During World War II, 800 thousand Soviet soldiers fought in the 500 thousand German women, what to do?

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During World War II, 800 thousand Soviet soldiers fought in the 500 thousand German women, what to do?

2016-09-12 01:30:38 1538 ℃

During the Second World War, the Soviet Red Army casualties serious shortage of troops, had a large number of female recruits, in a short period of time, a total of 800 thousand enlisted women, most of them are girls. They take off "bradge", wearing red uniforms, to defend the country with their youth and blood. In addition to their medical and health and communication work, they also shoulder the most dangerous tasks, such as the sniper, the machine gun, the scout, the tank, and the pilot.

The Soviet soldier brave, battle of outstanding, tens of thousands of people were awarded the highest medal of the Soviet Union, the hero of the Soviet union. But the vast majority of women are killed, and many soldiers captured, was sent to a concentration camp in Germany and france. The Soviet soldiers in bloody battles, and they are doing what the German soldier?

During the Second World War, the Germans followed the European tradition, and there were no women in the formal construction. During the war, they should become the "Wehrmacht female assistant", a woman in the military identity is to assist, and there is no military rank, do not carry weapons, and basically only in the middle recruitment of volunteers. The last minute until the war, Germany did not send women to the front to fight.

These defense forces female assistant, distributed in health, air defense, communications, equipment maintenance and other fields, in addition, the field service is responsible for the paramilitary women and 100 thousand people. For example, the German female bears a total of 350 searchlights even tasks, to March 1945, directly involved in the military activities of women reached 500 thousand people, accounting for almost 20% of the total strength of the remaining german.

The Nazis also played women on the front-line combat idea, has served as chairman of the "German women" Jutta in his memoirs, said: at the beginning of 1945, director of imperial Youth Bureau to Bauman Dangban director of Nazi soldier battalion proposal was put forward, so he sought the views of iuta. It said:"Absolutely not, if our war had reached the level of hope for women to save us, the war would not have any significance whatsoever. Woman from a biological point of view is not suitable for carrying a gun to fight."This sentence iuta saved many people.

Hitler took over his position after the Dutch act, the Admiral Doenitz immediately surrendered in Lubeck, the surrender of the command, this group of women was immediately sent home. After the war, the group with the legendary women, like the sand covered water as quickly evaporated from reality, they don't write a book, no meetings, no organization, are rarely mentioned and many World War II related historical and literary works.