Chairman Mao's most respected an emperor is what to lay the country?

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Chairman Mao's most respected an emperor is what to lay the country?

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"China history of elite military series" light of the Wu Army

One, the mystery of the army

It is well known that Mao Zedong thought that "Qin and Han Wudi, Zong Tang, Song Zu, Genghis Khan" these Xiongcai rough kings are somewhat short. However, he was on the history of an emperor, a great admirer, said the "the most learned, most Bingge, most the person of the emperor."

This person is the emperor Liu Xiu of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Han Dynasty emperor Liu Xiu life, declining aristocratic family, he was 27 years old with his brother Liu Qibing veto Xinmang regime. In the battle of Kunyang famous, he was three thousand death squads break Xinmang army blockade, to move reinforcements, finally with more than 20000 people is broken 4.2 the enemy, Megatron nationwide.

Liu Xiu rate army stationed in the hour of Chang'an City, an old officials see the Liu Xiu army military discipline purge, immediately tears, said: "not today see stately manner of the Han official."

Liu Xiu is the famous town of the country, but later because of political reasons, brother Liu played by Emperor Gengshi Liu Xuan kill. Liu Xiu managed to forbear, fled to Changan, to Hebei to flee.

When Liu Xiu "bicycle air Festival" tour Hebei time, the land has been treacherous storm clouds of war. Then Hebei number numerous peasant uprising army "bronze horse army" and a is also claiming to be descendants of Han Dynasty Wanglang in Handan emperor.

Later we all know, Liu Xiu in Hebei shine, he has quashed doutuan, beat copper Ma Jun, Yongbing hundreds of thousands, began to have Chinese strength and crowded. So, later called Liu Xiu "Marty copper", and that this is the most important reason of the Eastern Han Dynasty set up day after the change.

But reality, relative to the incorporation of the copper Ma Jun and number of numerous advantages, many people ignore the Liu Xiu hand a trump card army. In fact, he is exactly the army destroyed the Wanglang and copper Ma Jun. Finally, it is with the army quashed the warlords.

Even it can be said: without this army, Liu Xiu foundation can not be established in the Eastern Han dynasty.

This fact is a crack troops how?

Two, sudden ride sweep Hebei

Yuyang suddenly heard the ride, halberd arbalist, second to none." - "Houhanshu"

"Ride" refers to the elite cavalry charge into the enemy ranks.

The Han & middot; Chao CuO biography "said:" Sheriff plain easily, riding a carriage process, the Huns Zhongyi scratching ", Yan shigu notes:" Tunisia riding, says Xiao Rui, available conflict enemies. " Li Xianzhu "Houhanshu": "the process of riding, words can conflict positions."

Reform of 2 years (AD 24 years), Hebei, Julu city.

Julu, the military town during the Qin and Han Dynasties, is now carrying out a tough battle. On both sides of the war, the siege of the emperor Sima Liu Xiu is particularly big, one is Hebei City Wang Lang Jun.

The Liu Xiu led the army to attack Julu, Jiugong, Liu Xiu's army has become a "teacher", they tired. In desperation, Liu Xiu will open the South Gate of the encirclement, I wish the Julu garrison from the notch. The fruits of his intention to be the enemy guard to see Wang Rao, Wang Rao would rather die than go, adherence to the kind, he is in anticipation of Wanglang sent reinforcements to give Liu xiulai collaborated.

And that's exactly what Liu Xiu was worried about.

Liu Xiu the offensive Julu, spent almost his entire military, but did not expect to be a Julu City tightly enmeshed, not retreat. The main Wang Lang has not yet reached, once the enemy before the attack, Liu Xiujun is bound to support.

Openly, a few days later, rear spread news: Liu Xiu tens of thousands of army Majia hub Guoxin, has been Wanglang deployed army captured, at the same time, doutuan has sent his main rush to the rescue of Julu, by admiral henchmen Nihong, Liu Fengerren led.

