150 years ago the remnants of the Taiping army retreated here, the existing 200 thousand Chinese, they also speak cantonese

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150 years ago the remnants of the Taiping army retreated here, the existing 200 thousand Chinese, they also speak cantonese

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In the early two years, a 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Chilean city of Iquique, the city of Chile's Northern Pacific port city, 1800 kilometers from the capital Santiago.

The concern is that Iquique has a deep origin and Chinese, here not only has the largest free trade zone in South America, or a hundred-percent "Chinese paradise", more than 60 of the population of Iquique, about 200 thousand people are of Chinese origin, Chinese is an important role in business, they are the descendants of the Taiping army a Iquique Museum, built in 1999, is a collection of those who went to South America, pennant Taiping soldiers used.

Then, the Taiping army of Qing Dynasty, how can travel across the ocean, went to South America to go? They are in a strange country and how to settle down? This leaves a question mark, for a lot of historians concerned, but also brought back a lot of people's interest.

Professor Luo Ergang, a famous historian in the history of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom scholars mentioned that after the fall of Tianjing, Taiping army people do have fled overseas, said here refers to the China overseas, Hongkong, Macao and South Asia and the United States, that is beyond the reach of the Qing government. There is a way out, is to go to the coolie, that is when the "contract of foreign miners", about more than 10 thousand people in the Taiping Army more than in the choice of the way out, they took their relatives and dependents, sat a few months the ship was shipped to South America a place as a saltpeter miners, the where is the previously mentioned Iquique chile.

In 1865, after the failure of the Taiping army, everywhere in exterminating the Taiping Army remnants, these remnants of resistance seems unlikely to continue, nor is it a way to hide, in this case, some of the Taiping Army in exile in order to survive the thought of escape outside the law, when the piglets were sold to abroad as "contract the miners, there were about thirty thousand more than the Taiping Army chose the only way out, of which more than 10 thousand of the Taiping Army together with their relatives were shipped to Iquique in Chile a dig guano and saltpeter miners, many times they want to resist but is surrounded by foreigners to carry loaded guns, Chinese, and fear killed, so it can only suffer in silence, so many people died and Dutch act.

Finally in 1866 the fate of a turnaround, the war of the Pacific in Chile and Peru and Bolivia, more than ten thousand of the Taiping army finally see hope, Weng Derong of Hunan and Guangdong elected Chen Yonglu as leader, to prepare the original Taiping army was reorganized, west of Chile general Lapizzo Weng Derong was appointed commander, Chen Yonglu as captain, Taiping armed forces into sixth Chilean border column Brown army, ordered their troops in the Peru province of Tarapaca Chile co operations with ILO and pacocha port of landing, the occupation of Moquegua, and Chile and in a matter of Iquique city.

In the next Chile's military action, the Taiping army did not follow the Chilean military advisers according to the requirements of the preparation of Western adaptation, but established two army by the Taiping army, division, brigade and the establishment of handsome handsome, two Sima peace officer post. In a battle Boneida stronghold in one fell swoop captured 300 soldiers in Peru and then Bolivia army commander of the fort, and they rushed to start fighting, about 1000 Indian mercenaries to surrender, the Taiping Army seized a lot, this is the famous Boneida plug to ambush. In 1869 with the Chilean pacocha port of landing, the Taiping army under the command of Chen Yonglu again in Moquegua with Peru - Bolivia forces fought a fierce battle. Because of the Taiping Army military action to Peru Bolivia coalition with great restraint, no time to deal with pacocha port of war, so that Chile in the smooth landing, minor casualties, the Taiping Army Pennant also inserted on the other side of the ocean a foreign land.

Second battle of Moquegua, the Taiping army fought finally with Chile, general Sylla Pizzo (as a lieutenant) met Chen Yonglu, Chen Yonglu awarded the rank of Colonel, and visited his army by the Chen Yonglu inspired Taiping Pennant on two words into the Chilean National emblem.

Since then, the Taiping Army no worries, more fierce combat, in war, Tarapaca province pacocha port landings, the battle of Moquegua, battle of Iquique war captured in big kill Quartet, the Peru Bolivia coalition played very badly, so far, the army has occupied two in the Pacific coast all secret glass saltpeter origin Bolivia, lost the ability to continue the war, and in fact out of the war, Iquique has been divided to chile.

After the end of the war, Sylla Pizzo awarded the Chen Yonglu Medal of the Chilean Congress, and killed the Taiping Army family pension. In addition, the Chilean government decided to give Iquique Taiping Army more than, the establishment of a borough, but ask them to disarm, become civilians. The "brown clothes army leader Chen Yonglu readily agreed, the Taiping Army soldiers led by going into the local in his ordinary life, intermarry with the local people, vigorously carry out the ideal policy to establish a time of national peace and order of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was put forward. Hong Xiuquan never dreamed, some of his ideas had come to fruition in a foreign country.

Walking in the streets of Iquique city now, everywhere China faces of the shadow, although the long-term hybrids differ from those of pure Chinese, but the Chinese still has some traces of many, Taiping descendants also speak Cantonese, such as the locals as "brother (brother), from the" handle son called "baby", a daughter named Amie (A Mei etc.). For example, a restaurant called "the local language" (Cantonese meal), wonton is called "die" (Zhejiang wonton). There are a lot of people of Iquique martial arts, and knives with spear worship, be nothing difficult, many people in Iquique with Chile indigenous are significantly different, they will sacrifice to the ancestors of the tablets, the direct use of Chinese characters writing early, it is also useful for Spanish writing tablets. What's more, the Chinese race in Iquique will have a "scarf Festival" festival, every festival, Iquique Chinese took a variety of colors of the headscarf, this approach is to follow the example of their ancestors, the Taiping army, it also reveals their origin.

In 2005 the mayor called El Nath road Rowe, is a Chinese, then also to Guangdong roots, Ireland road Luo childhood to his own Chinese lineage proud, during his tenure, often for the Chinese seek reasonable benefits, and every Chinese have difficulties to find him, as much as possible to help, so the local people called him "China luo".

Over the past 150 years, Iquique has become an important port city in the South Pacific coast, has become the largest free trade zone in South America, the South American transport goods, nearly 4 from China, and in 2008 of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the birthplace of China's Guangxi and Nanning established sister city life here. The Taiping Dynasty finally again together with the motherland. But many people do not know that the city of Iquique and the Chinese peace between the involvement of the history, sometimes beyond the planning and imagination, full of dramatic.

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