Because Li Zicheng was a cuckold and rebellion, because the graves were dug to fail?

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Because Li Zicheng was a cuckold and rebellion, because the graves were dug to fail?

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Li Zicheng is Shaanxi Mizhi County, from Kudachoushen, and some poor people to participate in the leadership of the rebel army high yingxiang. Later because of the bravery and wisdom to obtain high Yingxiang recognition, finally, a successor to the high Yingxiang became the leader of the insurgents, wherever he went, people gathered in response, Zhu world crumbling, Lee "king of the phase" faintly visible.

The army uprising

In the late Ming Dynasty post systems have many drawbacks, Emperor Sizong Zhu seized by Chongzhen reign (1628) post reform, streamlining the inn. Li Zicheng was the abolition of [6], due to the loss of official unemployment and home debt. The same year in winter, because Li Zicheng can not afford to pay the debts by Zhao Juren AI, AI Juren to Mizhi county. The county magistrate Yan Zibin will he "machinery and swim in the city, putting to death", after by relatives and friends rescued. At the end of the year to kill Zhao AI creditors. Then, because the wife Han Jiner and Murakami named guy tiger adultery, Li Zicheng and killed his wife. The deaths of two people in the body, the government can not ask, eat a lawsuit can not die, so is with nephew Li too Chongzhen years (1629) in February to Gansu Ganzhou (present Zhangye City) toujun.

Li Zicheng defected Chuangwang "high Yingxiang, stationed in Shanxi high Yingxiang and Zhang Xianzhong team was led by Ming Dynasty general Cao Wen Chao's army defeated and fled to Henan.

In Henan, is surrounded by Cao Wenzhao, Zuo Liangyu and other multi ming. Gao Yingxiang, Zhang Xianzhong and Li Zicheng, trapped in the Yellow River, deeply critical, Consigliere Niu Jinxing offer advice and bribery Ming Dynasty eunuch Jianjun Yang Jinzhao. Yang Jinzhao played in court, for gospel truth, and banned the army attack.

By this chance, Li Zicheng ordered the night to build ships to cross the river. Can be difficult to believe that, is the night the weather suddenly become very cold, the Yellow River water also has a thick ice, is obviously in the sky to help. Li Zicheng, Gao Yingxiang and other great rejoicing, overnight rate of the Ministry of the Yellow River, arrived at the coast.

South Ming Dynasty garrison unguarded, Gao Yingxiang, Li Zicheng, Zhonglian trap counties, even approaching Huguang and Sichuan, wherever the officers and men have an emergency.


In 1634, Chongzhen ad hoc Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan governor, serve as five of the governor of the province to extend the Sui governor Chen Qiyu, dedicated siege Li Zicheng troops. Chen Qiyu through the plan to, Gao Yingxiang, Li Zicheng, who besieged in Xing an, Shaanxi gorge of the carriage and forty Li Long buffer zone within.

The carriage gorge terrain strip, easily into a difficult, dangerous situation

When Chen Qiyu troops at around 20000, Li Zicheng 70000 people compared or a great disparity in strength, coupled with continuous rain for more than a month, Chen Qiyu to days of using, geographical conditions, no fee Yibing arrow Li Zicheng captured.

Chen Qiyu was dismissed from Li Zicheng's fame daxian.

Subsequently, the appointment of Chen Qiyu to replace all around the Chongzhen Hong Cheng Chow rebellion. Hong Chengchou Lvjun and guarding the Shaanxi Ming Dynasty famous general energy-saving punch, defeated Li Zicheng. However, Li Zicheng and other four attacks, more urgent.

Formulating operational strategy

Facing Hong Chengchou besieged, early 1635, Gao Yingxiang, Zhang Xianzhong, old Hui, Luo Rucai, leather in the eyes, king of Zuojin, change Wang Shi, shoot the heavens, Kings Cross, mixed hundreds of thousands, day star, nine dragons, Shun King, and other 13 72 camp rebel held in Xingyang, Henan Province Xingyang Yang conference.

