How Kang Youwei invented by Guangxu "my order" money? His life in old age is extremely luxurious.

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How Kang Youwei invented by Guangxu "my order" money? His life in old age is extremely luxurious.

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Patriotism, is a feeling from the heart. China view today the expansion, a patriot city proud. Similarly, in the late Qing Dynasty when China is devastated, but there are still countless patriots because there are about or sacrifice or struggle. After the Opium War China, communication and war is frustrated, although the heart is how strong the patriot, hard. However, some people have gained extra income because of the patriotic heart. Of course, can not say that they are not patriotic, but this is the work of the facts of the mind, for fear that only when the people know the truth.

Speak of the patriotic youth of the late Qing Dynasty, just around a Kang Youwei. Kang Youwei (1858 - 1927), formerly known as the progenitor Yihe, word Guangsha, growth hormone, and Ming Yi, more numerous, Xiqiao Shanren, travel sou, tour of people, Nanhai County, Guangdong Province Dan Zao Cun Su, known as Kang Nanhai. As a representative figure in the late Qing Dynasty, the South China Sea life is highly controversial.

The period of Kang Youwei

Is generally believed that Kang has played an important role in the new deal. The reform of the imperial edict memorials become Kang Kang Zhang, I am more at the mercy of court hundred days. On even as disciple Kang Q IAO in the reform movement of 1898 played in the preamble to the draft said the same, combi in Song Dynasty Wang Anshi, Guangxu Emperor than to song Shenzong, the reform movement of 1898 than in Xining deal.

In fact, on the two people standing in terms of the status of the foundation, Kang foundation can not compare with Wang Anshi. Wang Anshi should be the God of life, in worship, dominate the political situation. Kang in 1898 hundred days age, the first school walk in the Yamen Beijing chapter, position of micro, authority and responsibility of thin is that Liang Qichao was ridiculed as "funny".

At the beginning of the reform, the relationship between Ci Xi and Guangxu is not bad. They have had a few back to the main conversation over the political bottom line of the political reform:

First, reform is Suyuan, early on, Tongzhi Na Zheng Guofan sent abroad for the younger generation, shipbuilding, where to

Self-improvement also. If the teacher on more clothes, easy to pay, it is not broken in fathers offended."

Second, "where the implementation of the new deal, but does not violate the progenitor kill Dafa, destructive forces of Manchuria, which does not stop."

Third, "you leave God but fathers do not burn, and I will not cut, no matter."

Fourth, "Gou to the strong son, for, I do not have inside." (the above information from the British "times" reporter in Shanghai with the empress themselves discipline "and simply" the Cixi Chuan Xin Lu ". Monograph of the reform movement of 1898")

However, in the reform movement of 1898 before Kang Youwei's arrogant personality has put a lot of courtiers offended. Even we feel that we are a group of people with the same, and later on Kang Youwei's evaluation is not high. When the book of the emperor and his reading Kang and Kang Youwei's other works, namely to the Guangxu emperor sponsor, said Kang "is worthy of great use", and "Kang Yu Wei Shengcai Chen ten times" the language of. But Kang Youwei followed insolent personality growth, Tonghe and evaluation of Kang Youwei's more and more low, gradually degraded to "mad".

Guangxu twenty-four years the first month of the third day, January 24, 1898 premiers yamen Minister Li, Weng Tonghe, Rong Lu and Shang Xing Bu Liao Shouheng, Ministry of left vice minister Zhang Yinhuan and summoned Kang, consulting ideas for reform. Kang Youwei speak a supercilious, every group of Confucianism. Rong Lu is bored, halfway away. On the night of the log and Weng Tong said that Kang Youwei was "very mad", "the light after the return, very angry." Kang Youwei's reputation has always been very good.

Instead, the emperor is a focus of the reform movement of 1898 figures, but is a direct reflection of his thoughts and activities of the primitive data does not see more. There is no doubt that he in the hundred days of reform era eager for change is to repeatedly Zhu changed military premises quasi imperial edict drafts and make words become severe, forcing some to resolutely received the results.

