The ten most powerful dynasties empress Yang, ranked the last one?

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The ten most powerful dynasties empress Yang, ranked the last one?

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Yang Chinese is one of the four beauties, China history than her fierce woman no ten thousand, there are eight thousand, just miss yang's head is then four beauties of the title, so I just scraped into the most powerful position of wives;

Miss Yang in the history of the rebellion before one is plain, is nothing more than a father occupied in the history of China daughter-in-law, a usual and unusual things;

Yang Yuhuan was born in an official family family, grandfather is Yang Wang Zhuguo, Minister of the Ministry of the history of the Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty was killed, the father of Li Shimin Yang Xuanyan, Shu uncle Yang Xuangui had Hanoi, secretaries of state, Nanfu soil Cao, Yang Yuhuan's childhood was spent in Sichuan, 10 years old father died, was sent to raise aggravated in Luoyang uncle;

Kaiyuan twenty-two years in July, the daughter of Tang Xuanzong Xian Yi Princess Wedding in Luoyang, Yang Yuhuan was invited to attend. The younger brother of Princess Li Mao of Xianyang Shou Wang Yang Yuhuan at first sight, Tang Xuanzong in the request of Wu huifei when Xiazhao made the life of Princess Diana, married two people sweet anomaly.

Kaiyuan twenty-five years at the beginning of December seven, Tang Xuanzong love Wu huifei Xuanzong died, so unhappy. The confidant of eunuch Gao Lishi referral, Tang Xuanzong looked similar to the daughter-in-law Yang Yuhuan and Wu huifei. In Kaiyuan twenty-eight years in October, with five years of Mao Li married Yang Yuhuan left Shou palace, came to Mount Li, when she was 22 years old, 56 years old Emperor Xuanzong, the shilling became a female Taoist priest for his mother Princess Dowd Jianfu, and given the number "too true". Tianbao four years, Tang Xuanzong Wei Zhaoxun's daughter made a life after the princess, he made Yang Yuhuan the imperial concubine, then empress Wang Xuanzong since again for the legislation, so the equivalent of empress yang.

This is our history, because of a poem written by Bai Juyi, later said Yang and Tang Xuanzong love, the doubt: 1 in the age of the above was also suspended too poor; she and her 2 son of Tang Xuanzong, husband and wife, is very affectionate, if not the imperial power estimation is not forced, loving couple the separated, Yang will not fall in love with the father, we can only accept.

In the history of Yang Guifei China known as maweipo, if there is no rebellion, no maweipo, Yang Guifei is afraid in the four beauties name is not into the row, maweipo the achievements of the Yang Guifei Millennium reputation, also ended the life of Yang Guifei;

The rebellion, Tang Xuanzong fled the Mawei station, Sergeant Yang Guozhong mutiny, kill popular indignation and forced Tang Xuanzong to kill her. He gave her a helpless life gaolishi Xuanzong himself, finally strangled in the temple before the tree, at the age of 38.

Maweipo the event on that Yang is just forced to accept the fate of the death of King Li Mao's wife, Tang Xuanzong had called the imperial concubine, finally died in maweipo, unable to change their own destiny, so Yang in the China history most cattle ", only in the last row of position; she is just a an ordinary woman, by the emperor and occupied the abandoned woman, wearing a head Beauty causes danger. actually very innocent woman.