After the attack on Pearl Harbor, not the Hiroshima atomic bomb but the event, so that Japan admit defeat?

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After the attack on Pearl Harbor, not the Hiroshima atomic bomb but the event, so that Japan admit defeat?

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The great success of the attack on Pearl Harbor has made it a long time for the Japanese to be in the middle of the joy. They have taken the initiative in the Pacific Ocean, the next step is to hold the advantage, and further build, resulting in long-term suppression of the United States in the political and military situation, forcing the United States to withdraw from the Pacific ocean.

That may be used as the Japanese Australia counter base, so it needs to cut off ties with the United States and Britain, so the occupation of Samoa, Fiji, Port Moresby is imperative. Coincidentally, the United States is indeed planning to use the territory of Australia to counter attack Japan's further attacks, so the coral sea battle broke out.

In March 5, 1942, the Japanese fleet landed at Lae and Salamoya, the next step is to make the British forces occupied Port Moresby, not back, and can also create conditions for attacks in northern Australia and later from Fiji, Samoa airport. The U.S. military, if the loss of Port Moresby, Australia's security will be unable to guarantee after D-Day is out of the question. So, in any case, it is important to protect this important port.

May 7th, Japan and the U.S. Pearl Sea battle broke out. The strength of both sides is equal, there is no overwhelming advantage. Japanese fleet has light aircraft carrier 1, heavy aircraft carrier 2, carrier based aircraft 125, 9 cruiser, 15 destroyers. The United States Fleet has aircraft carrier 2, carrier based aircraft 143, 8 cruiser, 11 destroyers.The morning of May 7th, the Americans found the Japanese ships in the squadron Misima near immediately ordered to carrier air raid, the main attack of the Japanese aircraft carriers, the Japanese "Shoho" aircraft carrier was bombed and sank instantly. In May 8th, Japan and the U.S. fleet continued to carry out air, the loss of which Japan "Xianghe" aircraft carrier has been hit, was forced to withdraw from the battlefield, the United States also has an aircraft carrier due to fire and forced to abandon ship and sunk. Later, the Japanese fleet commander for fear that the U.S. military ships will attack them, and ordered the withdrawal of all. As a result, the plan was occupied by the Japanese Port Moresby indefinitely.

In this battle, the American fleet lost a large aircraft carrier, an aircraft carrier is injured, a tanker and a destroyer were sunk, 66 aircraft were destroyed and 543 people killed. Japan lost a light aircraft, another aircraft carrier was injured, 77 aircraft were destroyed and 1074 people killed.The loss of two aircraft carriers in the battle of the Japanese Coral Sea, weakened the strength of the Japanese Navy, the Japanese gradually lost the initiative in the Pacific Ocean and control rights.