The emperor color photos

Guangxu Kang and gift was appreciated, it is no doubt. On the eve of the hundred days reform, had to Guangxu Tonghe "Kang Youwei into the book, to write a progressive." (the Weng and log "Guangxu in disposal of censor the fraternity, libushangshu Xu impeach deal with Kang, and even can be said to be protect Kang. But in general, in position on the ambiguous Kang too. Said Kang did not get the big use is because Guang Xu miss the old party's veto, which and Guang Xu in the same period to deal with the other work of the show and divergent. Wang Zhao Affairs Li Bu Liu Tang, dismiss, Li Hongzhang was ejected from the administration and Rui, Liu Guangdi, linxu, Tan Sitong four was appointed as the ownership of special purpose intervention of new military chapter in Beijing and so on, are some cause controversy, involved personnel and the advance and retreat of the resolution, this not without disobey the so-called old party behavior, but Maverick is Guangxu not shrink back.

That is to say, if Guangxu abnormality will Kang Bazhuo as chancellor of the exchequer, or placed in the preparation for the staff, to Kang original official humble can literally provoking stolen Yee. If Guangxu this wary, like the Kang in heavier position walking on the responsibilities of a more general chapter in Beijing, let the Kang from side to assist and support the new deal, but he did not do such.

It can be said that the emperor is not completely obey in Kang Youwei's, and Mr. South China Sea is not a can in the hundred days reform completely control the Guangxu emperor, become Guangxu emperor eventually only support. In July 26, 1898, Guangxu issued a decree to Shanghai "current affairs" as the official, Kang Youwei sent the handling of things. The move amounts to Kang transferred out of Beijing, the move is common Kang text, information on the merits, can be regarded as a volume with a reasonable resolution.

But the Guangxu emperor is also complete and don't want to reuse Kang. However, in its radical form, the reform movement of 1898 came to a less than ideal conditions. A series of personnel situation move directly touched the benefits of the Manchuria aristocracy, the queen mother in the political reform at the beginning of the bottom line is also not exhaustive was challenged.

Personnel so big action, conservative giants since the crisis "sleep disturbed, food does not guarantee", "Jiaoxin desire dead, only curse emperor slander, cursed Kang Youwei bale." (Su Jizu "the change" in Qing Dynasty)

People feel funny, this was originally to Rui's decree, to the mouth of Kang Nanhai, unexpectedly become to his "Yidai Chao, Kang said the mizhao I and cannot be guaranteed, order and Comrade Zhu managed to close save", in the words and meaning made major changes, "secret save" totally changed in nature. Then several published the Kang Chao, is the text of the times will be tampered with, actually as Zhao man itself.

Exile Kang Youwei

Kang Youwei spur new active. Some of his activities caused high-rise disgusted, also caused the Guangxu emperor's doubts, but actually hand results at this time not seize why Kang You handle. In order to quell the high-rise unrest, after two days of serious consideration and negotiation, Guangxu emperor on 17 August second (9 months) "drop Ming imperial edict":

From the Ministry of the principal Kang Youwei, before the official life Supervision Bureau, the smell has not been out of Beijing, indeed surprised. I miss the storm, you think well-informed people, and taking treatment. Kang Youwei the Baals exquisite, is summoned once, supervise the offical ordered, sincere to the newspaper to open the wisdom. The post office is not heavy. We raise some money, Kang Youwei quickly went to Shanghai, no Qianyanguanwang.

This thread of behavior, can be seen as Kang Youwei's alienation, the trick to ease the relationship with Ci Xi. But Kang Nanhai is that is Guangxu have seen the failure of the reform, the throne itself, for Kang hurriedly escape in an attempt to the decree. Kang Youwei fled to Japan, in 1899 years wrote the autobiographical memoir "my history" in this record:

Day two. Ming Chao urged me to beijing. So Chinese horror thriller, known as curse. In the normal non event unknown drop decree, have to face it and cause the military minister. To stay a promotion, non military system with no generals to scratch, drop out of his. Kuangwu micro officer, also reported little things, what is the imperial edict. Berated both surprised and easy dismissal, where so-called "want to get informed treatment of Shiwu and business, the smell Kangsu, pay attention to", and anti prize language to the Lord? Again summoned his work, no trouble is self-evident, "a statement called" has never been the thing. The motherland is all small. I fear the complex puzzle, Lin Xu summoned, to hold mizhao surrender.

