This is a banquet, why does the emperor suddenly turn killed the colonial Secretary

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This is a banquet, why does the emperor suddenly turn killed the colonial Secretary

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In the Sixteen States period, tyrannical princes of the more common, do for their courtiers, almost everyday life on the edge of death, do not know when, because it will be something lost his head. For example, today the hero, this is to attend the banquet of the emperor in the best of spirits, but do not want to die on the feast.

This is what happened in the stories of Former Qin Dynasty in the Sixteen States period, 355 BC Qin second emperor Fu students came to the throne, due to his bad tempered, his father Fu Jian specially assigned to the founding fathers, his right-hand man symplectic firmly eight as colonial secretary. But Fu Jian's wishful thinking is wrong, Fu students ascended the throne in a few days, looking for an excuse to colonial secretary you pushe while killing began as he pleases the emperor's career.

The twinkling of an eye on the month in the second year of the year 356. As the new year begins, students also sudden appetite to in Taiji Palace Banquet Baiguan. For not to kill the minister Fu students, actually hosted a dinner in honor of the minister, which is somewhat surprising the, ministers are pregnant with fearful psychology to the Tai Chi temple.

Really the beginning of the banquet, in accordance with the students to put forward his request, he said, this is a happy day, so the Ministers must to accompany him to drink, drink a way to the top of one's bent. Conform to living to see ministers everyone noodles dew the pained, put symplectic prison one of the colonial secretary called come over, said to him: "my father so trust you and want you to colonial, today you are going to have a good performance, we supervise the drink, you own to drink". (Zizhitongjian ": the book of order symplectic wine prison prison)

Of course, with students so always too outrageous, retroaction, soon he also wanted to kill his brother Fu jian. Fu Jian is and pre emptive, Joint Secretary launched a coup, the tyrannical emperor Fu students off the stage, and it will be put to death. Since then qianqin regime in the period of emperor Fu Jian, also ushered in the peak of its power.

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