The history by the ten big brother killed the emperor take office

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The history by the ten big brother killed the emperor take office

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Opened a dusty already a long time of history, the heavy curtain of the parting of the reign of terror, here to capture the is history stepping foot Guxie blood boarded the throne of ten ancient emperors:

One, Qin Hu Hai II

Qin II, also known as the emperor, surnamed Zhao, Hu Hai. Is the eighteenth son, Prince Fusu's brother. Qin Shi Huang travel south died on the way, under the help of Reese and Zhao Gao, the murder of his brother Fusu when II emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

Hu hai to kill brother entropy wins, reach the emperor on the presidency, but doesn't ask, the royal government affairs and enjoy the temple music, the size of the DPRK government affairs are by Zhao Gao to headstrong. Zhao Gao is in power, but he is also afraid of the ministers together against him. In order to test the ministers of his real position, Zhao Gao carefully plotting the way in the history of the infamous "deer" political affairs.

In 207 BC, namely Qin II three years of a meeting, Zhao Gao sent people hold a deer as a gift to the Hu Hai, but Hu Hai said it was a good horse. Hu Hai certainly do not believe, can not help but last laugh. But Zhao Gao still insist that this is a horse, Hu Hai asked the presence of ministers. Ministers are not Bai Zhaogao gourd exactly what medicine to sell, some say is a deer. Some say it is a horse, and some dumb. After, Zhao Gao according to the differences of the ministers say the difference between view: is deer shall find excuses to kill, horses were as clique candidate said.

Zhao Gao without authorization of dictatorship, arbitrary, resulting in resentment in the chaos, the Qin Dynasty are dangerous in a day. Hu Haiyan about Zhao Gao was very unhappy. Originally Zhao Gaoshuang the heart of aspiring to start strong, let son-in-law Yan Le led the palace guards rushing headlong into Hu Hai, forced huhai committed suicide, aged only 23 years old.

In two, Emperor Liu Cong Zhaowu

Cong is sixteen states during the Han Chinese Pioneer Liuyuan, the fourth son and childhood intelligent, studious, Xi Jingshi, hundreds of schools and of Sunwu BINGSHU is mastery. Yongjia four years, is 310 CE, Liu and the succession of the crown prince, kill Liu Congsui Lau and self-reliance, Gai yuan Guang Xing, is for Han strong cases, history Chengzhao Martial emperor of.

During the reign of Liu Cong, there were some achievements in politics, military affairs and so on. Five years in Yongjia, Liu Cong Luoyang to attack the Western Jin, Jin Huai Chi emperor Sima captured. Soon after the break of jinyang. Lite four years, A.D. in 316 BC, Liu Cong finally captured Chang'an, the Western Jin Dynasty emperor min of surrender admire, was moved to Pingyang, the Western Jin Dynasty decline.

Moving late, Cong begins to dwell in the harem, ignoring the conduct of public affairs, court something is often Shiwang Shen, Na playing, your wives and judgment, resulting in meritorious not hired, and heretical villain is among a few days leapt thousand stone. When the war in the inexhaustible, no money to reward the soldiers on the expedition, but can give a child harem paternity absolutely. That the court and lax law. The first year of the Eastern Jin style, 318 years, Liu Cong died. Shortly after the outbreak of the change of the Han Jin quasi agile regime toward the decline.

Three, song Xiao Liu Jun Wu Di

Liu Jun was the third son of emperor of the northern and Southern Dynasties during the song dynasty. The Song Dynasty emperor after his failure by his son Liu Shaosuo. But Liu Shao only a short three months of the emperor, was his brother Liu Jun beat guillotined. Liu Jun in the new pavilion for the song emperor ascended the throne, is filial piety. Soon, Liu Shao family men and women together kill concubine. When people spread such a ballad: "looking to build Cannes, Xiaojiang countercurrent entangles. Before seen death, after see his brother killing brother."

Liu Chun lust for primality, ascended the throne after, non Palace on the hierarchy of seniority, as long as mildly three beauty, are free can't be Liu Junqiang forced into Huan, even the mother also don't pass.

Liu Chun's uncle Cishi Jingzhou Liu Yixuan four daughter one was born beauty, Liu Chun also regardless of whether close all the way to actually called lucky. Liu Yixuan very regret, in the name of his one hundred thousand veto qingjunce Liu Jun. Liu Jun sent troops to Liu Yixuan and his sixteen sons slaughtered.