At the meeting, Li Zicheng put forward "directed to divide our forces, attack war" strategy, suggested by leather eye, Zuojin Wang resist of Sichuan, Hubei soldiers, Kings Cross, mixed 1 00000 resist Shaanxi soldiers, Luo Rucai, Tian star is the guardian of the Yellow River, Gao Yingxiang, Zhang Xianzhong and Li Zicheng, and other attacks in the East, old Hui, nine dragons exchanges coordination. Shaanxi elite soldiers, sent shot collapse days, went up against the king of the world changed. The captured towns, we divide the property and beauty. They all agreed to Li Zicheng's proposal. This shows that he has a considerable strategic vision.

After the meeting, the action plan, Fengyang, Zhang Xianzhong, Li Zicheng, Ying Xiang took Daming's birthplace.

It is said that in the high Yingxiang captured Fengyang three years ago, Fengyang people every night heard a sound of wailing in Huangling, abnormal miserable. It found that the Shou Ling soldiers to see when the sound is actually a surprise, everyone from the tomb, that is a bad omen. After a period of time, local earthquake, imperial tombs nearby jolted 13 times, and the sorrow, sound in three years no one day interrupt. This is probably in the days after the disaster prediction.

After the occupation of Fengyang, greedy, brutal Zhang Xianzhong indulgence men everywhere looting, not to kill is on fire, torching Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang once a monk of the Abbey, even to dig the graves of the Ming Dynasty imperial.

And Li Zicheng this disdain, advised Zhang Xianzhong do not covet a little buries the thing, but Yaotu events, Zhang Xianzhong don't listen, two people quarrel.

When the imperial tombs to be burned in the news spread to the capital, Chongzhen to wear mourning mourning and sending officials to sacrifice to the ancestral temple and large-scale conscription crusade.

Gao Yingxiang Li Zicheng, in order to avoid the army containment, then alone troops leave, did not inform Zhang Xianzhong is idle away in seeking pleasure. Li Zicheng troops from Henan in Shaanxi, re entering the Gansu, Ningxia, Ming Jun defeated, the Ming Dynasty two famous generals Ai Wannian,, killed on the battlefield, Chongzhen heard, burst into tears. The Ming Dynasty and is not in.

Following the "Chuangwang" name

The spring of 1636, Li Zicheng was governor of high Ying Xiang army's new five province to beat in Yunyang mountain surrounded by lu. In April of the same year after the gold changed third times in June, the plug. Lu Xuan was transferred to the governor general to succeed.

Five governor Bingbu Shilang Wang Jiazhen successor, Gao Yingxiang and Li Zicheng respectively breakthrough. It is high Yingxiang new Shaanxi governor Sun Chuanting ordered the capture, Chongzhen executed.

It is said that Gao Yingxiang was captured before the military flag was blown out of the west, stationed in the small town of black fog. The remnants of Gao Yingxiang to Li Zicheng, Li Zicheng has pushed for "Chuangwang", Sichuan, Gansu, to continue in the Shaanxi area.

God bless Li Zicheng repeatedly escape exit

Since then, Yang Sichang bingbushangshu Chongzhen. He'll soldier 10 million, increased rates of 2.8 million, put forward "4 is sextet, ten network and military planning, rebel limited liquidity, then divide and conquer and finally wiped out.

Li Zicheng in Weinan to Tongguan south of the original encounter Hong Chengchou, sun chuanting ambush was defeated, with only remnants of Liu Zongmin 17 people hide to the southeast of Shaanxi Shangluo Mountain. The same year, Zhang Xianzhong defeated Ming drop.

It should be a day without a Li Zicheng. At this time, the soldiers from mussels Hill (now the Hebei Qian'an city northeast), Qiang Zi Ling (now Beijing Miyun northeast) two ruined wall entry, launched the fourth entry operations.

Yang Sichang to implement the security before resisting foreign aggression "strategy, advocated and Qingyi and, but was declared governor general, Qin Wang Bing, general command Lu Xiangsheng et al fierce opposition.