Obviously, Wang Lang is the main Liu Xiu in one fell swoop wiped out in Julu city.

And Liu Xiu's command in addition to the already tired of Dipa forces, only the emperor Gengshi sent Gong thank centaurs, also does not belong to oneself are controlled, face threatening Wanglang main forces, Liuxiu almost no chance of winning.

Just at the moment the most crisis, a scale not too big for the cavalry forces present in the north of Liu Xiujun, said they rode all the way from Yuyang, Valley County came, all the way pass through, invincible, here to support Liu Xiu.

They come to Han Liu Xiu overjoyed, once again see hope of success.

Their arrival turned the entire situation, affected the life of Liu Xiu, ushered in a great era.

The army is the king, Dan Geng, Wu Han who led the "sudden Youzhou ride."

Liu Xiujiu smell Youzhou Tunisia riding a courageous, at the moment although he is only four thousand knights, but Liuxiu eventually is still resolution sent in the hands of the ace army, to match Wang Lang tens of thousands of the main force.

Wanglang admiral Nihong, Liu Feng led the army momentum illustrious Shaben Julu to, Liu Xiuming Zhu will play, but are only allowed to defeat, Xu Sheng, seduce Wang Lang army pursued.

Wang Langjun pioneer and Liu Xiujun just after the war, Liu Xiu Rongma Wangfengertao, nijiang, Liu Feng think Liu Xiu Rongma victorious blow, then started anxious chase.

When Wang Lang army pursued to Julu outside the South Luan, suddenly suddenly out of Youzhou ride four thousand, a big fight started.

Liu Xiu in the distance supervise, although he Youzhou process of rumors ride is elite forces, but what position did not result in witnessing the frontier, he fearing sudden Colts not Wanglang army enemy, so governor rate Dipa in the rear as reserve ready to play.

When Liu Xiu saw the battle hardened when his heart down. Processus Youzhou saw ride one riding delicate, swift and fierce matchless, their impact will be Wang Lang army rushed at sixes and sevens, flee. Suddenly the Colts in armor, the horse had light armour, they waved a halberd and ring in the first knife, riding high saddle. They rushed into the enemy to go by like the wind speed, the halberd bayonet cut, cut the melon cut indeed as food. Wang Langjun front momentary will collapse.

In Hebei the battlefield once dominant Wang Langjun suffered a hitherto unknown impact force. Tunisia riding toward Wang Lang army Zhongjun, Wanglang admiral Nihong, Liu Feng frightened, did not dare to Yingdi, he turned his horse's head, the rate of military defeat escape.

Jing Dan led four thousand sudden riding Youzhou chase, kill the enemy for more than a decade. The process of riding invincible, Wang Langjun corpses everywhere, great massacre.

The former Youzhou various will to Patrick Lau said: "we all the way south, four hundred enemy beheaded, destruction of the thirty thousand enemy, captured 22 city." Liu Xiu is also skeptical, handing over results four thousand Colts get such record too surprising.

But today a war, Liu Xiu has been convinced for victories. Liu Xiu exclaimed: "I smell from riding national troops, see this battle and the cocoreccho support evil."

I was already riding a sudden rumors of Youzhou prestige, but until today see, just know is true."

As early as Liu Xiuchu the soldier, he is very happy. He had promised said: "Handan Wang Lang many wish to requisition Yuyang, valley Rongma to hit us, I also hope Ritchie county two terra cotta. I was not sure, that meaning two county and I joined the elite! The way we excluded be nothing difficult!"

After this war, Liu Xiu made ten County Youzhou admission process ride.

He is very much on the process of riding Youzhou, every battle will make sudden assault first ride. I suddenly riding everywhere, all conquering, invincible is not broken.

Wang Lang was broken, Wu Han mutation rate to ride a "sophisticated young soldiers, immediately gallop ring Han Dancheng", Wang Lang swagger, Wang Lang Jun nobody dares to out of town and field.

