaceful times".

In 1937 77 incident after the outbreak, Zhao Dengyu was the 132 division to guard Nanyuan. On the eve of the war, Zhao Dengyu we expressed from a ready reserve martyred determination: "warrior war die without health, the Marco Polo Bridge is our grave!"

On July 28, Zhao Dengyu commanding 29 army cadet regiment to withdraw south, the results met the Japanese ambush, Zhao Dengyu ride cars were destroyed and also seriously injured. The guards he wanted to move to a safe area, but Zhao Dengyu did not go, still sitting on the ground command of military training mission retreat. Unexpectedly, another shell flew over, Zhao Dengyu's legs were Qi Qi burst......

Before his death, Zhao Dengyu said to the guards:"Warriors killed in battle is duty, not what good sad. Only Beiping town and my mother, you go back and tell her old man's house, Zhongxiao not both. Her son to give our lives for our country, also calculate the ancestors, please her old home centering."

During the Anti Japanese War, Zhao Dengyu is the first martyred teachers, only 39 years old.

Because of the war emergency, Zhao Dengyu's men will hide his body in the roadside green curtain. Night, Longquan Temple Abbot personally take people to put his body moved back to the temple, for his daily worship, all the way to the success of the war of resistance against Japan.

3 days later, that is, in July 31, 1937, the national government to recover Jin Zhao Dengyu as the rank of the general. At the same time, in Yanan, also held a grand ceremony for him, Chairman Mao on his high evaluation, said: "to the whole Chinese people with lofty example."

After the success of the war of resistance against Japan, the national government not forget the national hero, as he held a grand Memorial conference and the Beijing north along the street is named "zhaodengyu road" until today is still followed.