However, the South China Sea teachers at the moment but a little way. Guangxu emperor at this time is the summer palace, and this a singular decrees, rather than is sent to Kang Youwei, be inferior to saying is addressed to the Empress Dowager Cixi. Said the decree, between the emperor and the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, had a tournament, the final is the Guangxu emperor to the Empress Dowager Ci Xi.

From the point of view of the decree, the Guangxu emperor in the argument seems to to the Empress Dowager Cixi in the face of a clear, only with bright hair style of the decree to the Empress Dowager Cixi suggest its position:

One, he did not know that Kang Youwei is still in Beijing, that is, when Wen has not yet out of beijing". Guangxu emperor left Beijing yasunao did not know, but unable to resist the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, can only hide in the way of adoption.

Second, Kang Youwei stressed that he summoned just once, "is summoned once". Then the rumors and said, Kang can balance palace, often with emperor mishang government. The Empress Dowager Ci Xi probably also heard some rumors, which questioned the Guangxu emperor. Guangxu emperor dare not face himself, only through the process of the decree to the Empress Dowager Ci Xi rumor.

Third, strictly Kang Youwei separate Beijing, using the "do not have to Qianyanguanwang Jun Li of the sentence, to prove to the Empress Dowager Cixi section, then will not again and Kang connection.

As said, Kang said "complex fear my confusion, summoned the linxu and ordered him to hold mizhao surrender" a thing, according to the "single" Guangxu twenty-four years Jingguan summoned August second sun mood emperor summoned the new military Zhang Jinglin Xu, this is an unusual incident, referred to herein mizhao, Kang of the party in political propaganda in the second mizhao.

Kang Youwei fled to Hongkong after talks with the "Chinese post" reporter, said on the matter. Since then Shanghai's "news" in early September five, Kang Youwei released second mizhao cancellation:

"I this life you have no official supervision, hardship, non ink can also out of mulberry. Thou shalt go out without delay. You love a kind, I know. The value of the body, good self adjustment, the future is more effective to flee, I have high hopes. Special instructions."

Cancellation of the September month, on the tenth day of the month "word Linxi newspaper" the mizhao the English; and September 11, the Taiwan Daily newspaper published by the second mizhao, in "future term effect gallop", and add a "build a great cause," a phrase. After this a mizhao has a number of versions, and "my order" in the name of the later.

It is through the process of emperor Lin Xu awarded Kang Youwei mizhao? There is no such thing as a puzzle. It is always a mystery. Wang Zhao Yang Yi in Japan with dogs (dangc wungh directly on wood) has revealed that Kang Youwei in the matter of fraud. In Kang party political propaganda, the second mizhao is by linxu preaching, and linxu has always been to the fourth day, only to see Kang and Liang, why it is also called "on August 2nd Feng Zhu encyclical"?

Liang Qichao in Kang Youwei's poem "the reform movement of 1898 August country chronicle as a note, recognized the Yang Ruizhi was mizhao to pay for the original, reality also politely accepted the Kang party in the first imperial fake. Although for the second Zhao, Liang, also known as of August 2nd" and generally must Kang Kanbu content, but tactfully deny Kang said "abroad for help," and other words.

However, Kang Youwei to Hong Kong, Japan and several public Kanbu the forge or falsify "mizhao", and on the Empress Dowager Cixi to be falsely language. Although this can self scenery once, but the emperor was detained in Beijing because of a bad luck. This is the political need of self growth, and it is also the naive representation of its political experience.

By "my order", the South China Sea is too fast to Kang? She played under the guise of Zhao, but to the royalist cause, while the royalist industry is in need of money. Although foreigners helped Kang and Liang fled, but to really expect foreigners to come up with real gold and silver help them set up overseas counteractive force, but that dream. For the money, but also from the Chinese who want to track. Soon, the overseas Kang party, thought of the office of the company. Is to, they do a "Bao Qing emperor company". The company, with our imagination of companies like, is not a factory, open business to earn money, but to open a company, by the name of the emperor, so that overseas Chinese donations.

