Most of the dilapidated, eighteen imperial tombs of Tang Dynasty in Guanzhong

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Most of the dilapidated, eighteen imperial tombs of Tang Dynasty in Guanzhong

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The Tang Dynasty capital of Changan around the site of fan-shaped arrangement of the eighteen Tang Dynasty Emperor's mausoleum, collectively referred to as "the Guanzhong eighteen Tang mausoleum". After one thousand years of time, the status of Tang mausoleum is? The author take a look.

Li Yuan Tang Gaozu Mausoleum

Xian mausoleum is located in Sanyuan County of Shaanxi province Xu Mu Xiang Yong He cun. In nine years, Li Yuan died, Tang Taizong Li Shimin imitation of Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Liu Xiu mausoleum built Xian Ling specifications. Xian mausoleum built large-scale, surrounded by 67 accompanying tombs, both nobility and a founding father of a country.

But now see the glorious past, Xian Ling around a dilapidated, only garden on the stone like to tell the world that it was.

Tang Taizong Li Shimin Zhao Ling

Zhaoling buried the Tang Dynasty generation boy Li Shimin and his wife empress wende. It is a tomb of Tang Ling eighteen largest in Shaanxi Province, is located in the northwest of Liquan county.

Because later rebuilt the reason, so from the exterior looks of Li Shimin than his father Li Yuan Zhao Ling Xian Ling better, before the tomb of huge statue of Li Shimin reminded the world here is the generation of male owners rest day.

The famous six steed relief, Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty before the establishment has ridden six horses, six Jun is according to the six horses carved. Six Chun named "fist hair Kwa" and "what of red" and "white shoe Ukraine", "teller Puma", "green piebald" and "SA Zi lu". The "SA purple dew" and "fist hair Kwa" two stone, in 1914 by the selling dealer loo abroad, is now in the possession of the Philadelphia Museum of University of Pennsylvania.

Tang Gaozong Li Zhi Qianling
Tang Gaozong Li Zhi is the Qianling mausoleum, also Chinese history, the only female emperor Wu Zetian's resting place. Many people equate Qianling and Wu Zetian, but the fact is Tang Gaozong Li Zhi of the Qianling mausoleum, after the death of Wu Zetian is the Queen's identity was buried. The first year of life Wu Zetian Wei Tang emperor Hongdao, to be responsible for the construction of Qianling engineering price. In August second, Wu Zetian will be her husband Emperor Li Zhi buried here. The first year of the Dragon tangzhongzong, Wu Zetian died. Before leaving to Dili, testament, GUI ling. The dragon for two years, Tang Zhongzong Li Xian will be his mother buried in qianling. Qianling is China history is the history of the world only a couple of emperor tomb.

Wu Zetian left the stele

In addition there is a famous tomb stele, the stele and a piece of mohammed. Emperor Li died after Wu Zetian felt her husband was too great, and wrote several thousand words copious and fluent text in praise of Li Zhi, after Li Xianchao ordered his son in again on a stone carved on qianling. This is the origin of the monument mohammed.

Qianling famous sixty-one foreign ministers as

Tang Zhongzong Lee was Dingling

Tang Zhongzong Li Xian, Dingling, Li Xian has two times in total, in the seven year.

The stolen several times in history, is now in ruins.

Tang Ruizong Danqiao Li Ling

Li, like his brother Li Xian, has been in office for the two time. Tang Xuanzong four years of Kaiyuan, Overlord Li Dan died, Tang Xuanzong Li Longji will be buried in his father Li Dan Ling bridge. Ling Bridge built Datang prosperous, so built at the beginning of a very grand, the stone carving art of Tang Dynasty is the most.

Now look at the bridge Ling although somewhat desolate, but also far more than the good protection of Tang Zhongzong's tomb.

Tang Xuanzong Li Longji tailing

Tailing is Tang Xuanzong Li Longji's tomb, the Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi to avoid the taboo, so will Tang Xuanzong to Tang Yuanzong. Li Longji is the longest reign emperor in the Tang Dynasty, and reigned for forty-five years. Early diligent in political affairs, kaiyuanshengshi created brilliant, but later tired of politics, people do not observe, triggered a rebellion". Rebellion he fled to Sichuan, Prince Li Heng in Lingwu throne, respect him as overlord. The first year of Tang suzong Baoying, 78 year old Li Longji died in Changan. For second years, was buried in the tomb.

