Qin Shihuang mobilize millions of "Du Hufu" really, really a forbidding strategic point, larger HD

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Qin Shihuang mobilize millions of "Du Hufu" really, really a forbidding strategic point, larger HD

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When listening to storytelling, emperor to divide our forces will send often following scene: taking a gold number downwards, give you a hundred thousand chosen men, how, often next wonderful rally content. Gold Group downwards in history has no real, "Fu" as a token of ancient, the legend is invented by the Zhou Dynasty military strategist bloomer, is after the Chinese ancient monarchs and emperors granted Chen Bingquan is to mobilize the army by token, mostly bronze casting, because of its shape is a tiger shaped, so called "Hufu", also known as the "team".

As a seal for troop movements, since the Qin and Han Dynasty to the Warring States have been using the "Hufu": in bronze, brass made tiger shaped, Hufu is composed by about two and a half, the two halves of the shape, the inscription are the same, together become the troop movements of tokens. Hufu halves back of each mortise and tenon, one to one correspondence, is like a key to open a lock as, only with a set of Hufu to together, can play a role, which is consistent with "the origin of the word. The emperor appointed local officials or soldiers EC generals to Bingquan, Hufu left half grant; stay to mobilize forces, sent envoys to Hufu right to the station, local officials or military generals systems in two Hufu to, verifying the correct, which should send troops.

This is the Qin Dynasty. To Hujing hip between the left and right sides each have gold inlaid seal inscriptions two lines 12 characters. (symbol of hoplite, right to (in) the emperor, left only in Yang Ling. Yang Ling Qin Zhijun, ie Shaanxi County of Gaoling. This piece of copper, Qin Shihuang awarded the generals stationed in Hufu Yang ling. This piece of time has been a long time, for the joint Department of rust, can not be separated from the whole, the formation of a work of art. Tiger lying on the ground, head forward curved upturned tail. The font style and charms and vigorous, dignified, brush circle, has high artistic value.

The tiger walking upright as Du Hufu, head, tail curled up, there is a small hole and slot on the back of the neck. Body of a tiger and a gold inlaid inscription of the seal script 40 words, carelessness is to say, soldiers a symbol of right character in the hands of the king, left Fu stationed in the Yu Du (Guzhi in south of present-day Xi'an) the place of general hands, where need to mobilize forces more than 50 or more, so that the king will sent to the right correspond to Du, left in the hands of the general and in compliance with, general to troops. However, if an emergency situation, see beacon lit beacon, general did not wait until the king's right conform to, can also be self assertion to send troops to Jiujia. Du Hufu inscription is the longest inscriptions all unearthed Hufu A and well preserved, especially 40 wrong gold, exquisite workmanship, beautiful strokes, reflecting the ancient Chinese gold inlay craft superb level.

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