The fall of Wang Lang Liu Xiu in Hebei, the biggest enemy is millions of farmers uprising soldiers soldier "copper ma." A because of different military justice, poor coordination, and Liu Xiu insisted shortly after the, was finally beat Liu Xiu, and defeated the juncture of copper Ma Jun is exactly Youzhou Tunisia riding.

Broken million copper Ma Jun, Liu Xiu incorporated its forces, since then, Liu Xiu with Hebei, terra cotta Shengzhong, momentum greatly, the person Liu Xiu "copper Matty." But reality, really prop up Liu Xiu's influence in Hebei is simply to Youzhou sudden ride as the backbone, to Hanoi as the granary of the Hebei Hao Jiang group.

Liu Xiu holds the invincible Youzhou sudden ride, based in Hebei, began actively planning ahead of china.

Three, the National Hurricane

Yuyang suddenly riding and elite, the illustrious King Yong control.

When the tiger floated up, toward into non high.

Luyama Kitazukiyu Wu, the old anti defeat to the camp.

Please book Yan old Jain, today why one hundred thousand soldiers.

This is the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's masterpiece "Yuyang". In this poem, Du Fu made no secret of his "respected Yuyang sudden ride". Liu Xiuqia is by virtue of such an elite army beat around the entrenched warlords, the same China.

Riding a Youzhou process under the jurisdiction of Wu Han, Geng Yan et al led Youzhou process riding almost joined the Liu Xiu all big battle, at each moment of time, Liu Xiu to sent his Zhezhi ace. The process of Youzhou has never let Liu Xiu ride down.

Depending on the process and expansion of the fighting force of Youzhou riding, Liu Xiujin for two years when he came out of Hebei. So began to progress in China, the same country.

Jianwu year (AD 25 years), "according to Liu Xiu, across the city, with a million", the capital of Luoyang, and sent Deng Yujin in guanzhong.

The main achievements of Deng Yu and the war, fighting bad luck, had to shelter its edge. Liu Xiu Deng Yu to win, he sent admiral von ISO army reinforcements have solidarity with the elite Youzhou sudden ride.

Feng Yixian retreated to Xiaoshan bottom, facing hundreds of thousands of the Red Army, Feng until a stroke. Ordered the Department of Zhang led Youzhou process on Chimei costume to wear a, lurk on both sides of the road, he was the main pretended to retreat, lure Chimei pursuit, etc Chimei into the ambush, wings form in Youzhou suddenly ride suddenly rushed out, because they all wear Chimei wear and accessories. In Chimei time tell the enemy, immediately into disarray. I suddenly riding a fierce assault, a bitter struggle, the Red Army main fengshengheli.

Liu Xiu for extermination, confluent Wu Han, Geng Yan etc., rush after South Chimei remnants, around the Yiyang, both sides meet. The Liu Xiu ace, former military for Wu Han Youzhou process riding, the left army Liu long, Ma Wu, Yin general cavalry forces, right-sided commander admiral Zhu you, Wang led, Zhongjun is Geng Yan process including ride forces, including the Zhuang private group. On both sides of power over the poor, the Red Army has no chance of winning. Such circumstances, the emperor Liu basin with "Baiguan" remnants of the rate of ten peoples surrender Liu Xiu. In Shandong more than ten years as Liu Xiu Chimei was annihilated. The great Liu Xiu from Arsenal supplies, and mountain height.

In the fall at the same time, Liu Xiu had in the king Liangwang Liu Yong beam. The battle is fierce, in process of Geng Yan suobu ride for the focus of Liu Xiu army, and liang of 200000 even some tough battle, winning on both sides of the neck. Finally, Geng Yan "but since lead troops to transverse process step Chen on the lower east side, the big break", killing Liang "bajiu Shi zombie belonging to", so beam and Lu both flat, Geng Yan mutation rate ride vibration brigade capital ".