Fled in 1898, Kang Youwei in Japan began the itself up to more than ten years of overseas desperate life, until after the revolution of 1911 was returned. Kang Youwei in the Japanese era, in addition to engage in a number of political activities, but also often join a number of social activities.

March 1899, Kang Youwei separated from Japan to Vancouver, canada. He in Vancouver around the island built the courtyard of the Chinese spirit, take the name of "Liao Tianshi", in the formation of the royalist, the issuance of stocks hope to raise funds into the royalist cause.

The Kang Youwei family in overseas travel with friends together by our center for Kang Youwei

Kang Youwei lived in Mexico for half a year, to examine the side of the customs and cultural geography. Later wrote an article, boldly guess Indians are descendants of Chinese.

In 1902, Kang Youwei to northern Indian hill town of Darjeeling residence, here from the Himalayas although 80 km, but he in his daughter Kang with wall with, riding in the south of the Himalayas tour of the nine days, experience the adventure of life.

In 1904, when Kang Youwei in Italy tourism, has recruited a tongue and Australian chef. His noble fashion to pull a female Roman gentleman sitting in a carriage to salute, he took off his hat and regard him as from Chinese aristocracy. With the end of Kang Youwei to Sweden, he was attracted to the customs here, bought a small island near Stockholm, on the island built full of Chinese flavor garden, named the thatched cottage of the North Sea. It is said that local Chinese people are still accustomed to the island called "Kang island".

Kang You Wei also went to Paris, where he visited the Louvre, climbed the Eiffel Tower, and take a hot air balloon at 2000 feet overlooking Paris scenery, do not know is not thus become China's first ride in a hot air balloon.

In up to 16 years of overseas desperate living era, Kang Youwei to Asia, Japan, Singapore, Siam (Thailand), Turks (Turkey) and 154 countries; in Europe had seven went to France, 8 British swimming, balance of payments 11 times in Germany, in addition to travel the Holland, Belgium, Spain teeth, Greece and other 11 countries and regions; in Africa to Egypt, Morocco; in America to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other countries, is then traveled the country most of the Chinese people, called the world grand light.

After the success of the revolution of 1911, Kang Youwei finally end their life more than ten years of exile overseas to return home. He returned home after had asked Wu Changshuo carved a very personal seal, a letter: "the hundred days reform, asylum for 16 years, three weeks of earth, traveled to four continents, the 31 states, 6 00000 in."

Kang Youwei to roam the world, luxurious and extravagant life, his travel expenses basically full number since royalist will raised in overseas funds and numerous overseas Chinese donate money is to save the country sajik veering, at the moment he was Kang for luxury tourism, then this approach caused a lot of criticism, by many rebuked. Of course, Kang Youwei occasionally went into business to make money, like Kang Youwei 1906 visit Mexico era, he had overseas Chinese donate money here estate investment made a pen.

Kang Youwei in overseas desperate times has also been a cause of his royalist, was founded in Canada on July 20, 1899 royalist will forces overseas is very large, had plundered in Sun Yat Sen's many land, Sun Yat Sen's brother sun Mei had to intervene too royalists Kang Youwei's will. Royalist once in North America, Central America, South America, Australia and other places has 11 chapters, 103 BARDE members up to thousands of people.

Kang Youwei in order to force the royalist asked a named Homer Lee Americans to help him practice, "Paul imperial", he also represented the emperor letter Homer Lee general, give him sent a Qing country "general service". But then Homer Lee turned to the revolutionary party, became Sun Zhongshan's military staff. In the Emperor Guangxu 30 years old birthday, Kang in the United States organized ceremony Chang, away to celebrate, "dragon card in, dragon flag on the top, countryman regardless of industry and Commerce and humble young and old, short brown robe, salty boxing kneeling heave, palace dignity."

In 1913, Kang Youwei ended overseas desperate life home residence Shanghai, wives and children in groups, Ieding Hiroshige (Shanghai office have more than 40 people), Kang Jia seems like a zhongmingdingshi home. Coupled with Kang Youwei greetings are very widespread, in the multitude of entertainment, home spending vast and mighty to maintain such complex living expenses without considerable income is not.