Daming eight summer, thirty-five year old Liu Jun died. The following behind, the son of Liu Ziye had pointed to the picture of Liu Jun said: "this guy is too lewd, should not choose." He sent dug Yin concubine grave, will throw bones in the wilderness.

Four, the Northern Wei Ming emperor Tuoba Si

Emperor Tai Chang, eight years, the ad 423, Tabas attack song won one fell swoop campaign said the southern and Northern Dynasties in the first civil war, but Tuo epilogue heir but for attack battle fatigue. And eventually died at the age of 32 years old.

The untimely death of Tuoba heir, bearing the founding monarch Tuoba GUI martial arts, Rev. Too emperor extension pull Guangtao destroy in northern countries dominate the north, become history on a bit of a connecting link between the preceding and the following Youdao monarch.

Five, Yang Guang Suiti

Yang Guang, the second son of Emperor Wen Yang Jian. In 581 ad was sealed as the king of Jin, in the south to eliminate Chen and resist the northern Turkic neutral has great merit, and concentric concentrate to replace brother Yang Yong crown prince position.

Prince Yang Yong because the life of luxury, Chuichui lost the favor of the Sui dynasty. Yang Guang disguised life simple, good sound. In 600 AD, Yang Guang carefully designed, Sui Wendi Yang Yong then changed to waste, Yang for the prince.

In July 604, with the emperor in bed, Yang Guang soldiers surrounded the palace, the murder of Sui Wendi. Then he sent a fake pass to Yang Yong Dutch act of the Sui Dynasty and his brother Yang Yong killed the testament. The history of Yang Guang usurp the throne, the emperor said.

In the Yang Guang era, many migrant workers organization construction of the Kyoto Luoyang, along the Grande Canale. From the industry for eight years, from 612 began, Suiti three offensive Korea failed, Yang Xuanxian Chengxi revolted against Luoyang. At the same time, a fanfare began to include South East peasant uprising. In mid March 3rd fourteen, Yang yuwenhuaji for men to kill and instigating rebellion, aged 50.

Six, Li Shimin Tang Taizong

Li Shimin, Tang emperor Li Yuan's second son. In A. D. 618, Suiti was killed after the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan, the eldest son of Li Jiancheng for the prince.

But after Li Shimin's fame Risheng, Li Jiancheng Li Shimin, head of overhead. Is a year. Li Jiancheng Li Yuan to suggestions by trusted Li Yuanji do command to go to battle the Turks, goal is to hold Bingquan and Chengxi get rid of Li Shimin. Li Shimin in the emergency when pre emptive, instigated the Xuanwu Gate famous things. Three days later, Li Shimin was established as a crown prince, took the reality of the imperial power from his father Li Yuan. Shortly thereafter, Tang Gaozu Li Yuan to abdicate the throne, Li Shimin ascended the throne, Emperor taizong.

Ascended the throne after the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, appointment virtuous signed remonstrance, and carried out a series of political and military reforms, finally achieved social stability, production growth of Zhenguan rule. In twenty-three years, from 649 in May, long bed Tang Taizong died at the age of fifty-two.

Seven, Zhao Guangyi Song Taizong

Song Bao opened nine years, namely in 976, the founding emperor Zhao Kuangyin overnight between sudden demise, his brother 38 year old Jin Wang Zhao Guangyi board emperor the presidency is Taizong.

He died on the eve of Zhaojin had entered the palace of King Zhao Guangyi. Zhao Guangyi enters the palace, Song Taizu Bingtui mercy, and Zhao Guangyi to pour the wine. Outdoor's maids and eunuchs in the shadow of candle swing COSCO far to see Zhao Guangyi sometimes withdrew, waving retreat, like in the doon reservoir and rejected what. See also song Taizu hand-held Jade axe stamp and "Chacha" sound of axe clearly audible.

However, in the morning, Song Taizu was not clear to the death. That he died, when Wang Jien ordered the queen song terahito to call the prince De Fang palace. However, Wang Jien but went to the house of Zhao Guangyi, the queen, because the heart has fear, had to recognize Zhao Guangyi did the emperor. Then, later left "candle axe sound" kill brother became the story.

Zhao Guangyi in his old age with the disease, more field advocate quiet inaction of the way, this point, from his reuse as a person steady, calm Lu end for the phase can be seen. Be caused by three years, namely 997 ad the emperor died.both, marking the arrival of the Northern Song Dynasty, the pioneering era ended and the conservative era.