After the destruction of the Red Army and the Shandong righteousness soldier, Liu Xiu's next biggest rival is entrenched in the Wei Xiao longyou.

Weiao is the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty warlord and growth, he set up a separatist regime in the northwest, ideally located and Liangzhou troops, combined with the Gongsun Shu, dominating the party, extremely difficult to vanish. Jianwu four years, Liu Xiu army expedition, a cutting Weiao, but this time is not smooth, Weiao admiral Wang Yuan in Lueyang blocking, the army retreat.

Liu Xiu had to organize the attack second times. This time because of Gongsun Shu's Shu army rescue reached, leading to another defeat.

Finally in Weiao behind Jianwu nine years, as Liu Xiu is being just finally attack destroy entrenched in the northwest of the military group, and break the enemy stronghold, is Geng Yan, cover extension rate of Tunisia riding forces.

Destruction of the Weiao, Crusade Liu Xiu began in Ba Shu emperor Gongsun Shu, Shicheng said that Ba Shu fertile, military fine and strong. " In one fell swoop wiped the separatist forces. Liu Xiuxian sent admiral Cen Peng played, but Cen Peng was Gongsun Shu sent assassins to kill, and Liu Xiu again sent his capable Admiral Wu Han, who should oversee the rate of Youzhou Tunisia riding agile south.

Wu Han in violation of the Liu Xiu principle alone was deep, Gongsun Shu attacks, temporary defeat. But Wu Han suobu very elite, after the rally, Han courageously assault, beheaded the Shu army 5000 people, broke the deadlock.

Wu Han Bing Feng directed at Chengdu. In the final battle, governor of Wu Han rate of various military and Gongsun the war in the Chengdu Plain, "eight wins eight grams", and finally forced the Gongsun Shu QinLv guards out of town in a decisive battle.

Flat field, it is the long ride Youzhou process, the Shu army is elite, but also can Parry Wu Han's battle riding? Youzhou process riding some charge is completely defeated the Shu army, melee, Wu Han Department afternoon hit kill Gongsun Shu Han Army victory. Wu Han then stationed in Chengdu, the decline of Wu Han "Gongsun, floating down the river and vibration brigade."

Wang Chuanshan once said: "it is the Emperor Guangwu, especially difficult! Since the three generation, only Gwangmu Yunguan 100 Wang yi."

That is: Liu Xiu rivers to Emperor han. The so-called "king of the crown" means "beyond all the emperors, is the champion of all the emperors."

This words is not an exaggeration, throughout Liu Xiuping students facing the enemy, from Wang Mang to Wanglang, from copper Ma Jun to Chimei, from according to risk defend Weiao to die rather than surrender of Gongsun Shu, no a are wimps, also have no a is Mangfu. One is ambitious, superior intelligence of the hero.

Nothing more than, they met Patrick Lau is a brilliant double figures, because Liu Xiu under the command of a national invincible elite troops "Youzhou process ride." So they would be a quick destruction, "Yun crown 100 king" winning means not Youzhou Tunisia riding medals.

Jianwu twelve years (AD 36 years), Liu Xiu passes through 15 years of bloody battles, finally ended in troubled times, from scratch with a Chinese, "Youzhou Tunisia riding" name accompanied the arrival of the Dynasty and well-documented.

Tunisia riding Zhu will be among the PTZ were not in the minority, Geng Yan Pingding County of 46, breaking three hundred city, never defeat, Wu Hanze worship Sima.

Liu Xiu established the Eastern Han Dynasty by force at the core is despotic landlord, and despotic landlord factions in addition to Patrick Lau home Wancheng jioubu, Youzhou Zhu will be the most prominent. The reason is very simple, they hold the most powerful army cavalry who age --- sudden Youzhou ride.

So the fact is how to ride from Youzhou? And how is it to die? What exactly does it look like?

Look at the next time.

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