Ten famous horses in ancient China

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Ten famous horses in ancient China

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"Gyoten is the Dragon line is ma. Ma, was the country with a large". General Han Fubo Ma Yuan's remarks revealed the role of the horse at the time.

The history, I do not know how many outstanding figures of horse gallop, fame and achievements albert. However, if only a few people go down in history as the name in Chinese can leave the history of BMW is a horse.


"Chituma" book "Chi Tu", that is red, like a tiger horse, said bmw.

The red horse has been a good horse. ""People in Lv Bu, Ma instud". The "Three Kingdoms" records, the earliest chituma Xiliang provincial governor Dong Zhuo's horse, was used by Dong Zhuo to buy Ding the adopted son of Lv Bu; after the death of Lv Bu Cao Cao, the red horse was killed after the reward of Guan Yu; Guan Yu, chituma miss the old master, hunger strike.


The Three Kingdoms period Liu Bei mounts, the running speed is fast, one of the most prominent in the history of the Three Kingdoms is carrying Liu Bei over several meters wide Tanxi, get rid of the back of the pursuers, saved Liu Bei's life, the jump laid the horse three position, though not so prominent chituma. But in the three countries also has a certain degree of visibility, the status of a poem by Xin Qiji in"The horse made the Lu Fei fast, the bow like thunder bolt"And greatly improve.

ManSA purple dew

One of the six steed "SA dew purple" is the conquest of Li Shimin Luoyang, Wang Shichong power shovel mounts on the altar on the west side of the first cemetery, chest in an arrow.


Cao Cao mounts for the Three Kingdoms period. As the name implies, run quickly even the shadow can not keep up, shadowless. Off generation leader Cao Cao mounts. In the "Wei book" in some references:"Take off for the hall of horses, the arrow, cheek and foot injury, and in the right arm."

ManYellow puma

His word is the meaning of the "yellow horse with white spots". The white horse in the stomach and two ribs. The most important is to have a white horse, such as the full moon shape round. So the alias "Xiliang jade Top Yellow hay". The Yellow even feed forage, rib is exposed outside. So the name "dragon bone". Is a rare case of BMW horse. According to the "history of Sui Dynasty Novels Writing", "Sui Tang" in the mind, the famous Qin Qiong (Qin Shubao) is the Yellow horse.

ManNight jade lion

The next color is white, not half a mottled, white, legend of butter, produced in the western regions, the horse in the best of the best. Luminous jade lion Ma Yuan Daikin prince riding, white, can be a fine day, some live scene stolen, originally dedicated to Song Jiang, but was once the home of Wuhu snatched, it led to the history of Wengong arrow chaogai. Many of the characters in the historical novels of our country have had this kind of "the night jade lion horse" as the mount. For example: Wu Yunzhao, Zhao Yun, Duan jing.

ManClaw yellow fly

Cao Cao's favourite horse, the mighty tall, dignified posture, of great momentum, but also out of the ordinary name, such as Cao Cao, Lawrence can match this horse. Because of this horse temperament noble, so every time Cao Cao in triumph back toward will ride it, to show the momentum out of the ordinary, this horse "yellow claw fly" the horse will undoubtedly for Cao Cao such a generation of American elegance. The Yellow claw fly electric white body, four yellow hoof, noble temperament, arrogant arrogance.

ManTeller puma

Is Takenori two years November to April Li Shimin eliminated separatism Ma Yi (now Shanxi County Liu Wu Zhou Shuo) forces, to recover the landless and Liu Wuzhou Hedong, general Song Jingang battle horse, arranged on the altar on the east side of the first zhaoling. This hair color yellow in white, black beak micro.

ManThief Li

The ancient horse, but outside of horses, slayne, Trinidad Juequn, violent temper, very difficult to tame. After a good horse. The ancient legend of Chun mu. Neck fine, pale black. "Mutianzi biography":The emperor Jun, Chi Ji, Li steal.

ManBlack horse

King Xiang Yu's car, is a dark horse, the black satin, shiny bright, only four hoof white snow event site. Black my back waist long short and straight, limb joint tendon development sturdy, this horse has a head, called "kick my Tangut monkshood herb". The legend of Xiang Yu, to commit suicide in the Wujiang side, loyal to his master Wu Zhui from Wujiang die jump.


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