He was the star, Sun Liren deputy, captured ningsibuqu was plotting to assassinate compatriots

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He was the star, Sun Liren deputy, captured ningsibuqu was plotting to assassinate compatriots

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Ren Qiang campaign believe people familiar with this period of history knows, in Sun Li Jen, Qi Xueqi, Liu Fangwu generals to lead, with thousands of troops, beat the tens of thousands of Japanese troops, the successful rescue of the British more than 7000 people, praised by the British, international acclaim, everyone won the medal of, this is the first time in overseas beat the Japanese. Prior to the introduction of Sun Liren, general Liu Fangwu, today to introduce the next general Qi Xueqi.

General Qi Xueqi is people in Hunan Province, was born in 1903, he 1923 graduation from Tsinghua University, the military is rare, he is Sun Li Jen students, later to go abroad to study military graduation at the United States military schools in Norwich, is not rare in foreign educated, working in Nanjing after returning home.

After the September 18th Incident, general Qi Xueqi is deeply ashamed, this time his troops stationed in Shanghai, the Japanese to launch attacks against Shanghai, although equipment without the Japanese powerful, suffered heavy losses, but he still insisted on the enemy. Played the momentum, several times in the resistance forces in Shanghai military action.

Qi Xueqi general fame should be in Burma. In 1942, where Qi Xueqi Shuijing group adapted for the new 38th division, Mr. Sun Li Jen. He is deputy division commander, director of the political department, after the new 38th division in Burma, run into the battle of Yenangyaung, Liu Fangwu command 113 group solution rescued thousands of British people, shocked the British, Sun Li Jen, Qi Xueqi, Liu Fangwu therefore rewarded.

Ren an Qiang battle, Xueqi Qi Feng Du Yuming command led the troops to transfer, and Qi Xueqi was also transferred to the new 5th army, in the transfer process, met the new 38th division a dozen wounded, he will take them to find new 38 division that results when they sit bamboo raft floating down, hit the Japanese attack.

Qi Xueqi fearless, ready to serve the country Chengren, a dozen wounded battle sacrifice, Qi Xueqi are deeply wounded, but on the ground, the Japanese according to the uniform of his judgment he is a high official, he saved up, when Qi Xueqi woke up, found deep camp, fulminating against the enemy, and refused to be treated but also winning knife to commit suicide, the Japanese finally was moved him, only will he sent to a POW camp.

In prison camps, Qi Xueqi to all prisoners of war propaganda to encourage the belief they win the war, everyone was impressed by the general Qi Xueqi.

After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, the national government posthumously they will, in recognition of his contribution in the war of resistance against Japan, general Qi Xueqi was buried in the Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, descendants of admiration.

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