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Mao Zedong people around Zhang Yufeng those things

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September 9th is the 40 anniversary of Mao Zedong's death.

A week ago in September 3rd, Tangshan held a large-scale commemorative activities, to commemorate the 40 anniversary of Chairman Mao's death, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march and the 40 anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake relief.

The same day, Mao Zedong Zhang Yufeng side staff to attend.

"Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in 1960, only 16 years old, she is from the city of Mudanjiang Railway Bureau, has been appointed as the head of the central train conductor, was soon transferred to Mao Zedong when train staff. In 1970, she was transferred to the Mao Zedong side, and later served as secretary and Secretary Mao Zedong confidential, until the death of Mao Zedong.

The Ministry of Railways at the level of retired cadres

"Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) Notice, Xinhua news agency, senior reporter Duan Wenhua ", and" party history overview "happy elderly newspaper" and other media have issued a document about life after Zhang Yufeng left Zhongnanhai.

In 2005 Fourth "party history overview: Zhang Yufeng had published an article called" under the guidance of Mao Zedong calligraphy practice, after retirement began practicing calligraphy, and achievement is high, many experts to evaluate her words very "body hair" style, she also served as Chinese painting and Calligraphy Association consultant. Moreover, after retirement, Zhang Yufeng editor of the 24 volume masterpiece "Mao Zedong collection" 5000 words.

An article by Duan Wenhua in 2009, before retiring, Zhang Yufeng worked in the old cadre bureau of the Ministry of railways, a level cadres. Her husband Liu Aimin is a director of the Ministry of railways, "1 heads, 80 meters above the standard man with big eyes and bushy eyes, now young people's words, looks very" cool "". They have two daughters, grew up to study in the United States, very well educated, like father and mother as beautiful."

Zhang Yufeng and her husband Liu Aimin

"Zhang Yufeng said, she doesn't want to be famous, but also do not want to profit, just want a few years of stability and calm, especially do not want to be bothered, including interview, Duan Wenhua wrote, Zhang Yufeng is with his contacts," because I am a few years older than her, perhaps she thinks I'm an old comrade, speak work is relatively calm, it is the central news unit, so she thinks I can trust and friends".

"Happy old man" in 2013 11 monthly magazine article said: Zhang Yufeng's two daughters are very good, the eldest daughter in the United States to obtain a doctorate in education, and has settled in the United States; the little daughter is a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology. Whenever someone asked Zhang Yufeng about her family and some sensitive questions, she always laughed and said, "I'm with the kids every day. What kind of person I am, they don't know?" Some rumor rumors indeed let the children have a lot of pressure. But I was their mother. They believed in me ".

Participated in the Mao Zedong related activities

"Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that Zhang Yufeng is very low-key, in addition to a small number of published articles, almost never received an interview.

Including the aforementioned attended the 40 anniversary of the death of Mao Zedong's death, Zhang Yufeng in recent years, several public appearances, are in commemoration of the anniversary of Mao Zedong's birthday, memorial day, etc..

December 26, 2008, the anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong, Li Ne, Zhang Yufeng,, and Mao Zedong, the guards, Tian Yunyu, who came to the Chairman Mao Memorial hall. Two years later, in December 26th, Zhang Yufeng also attended the commemoration of Chairman Mao Memorial hall.

2015, in more than 3 months, Zhang Yufeng two appeared in the Chairman Mao Memorial hall. September 9, 2015 on the anniversary of Mao Zedong's death, Zhang Yufeng and her husband Liu Aimin to Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, and with Mao Zedong's daughter, Wang Jingqing, Li Ne, and Mao Xinyu, and a group photo.

More than three months later, in December 26th, Zhang Yufeng and then went to Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to participate in the commemoration of Mao Zedong's birthday.

In December 26, 2015, Zhang Yufeng and Liu Bin, Mao Xinyu and his wife in the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

In January 30, 2013, "without the Communist Party there would be no new news conference" Chinese - the 120 anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's birthday celebration held at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, Zhang Yufeng and Chen Yi's son Chen Haosu met two handshake greetings.

In September 9th of the same year, the 37 anniversary of Mao Zedong's death, held in commemoration of the 120 anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong and four new book publishing forum, Liu Yuan and Zhang Yufeng attended the event.

In addition, Zhang Yufeng will also appear in some public places.

In August 31, 2014, the wife of Zhang Yufeng, Mao Zedong's librarian Xu Zhongyuan who appeared in Yunnan Dali to donate. From Jiangsu COSCO old student to help establish a foundation donor dream class "was officially settled in Yunnan Dali, Yangbi County, to help 60 students completed three years of high school education.

Big event witness

Zhang Yufeng work around the Mao Zedong 6 years (1970 to 1976), the occurrence of the 913 event, table tennis diplomacy, Zhou Enlai's death and other major events. As Mao Zedong's confidential secretary, Zhang Yufeng is the witness of these events.

However, Zhang Yufeng has never written a memoir, published only the "Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong old age two or three", "I know Mao Zedong part of the truth" and a small number of articles, about the story of the year.

After the death of Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong did not attend the memorial meeting. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that Zhang Yufeng had told them the reason in Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai's "two or three things".

Zhang Yufeng recalls: at that time, Mao Zedong action has been very difficult, two legs can not walk.

"Taking into account the central president was seriously ill, did not arrange all the activities of Chairman Mao in the Premier Zhou's death. Review the report of Chairman Mao (Zhou Enlai Memorial), I have been waiting at the side. I do not know why in the ordinary people's hearts, there has been a ray of hope: maybe four years ago in Comrade Chen Yi Memorial suddenly decided that the chairman will be able to go to Premier Zhou Memorial service. A hold in my heart for a long time, can't help to blurt out, ask: "go to the chairman of the prime minister's memorial service?" Has been president, sad in at this moment, a hand holding down the file before, on the other hand, slightly tilted leg pain and said to me: "I have labored to walk." Hear here, look at the eyes of his bitterness of Chairman Mao, I couldn't restrain my tears......"

In "what I know about Mao Zedong's part of the truth" in an article, Zhang Yufeng wrote: in 1972 Chen Yi Memorial, Mao Zedong's physical condition is amazing, "the car, Chairman Mao several times to step up on the door, but it is not to go. Then I helped him to the car ".

In this paper, Zhang Yufeng also mentioned that Mao Zedong hate "long live" and "a long life" and "shit", "he really cares about is that he left this world after how people see him".

"Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) note by the people's Daily Press published "the" Gang of four "rise and fall" is a book by Zhang Yufeng's tone, tells Mao Zedong how to choose a successor.

"About the succession issue, Chairman Mao repeatedly told me (Zhang Yufeng) said: for this headache, he selected Lin Biao, Wang Hongwen is his choice, not ah! Once, I asked the president, prime minister so well, why don't you choose the prime minister as the successor? The president made a machete out of hand movements, said: the prime minister is good, the lack of this."

In mid January 1976, Mao Yuanxin came to see the chairman. He asked the president, what are the candidates for the prime minister to consider? The chairman thought for a moment and said, "tell Zhang Chunqiao and Wang Hongwen for a while." Then, the chairman of the Political Bureau of the number of members of the Political Bureau of the name, and finally said: "Hua Guofeng is better."

"Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) by Beijing News reporter Wang Shu proofreading: Guo Liqin

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