Qianlong wronged this censor, Jiaqing later vindicated him and killed a big family!

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Qianlong wronged this censor, Jiaqing later vindicated him and killed a big family!

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Many years ago, a television series "iron teeth copper tooth Ji Xiaolan", presumably the pro people still remember it? In addition to the three leading role of the iron triangle, a lot of people remember Yuan Li as Du Xiaoyue, right? Who do not want to have such a beautiful woman around it?(self repair of the brain).

That has become a popular popular culture of the popular TV drama, and this, I think we will not forget.

Yes, is the housekeeper Liu Quan and shen.

History is really the Liu Quan, and Shen early poverty, Liu Quan followed and Shen, and Lin brothers, is a faithful servant, also eaten a lot of suffering. Later, Liu and Shen developed, whole life also confirms that sentence jiquanshengtian.

Liu Quan in the inevitable, arrogant and despotic, will inevitably make some mistakes such as the "four winds". Qianlong and 51 in June, a called Cao Bao Yushi once Zhezi to the Qianlong emperor, Mengpi as slaves Liu Quan all sorts of illegal over business behavior.

The prosecutor Cao Xibao is south of the Yangtze River from Shanghai, to the identity of the Juren admitted to cabinet Zhongshu and entered a career of, 22 years of Qianlong and strenuously passed the highest imperial examination. Later, after a number of central ministries, eventually became the Shaanxi censor.

As Cao Xibao later Shanghai man so gentle, modest and courteous, but now hot, is a bloody corruption fighter. This time the canzou, his main and slaves Liu Quan, intended to qiaoshanzhenhu. In suriko, Cao Yushi accused liu"The Department in charge of the driver, the housework, taking luxury appliances, perfect, if not take the main financial, invasion moment buckle.Hidden or by host names to". Actually, the daily life of Liu exceed the standard, does not comply with the duty of a slave.

Life can exceed the standard, must have the money right! Cao censor says, Liu has been for the master tube of Chongwenmen supervision work, that he is not by the power of the master, trickster, or in addition to the nominal tariff without overcharging of?


Cao Xibao is the censor, in accordance with the system, the censor has heard Zou power, there is no conclusive evidence to charge. Liu is the fact that the good life exceed the standard, check, but not economic crime, it needs strong evidence to sit!

So, Cao Xibao finally to the emperor of the proposal is to find and get things to ask question.

Emperor at that time in the Jehol summer resort stay summer?, and Shen, of course, also in the company of holy drive, so the Qianlong put this matter handed in Beijing princes of processing.

And Shen on the matter very calm, immediately to the emperor said: I have strict demands on the staff side, our family is never fears investigation drops!

Wang Gang plays He Shen

In June 17th, the emperor and Shen will request, Liu from Rehe escorted back to Beijing, to the relevant departments to investigate. The instructions are: know. The chin.

Court inspection group to the Liu family investigation and didn't find any extravagant wind, is simply a standard the nawufu coating model, low-key life very well.

Cao Xibao Murphy is false? Actually not! After Cao Xibao had written memorials, once find fellow censor Wu Shengqin to discuss, put the papers to him. Wu Shengqin and his brother Wu Shenglan did not think this is the curry favor with He Shen, it's a good opportunity for speculation kissing ah! Wu Shengqin sent overnight to Rehe to and Shen whistleblowing, and Shen also have time to destroy the evidence.

And Shen's portrait

The inspection group to investigate when questioning, Liu's answer is that Cao Yushi said I perfectly logical and reasonable, living in luxury, but"Cao Yushi and I have never heard that name, and where to see into the house", that's right, you're not in my house!

The emperor also felt"Cao Xibao as a language officer, will not be under the hand of a servant. The horses in the clothes can cloud road, to house wideOpen, in the non perfect appliances, can know?"

qianlong emperor

As said Liu Quandai Heshen tube Chongwenmen customs, fishing some money, the emperor actually says understanding, here we can see that the emperor's preference of Heshen,"To the children of Chongwenmen for the main tax for nothing, a little savings, build housesDozens of living, is also a common sense of the common."

In Heshen reverse the censure of the survey and the emperor, Cao censor defeated, finally only admit you have no evidence, Zhezi canzou just remind Heshen preventive measure.

A preventive measure to the emperor to pick up the prosecutor on the grounds that Qianlong said Cao Xibao "with no root words, Ji Bo white", aimed to pay you.

Finally, Cao Xibao landed a "dismissal retention" punishment, Qianlong fifty-seven years, prosecutors are depressed, died.

emperor jiaqing

After the emperor Jiaqing ung, death and Shen, Liu was sentenced to cut lijue, two days before the execution, in prison is turnkey poured cold water poured died. Cao Xibao was a late imperial vice ministers, vindicated.

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