Anything else, Kang Youwei's life is a passionate romantic, even if there is a wife and five concubines he also often go whoring prostitutes romantic occasion.

Mr. Zhang Jianwei in the ponder 1898 "said Kang had rugged frustrated Shanghai, every day, prostitutes, but no money compensation piaozi. As time passes, let family prostitutes know, claim to Kang Youwei lived in the inn, Kang Youwei's feeling is very embarrassed, went to Guangdong to escape. On the day of the ship, all the prostitutes were on board to find him, search for a long time to find. After shipment, a ship the sailors saw someone, frightened, call the world view, it is Mr. Kang Youwei. Later, someone wrote: "to the station without irony is not worth a penny romantic boat, mo."

To make money on extravagant life, the sale of Kang Youwei was returned to the shop the main investment in Shanghai's real estate, land rose in Shanghai a few years, Kang Youwei made a. In addition, Kang Youwei also through the process of writing articles, presentations and other ways to earn some pocket money. Kang Youwei sold the words in the newspaper advertising, price tag. Although expensive, but the words flowed in a, business is booming, said that only by selling a word, monthly income reached 1000 Yinyuan mercy.

Kang Nanhai sixty picnicky picture for Xu Beihong Kang Youwei "". The scenery is Shanghai Xin Jia garden Kang Youwei in high spirits in the center, surrounded by the descendants of wives rich multicolored decorations.

Someone from the daily expenses of Kang's family complex surmise, Kang Youwei all annual income to across the 2 Wan Yintuan (about RMB 80 million yuan the left and right sides), because only Ruth income to afford his master tribunal, to pay all kinds of daily life and production.

According to the record of the newspaper at that time, Kang home to entertain some groups of host and guest, loss of rice average every 4 days to eat a stone (176 pounds). Kang home purchase daily necessities, every servant deputy food for automobile transportation, meals will be monthly cost 400 dollar or more. The average monthly salary per employee monthly pay 12 silver dollars, a total of 50 silver dollars. Kang five real wives more not fuel-efficient lights. In addition to give children pocket money per month, the monthly expenditure also have a few hundred silver dollars.

Again, Kang Youwei inexhaustible contact with the outside world, often "energized" on national debut, then the cost of compliance with, is said to only telegraph fee each year to reach thousands of dollar. Plus the fee for weddings, the total average monthly expenditure of 2000 silver dollars. In short, Kang Youwei 55 years old in the future in Shanghai and Jiangnan life of 14 years, every year spend less than 20 Wan Yinyuan, approximately equivalent to RMB 80 million yuan are controlled.

Kang Youwei's have a lot of real estate, a total of four villas, parting is Shanghai 's Kang first curtilage (You Cunlu) jade like stone park, West Lake in Hangzhou day Park and Qingdao Viceroy floor.

Kang house such expenses, of course, can not be pure is the South China Sea teachers sell painting can afford. According to historical records, Kang Youwei took over the life of the supply of the constitutional party. A royalist in overseas equity to fund 100 million dollars, had to $10 million to Kang Youwei as travel the nations "examination politics". He use the money bought many Chinese and foreign cultural relics and antiques. Kang Youwei had opened the Antiques Fair, also sold a department to fill the capital with life. As for the big warlords and power Kang Youwei to "feed rub" gold and silver, accounts are not statistics. For example, Kang Youwei died in Qingdao, Shandong in the Zhang Zongchang sent 3000 silver dollars (some say 30 thousand silver dollars).

In 1927, Kang Youwei for Dun used Northern Expedition separate Shanghai went to Qingdao, March 19 in a Cantonese restaurant after eating at the end of the evening meal vomiting more than, the second day morning Qiqiao bleeding to death, the cause of death becomes unable to break the mystery (said to Japanese).

Anyway, Kang Youwei is through "my order" in the name of a lot of money. Maybe just beginning, facing left behind in China, especially the Jiawu fiasco, Kang Youwei's patriotism is dedicated, he really hope by the power of their own salvation, then raise the money if the reform is successful, he will Qingnangerchu. But then flee overseas, especially Kang Nanhai name is held on the altar, facing the inexhaustible Caibo, and royalist confused, his mind is still is at the beginning of heart is not known.

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