Look at the Han Dynasty in Japan and South Korea in their respective historical territory

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Look at the Han Dynasty in Japan and South Korea in their respective historical territory

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1 China

The Han Dynasty (202 - 220) is the second after the Qin Dynasty unified dynasty, it is still called Huode inflammation because of the Royal Liu Han, known as Ambrose, divided into western and Eastern Han two period, a total of twenty-nine emperors, enjoys the country for four hundred and five years.

The emperor built the the Great Wall Guanglu plug, Juyan Cypriots, to recover the loop and West into the territory, the "desert namo Wang Ting" situation, and has annexed South Vietnam, Yunnan, China, Fujian Yelang, Wiman Korea and other countries, the western countries to surrender the expedition, China became a leading power. Han dynasty laid the Han, the Han Dynasty is the starting point of prosperity.

2 South Korea

South Korea's own history so written

The North Korea's existence time is 195 BC ~ 108 years ago. In the early years of the Western Han Dynasty when China (South Korea 2 Chinese textbooks have obvious discrepancy)In 100 BC the Korean nation embarked on the road of expansion (refers to the Korean Ministry of yellow, dark yellow refers to its captured area)

This is the Korean people have always thought that Confucius is the Korean historical basis (but did not get international recognition)

Black is the geographical distribution of the Yi nationality.

In 37 BC, the founding of the Koguryo Kingdom

Yellow shades, is the new territory of Koguryo and the direction of the arrow refers to the direction of cultural exchange

The south is Xinluo, Baekje

Take advantage of the Korean ethnic Han occupation of Shandong province. (the Japanese civil strife historical records of Korean nationality only occupied part of the territory of Shandong, in a short period of time China is not acknowledged the Korean nation have occupied Shandong.

3 Japan

When the emperor, the Japanese in yayoi. They were born in primitive society.

During the third Century BC to third Century BC before and after called yayoi. The naming of this era is to be regarded as a type of pottery Yayoi representative in this period, the center for rice cultivation in the agricultural society, from the northern Kyushu to spread quickly around the Japanese archipelago. At that time the Japanese archipelago is China called Wo, wo.

In third Century BC, rice planting technology and the use of metal utensils technology from North Korea to northern china. Rice technology to the Japanese society has brought about a landmark change, it expanded production, resulting in the poor level of the poor, so that the rural community tend to political group. The belief, etiquette and customs of farming gradually spread, forming a prototype of the Japanese culture.