The Long March, Jiang Jieshi and chase and blocking the Central Red Army why can easily break the blockade line?

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The Long March, Jiang Jieshi and chase and blocking the Central Red Army why can easily break the blockade line?

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(TV series "marshal Peng Dehuai", the withdrawal of Soviet Area)

Discovered that the Reds to evacuate in Jiangxi Province, Chiang Kai Shek quickly adjust deployment, variable "encirclement and suppression" to chase blocking ", but the Reds exactly where to go, he was not allowed to judge, and a command north of two columns to staging, side let Yuejun, Hunan rushed at the border between Hunan and Guangdong established the blockade, to prevent the Red Army westward.

At the beginning of November, the Red Army was in Rucheng, Rucheng found that the solid walls, they decided to detour from the south by a stockade.

The stockade has four towers, as the avant-garde fourth division to send a battalion hit, can not play down. So Peng Dehuai from a mountain artillery regiment in the past, and the fourth division of the incumbent commander Zhang Zongxun personally directed shelling.

Zhang zongxun is Whampoa health, but he graduated in political science, no close bunker Shanbao stereographic with experience, is also the first artillery operational command, so it is inevitable that choked. He said in a moment that the gun can only play six hundred meters, in the back of the distance is not allowed, to try to rely on the former. While waiting for the artillery to push the gun to the front, he said it was too close.

(TV series "Mao Zedong", Long March)

This push to remove, until dawn has not made a result. Peng Dehuai does not listen to news, a curse from behind to catch up, asked: "why don't attack?"

Didn't answer the other side, his one eye see pushed too on the mountain artillery, more angry: "which let the gun here?" For a time, no one dared to speak around.

Peng Dehuai observed for a while, indicating the artillery to re do the adjustment. Until emplacement is adjusted, the sun has come out, he ordered to shoot, only a shell put before and after the two towers are penetrated and the rest of the two towers enemy frighten be defeated and flee.

In Hunan Province, even the Red Army had two blockade, are not worthwhile what big battle, with mountain artillery bombardment turret scene, had calculated is impressive. These are with any key is directly related to, although he unlike Chens directly "route", but to "catch block" wasn't very vigorously. Of course, his ideas than the Chens or complex, in simple terms is to lucky blocked the Reds, used to please and close to Chiang Kai Shek, and awed by the Red Army's power, afraid of lose the laurels in Duji.

Really can not make up his mind, he key to send people with the Guangxi's Guangxi army, to see what the other side is.

(TV series "Mao Zedong", He Jian)

Bai Chongxi answered very simply: "hard hit, not so stupid." When he heard the key is very happy: "Guangxi is not ready to play hard, we also play?"

In order to cope with the Chiang Kai Shek, Hejian came up with a "visitor", only tailgating, not hard blocking, however, must make the playing appearance, the Reds go, to go where, tailgating forces and the Red Army before and after, remained approximately a day of the trip, to avoid contact with as much as possible.

See the Red Army broke through the establishment of Hunan be an easy job to blockade, Jiang Jieshi was furious, should be held accountable. He had to push down the key responsibility, the pursuit of the poor, cold feet, this also replaced several generals. Privately, he to his chief of staff, said: "Sixteen divisions (division would be replaced) too bad, 'visitor' will also be sent a look well."

(excerpt from fifty states "Peng Guan River generals")

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