Jiang Yuntai gold, Li Denghui denied that the participants do not want to mention: every coin knocking is blood

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Jiang Yuntai gold, Li Denghui denied that the participants do not want to mention: every coin knocking is blood

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This paper, gold

Recently, the Taiwan authorities "improper treatment Party committee" 5 "Committee held its first meeting, the green camp to promote the so-called" transitional justice "spare no effort, opened up to NT $100 million yuan" reward "," encourage "people to report the assets of the kuomintang.

Chinese Taiwan network September 7th hearing of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party for the liquidation of the assets of the Kuomintang Chinese, even the day to step by step, let the chairman of the blue camp and the Kuomintang anti Hong Xiuzhu group: if you really want to liquidate the Kuomintang property, then the Jiang Jieshi era from the mainland to Taiwan gold is not to be returned to the party? From the mainland to bring the national treasure of Taipei the Imperial Palace, which is not to return? Return to whom? How can I return it? For a time, the outside world for the KMT retreated, Jiang Jieshi arrived in Taiwan on the eve of the gold once again give attention.

"Top secret" gold plan

Fan Yuanjian is the customs anti smuggling ship "starfish" crew. In August 1991, he recalls the situation out of gold in Taiwan, still fresh.

At 2 pm on December 1, 1948, Fan Yuanjian and other "starfish" crew were informed that no one was allowed to leave the ship for the top secret mission. Who knows this and so on has not the news, to 1 pm at night, the ship suddenly started, but did not follow the previous route navigation, but the reverse in the Yangtze River Estuary turn left open to the Bank of the Bund, Shanghai, china. A team of people dressed in costumes of the porters, in the police escort carry loaded guns, carefully put boxes of goods carried on a mysterious "starfish", then the ship into the vast darkness. Open to the Zhoushan islands near the river, Captain Zhong Fulin said, this trip to Taiwan. And this batch of mysterious goods, Fan Yuanjian after the fact that it is the first batch of the Treasury gold.

How much gold was Jiang Jieshi delivered? What has been the role of this batch of gold?

According to Wu Xingyong, then to Taiwan a total of 400 gold million taels a part of it, "returned" across the continent for military and civil war, the Kuomintang in administrative overhead. In Taiwan there are about 350 taels of gold, about the equivalent of the Taiwan average per person to $50. In addition, including the value of 350 million taels of gold, silver and foreign exchange, that is to say, the total value of the final operating table is converted into gold bullion and foreign currency amounts to about 700 taels.

The 700 treasure is what concept? According to the current price of 1 $38 two gold, 700 100002 gold is equivalent to $266 million. The gold was not with the aid amount of the United States after the outbreak of the Korean War, but it is the gold support a difficult year for the Kuomintang government at the beginning of Taiwan, as the new Taiwan issue reserve, it makes Taiwan to avoid the impact of inflation. According to research, the Jiang Jieshi administration arrived early almost all spending depends on gold, including military pay, every four year economic plans to support the development of private enterprises and etc..

Shanghai golden run massacre"

"Every coin come knocking on the blood is all"

Today, the mainland gold transport platform is no longer a secret. This is a matter of great benefit to Taiwan, the parties involved in the matter at the time, but it is a secret can not be said. In November 2004, Li Denghui is denied this: "do not think that the prosperity of Taiwan today is the Taiwan fortune to nine million six hundred thousand and two gold, in fact not the thing! When the ship came to Taiwan from Nanjing, the ship was sunk as early as the Yangtze River (Changjiang)......"

Mr Li Denghui, as a politician, denies the matter out of ideology. After all, as Jiang Jingguo in the "wind and rain in the quiet" book mentioned, "every coin has come knocking on the blood." These gold as a currency "Chin" reserve, belongs to all the people China. However, many people because of a sharp depreciation of the yuan and bankrupt. Once the filming of "gold" the secret archives of the Taiwan documentary producer Ding Wenjing said: "this dusty past history is highly confidential, many participants were initially reluctant to mention. Of all the people of the gold shipped to Taiwan, many of them are worried about the mainland's relatives will be accused of being."

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