Li Longji's life when the distinct poles, accompanied by a group of people, after being deposed with only a loyal eunuch Gao Lishi followed him. Li Longji before his death left Yizhao, only let Gao Lishi grave. So only a tailing burial tombs, the tomb is gaolishi. But now let alone the tomb is the tomb of Gao Lishi, the local government gave him a tombstone are not clear words.

Don King Li Hengjianling

Lee is the third son of Li Longji Tang Xuanzong, in office for six years, in the palace of the coup in the palace of fear of death. Stone to build the tomb is very high, but the overall shape of the smaller than before. Over the past one thousand years, the tomb of repeated destruction, is the only four corner que site.

Jian Ling now broken, but the stone crafts or the preservation of good.

Tang Dynasty Mausoleum of emperor li
Li Yunai Li Heng was the eldest son of Don King, the eunuch crowned crowned emperor, reigned eighteen years. In the Tang Dynasty Yuanling scale is much smaller than previous generations. The size of stone is far less than the previous generation, from the emperor tomb system can be seen at this time of the Tang Dynasty national strength has a greater than before.

Li Shi Tang Dezong Mausoleum

Li Shinai, the eldest son of the Tang Dynasty, the eldest son of the reign of sixteen years. Chongling in modern Shaanxi province Jingyang County, towering mountains, well preserved stone crafts.

Li Ling Tang Shunzong Songfeng

Li Song is in a relatively short time, so the size of the imperial tombs of Tang tombs in relatively small. Feng Ling destruction of serious, the construction site is now basically invisible.

Li Chunjingling Tang Xianzong

Li Chunnai Lee recite Tang Shunzong eldest son, even in the early Renaissance palace is diligent, like. But later the appointment of a traitor, and obsessed with alchemy, want to live forever. After taking the drug poisoning, and fifteen years was a murder, was buried in the mausoleum scene.

Tang Mu Ling Li Hengguang

Tang Xianzong Li Chun Li Hengwei third, in office for four years. Light stone and Ling Ling Feng Tang Shunzong, now only remaining four lions on two.

Tang Jingzong Zhanzhuang Li Ling

Li Zhan Tang muzong Li eldest son, was killed in only two years of eunuch. The tomb is located in the northeast of Sanyuan County in Shaanxi province is now the.

Tang Wenzong Lee Mausoleum

Li Ang in the fourteen year of rapid decline. Into four years, Leon died second years buried in the mausoleum of chapter.

Li Yanduan Tang Wuzong Mausoleum

Li Yannai Li Mouzon fifth son, Li Angzhi's brother munjong. Munjong was dying, the eunuch forged the edict, crowned as emperor Li Yan. Li Yan succeeded Gaiyuan Huichang, Huichang occurred is the most important thing is elimination, historically known as the "Huichang calamity". Huichang six years, Wu Zong due to excessive use of drug poisoning, buried after the death of Ling end.

Li Chenzhenling Tang Xuanzong

Li Chen is the thirteenth son of Tang Xianzong, Tang Mu brother, Jing Zong, Wen, Wu uncle. Wu Zong died, the emperor uncle as king, he is also the only one in the Tang Dynasty emperor uncle identity. The thirteen year of the reign of Emperor Xuanzong, create brilliant "and governance", the nickname "little emperor", the late Tang Dynasty is the most wise emperor. Medium for thirteen years, Tang Xuanzong died, was buried in the mausoleum of zhen.

Zhen mausoleum is the tomb of the late Tang Dynasty large area, close to Tang Taizong Zhao ling.

Tang Yi Li Jian Ling deep

Li Cui is the last one in Changan died in the fifteen year of the reign of emperor of Tang Dynasty, all day, Ling Huan and state affairs. Tang Yi, Tang Dynasty has been nearly the end of. Xiantong fourteen years, was buried in the mausoleum of Jane died.

Tang Xizong Li Xuan Jing Ling

Li Xuannai Tang Yi Li Cui fifth, in the fifteen year. Jing Ling has been built when Tang Xizong died later than the great disorder under heaven, to be buried in the location, rush Jing ling. Jing Ling is the only an archaeological excavation of the Tang Dynasty imperial tombs, the archaeological discoveries, extremely rough for Palace of the Earth built Ling Jing, Tang Xi Zong even with the coffin of Qianling stone tombs transformed. In the Tang Dynasty, even the emperor's tomb are not well built.

Tang Xizong Li Xuan is the last of a Jing mausoleum built in the Tang Dynasty imperial tombs of Guanzhong, Li Xuan after emperor Zhao Zong Li Ye during the reign of the Tang Dynasty has existed in name only. Li Ye was killed by Zhu Wen, was buried in Luoyang, Henan, and ling.

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