At the end of eight, the emperor Zhu Youzhen

Zhu Youzhen, Liang Zhu Quanzhong's third sons. His brother named Zhu Yougui, whose mother was a prostitute in Bozhou. Tang Xi Zong KPS years, Zhu Quanzhong is a rate army passes Bozhou, called the mother of squire, and became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Zhu Yougui.

Dry for two years, namely ad 912 years, while Zhu Quanzhong was seriously ill, the second son of Zhu Yougui rate suobu coup, Zhusha his father and false preach Yizhao, published the throne, the following year, the first month Gaiyuan Feng Li.

Zhu Yougui climbing principal later, although a lot of reward soldiers in an attempt to bribe popular feeling, however many Korean veterans is still quite satisfied with, and Zhu Yougui himself and debauchery is boiling on the human mind. The Phoenix calendar year in the year 913, namely, the four son of Zhu Quanzhong Zhu Youzhen again instigated a coup, forced Zhu Yougui to death to death.

Zhu Youzhen came to the throne, nianhao Zhen Ming, is after the late Liang emperor, soon again for the year to dry for three years. Zhu Youzhen town Party Secretary internal suspicion, door crack, strength weakened further. Long three years, from 923 in October, the general Li Siyuan led the army's imminent. Zhu Youzhen's men have fled, even his biography country Yuxi was also stolen, Zhu Youzhen helpless, anxious to cry day and night. Then the cross on his sword. Back from death.

Nine, Qi Su Ming Xiao emperor Wang Yanjun

Wang Yanjun, during the Five Dynasties Fujian Chinese master's younger brother Wang Yanhan, former governor of Quanzhou. Houtang mingzong Tiancheng first year, from 926, Wang Yanjun instigated a coup, the murder of his brother, King Wang Yanhan. Later, Wang Yanjun pushed for the first. After four years in Changxin, the year 933, the Wang Yanjun emperor, Gaiyuan Damin, Dragon King, and the king was renamed TTPC, Lin. Known as the Emperor Ming Xiao Su qi.

After emperor Wang Yanjun, he and small, land desolate, with careful and neighbors get along, the territory is an jing. Wang Yanjun is a spoiled woman named Chen Jinfeng concubines. This is Chen Jinfeng is the father trial known Mei Xiang, looks ugly but very lewd, however due to Wang Yanjun, ill in his old age, Emperor Guangwu introduction of Sui and Wang Yanjun men return Shou Ming, Li Keyin fornication, temporarily provoke was condemned.

Fujian in Yonghe first year, from 935, Chen Jinfeng was knighted for the queen. In the same year, Wang Yanjun is seriously ill, son of Wang Yanjun Wang Jipeng and appreciate the Li Fangyu together to eradicate the forces of Queen Chen, he instigated the rebellion. Wang Yanjun although hid his special Kowloon account, but also by rebel thorn into serious injury and pain, ladies can not bear to see the hard and hence kill Wang Yanjun, Chen queen party with be eradicated.

Wang Jipeng succeeded, because of their personality and extort excessive taxes and levies, suspicion is to repeatedly kill clan. Fujian's instruments for four years, from 939, Fujian's rebellion again. Wang Jipeng fled after the rebellion by the queen and the pursuers, and philosophers who was killed.

Ten, the southern Hanzhoung Zong Liu Sheng

Liu Sheng, the younger brother Binzhi Hatty Liu, Jin Wang intact. Liu Bin Nanhandi ascended the throne after the proud luxury, ignore politics, and the brother of suspicion. South Hanguang day two years, namely ad 943, Liu Hongxi and Liu porphyrite banquets Fu play wrestling show, Liu porphyrite drunk, Liu hung Shi that lux seize Liu Bin, destroy hit his chest killed. Liu Hongxi then came to the throne, and changed its name to Liu Sheng.

Who knows Liu Sheng that throne also and his brother Liu porphyrites as jealousy Zhu Di, is soon to gradually kill his brother and kill their son and daughter, income harem. Build a palace maid for more than one thousand, female servants, government intervention, a time, and the eunuch, maid of power.

Dry and six years, the year 948, Liu Sheng to send troops to attack South Chu, near Nanchunei coax. Dry and nine years, Liu Sheng while South Chu is the Southern Tang Dynasty destroyed the occasion, according to south of the Five Ridges South chu. Seven years later, Liu Sheng died, and the posthumous light filial piety emperor Zhongzong Shengming, miaohao. His son Liu Chang to the throne.