Chongzhen and war uncertain as to the Julu in Hebei Lu Qing died in the war. Soldiers retreated to Hong Cheng Chow thistle Liaoning governor Sun Chuanting to help, was arrested and imprisoned. This gave Li Zicheng the opportunity to restore power, he gathered the Ministry of public, the team has grown up.

In 1639, Zhang Xianzhong rebelled against the Ming government, Li Zicheng seeks to break the siege. Later, Yang Sichang came to the division of Yiling, Xi sent Li Zicheng to surrender to. Not from Li Zicheng, Li Zicheng and Guanjun surrounded in Sichuan Brazil mountain, fish. This fish mountain terrain is very advantageous, with no way to escape Li Zicheng.

Persist in a few days, seeing the lack of food use less, shake the morale of troops, Li Zicheng hence called many will, told he will commit suicide, they took his head went to surrender. Only in this way can be exonerated. In all persuasion, just just.

Liu Zongmin is Li Zicheng's most valiant generals, but in the heart trouble to surrender. So Li Zicheng with him into the mid levels on top of a small break temple, consider and sighed: "people say I as emperor, now why not ask divination, if unlucky, you will my head cut off surrender." Zong Min agreed, asked three Bu, all. Liu Zongmin came back and said to Li Zicheng: "I follow you." The army men heard, also expressed a willingness to follow.

Li Zicheng and baggage all burned, Qingqi from Yunyang, all States are prominent, while the main force of Ming Sichuan chase Zhang Xianzhong, Henan emptiness in Henan.

The graves were dug

In order to combat Li Zicheng uprising, emperor was also sent dug Li Zicheng graves.

When this time, Chongzhen emperor did not listen to the advice to anyone, hoping to use cutting way of Li Zicheng digging graves off the "dragon", vent their "Wang Qi" to make "thief potential when broken since Yi", which pulls the building will pour in. Chongzhen fifteen years (1642) the eighth day of the first month, received the Chongzhen emperor Mizhi Shaanxi governor Wang Qiao desting Yanan Prefecture Mizhi County Magistrate side big ribbon et al into the mountains in search of Li Zicheng's grandfather and father cemetery.

In advance, side big ribbon had found a buried Li Zicheng fellow in Li cheng. After copying training and leeshing to edge big ribbon: "remember Li Chuang buried my grandfather digging when, following a three hole, in which a hole is found to have a black bowl, was filled with earth two hole, in which a hole buried, and black olive oil for the light placed in front of the tomb of the coffin. Therefore, just find that the black bowl is grave, Li Chuang graves."

According to the clues provided by Li Cheng, and immediately ordered the ribbon looking, but a number of graves dug, no black bowl. That night, it is difficult to down the mountain, they sat in the Li Zicheng old kiln fire. The next morning, they dug several graves, at noon. Sure enough in a tomb found in the black bowl, as Li Cheng said it must be the tomb of Li Zicheng's grandfather. Dig out the skeleton such as black ink, frontal grown six or seven inch long white hair, like the most horrific. Under Li Zicheng's grandfather grave on the left and a tomb, according to Li Cheng identified it is Li Zicheng father's tomb Shou zhong. The tomb is a top tree, as thick as arms, leaves strange, while big ribbon life who cut down the elm tree fell unexpectedly opened the tomb. Tomb unexpectedly coil with a white snake, "long feet two inches, brilliance rising steeply", the servant came to capture, the snake placed in practice total Hao Guangzheng, bag. The servant opened the coffin, I saw all the joints are bronze green, frontal also has six or seven inch long white hair. The remaining seven or eight graves in the skull also have white hair. Side big ribbon to break Li Zicheng's "dragon", also sent between the site above the size of the NAO dug wide twenty meters, 5 meters deep trench, he orders the the bones "poly melted by fire", and around the size of trees over 1300 trees fully chop cutting.

Many people said that Li Zicheng finally scored the Beijing city failed, Dorgon do the wedding dress is because of the graves were dug. Of course, this is just superstition, saying is do not count, Li Zicheng finally failure reason is the team returns the not the fighting force.

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