When did the emperor of Qing Dynasty begin to speak Chinese?

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When did the emperor of Qing Dynasty begin to speak Chinese?

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Nur Ha Che said the Manchu, how much will a little chinese. Because he wants to trade in Fushun, so how many will say a little.He made eight trips to Beijing, riding more than 2 thousand miles from hetuala to Beijing to pay tribute, a total of eight times. He along the way to go, with a little Chinese exchanges, Chinese I estimate basically not.

Huang Taiji officially has the Manchu the, Chinese Taiji, a little, because he and his ministers to exchange, the history of Jin Dynasty, "Yuan Shi" let others finish translating later, with Manchu to him.

Shunzhi or speak Manchu to hearing, using Chinese made instructions he approved or not, his Chinese is not, they in the temple inside completely said Manchu and Mongolian.

To Kangxi, harem is dominated by Manchu, because of the older generation still, Kangxi from Minister Han talk in learning Chinese, Chinese education good, from calligraphy can be seen. Kangxi worked very hard and had to write one thousand Chinese characters every day except for the sick and the sick. The new year new year not only write, write one thousand Chinese characters, also wrote ". Kangxi to Han ministers speak Chinese, Mongolian minister said Mongolian, Manchu and Mongolian belong to the Altaic language family, so by the Mongolian alphabet to create Manchu, Manchu, Mongolian easily, they basically through a. Kangxi was an important battlefield of all is the Manchu, confidential documents are important in manchu.

Yongzheng time short, needless to say, when Emperor Qianlong, a lot of people do not want to learn Manchu Qianlong several instructions: "Mandarin riding and shooting, can not be ignored." But what Chinese culture is more developed, Han, often contact, frequent contacts, so young Manchu inside Chinese is generally very good, Chinese is gradually indifference. Emperor Qianlong in the harem or speak Manchu in outside with the Han Chinese speak Chinese, the Mongols speak Mongolian, of the 10th Panchen Lama speak Tibetan, Uygur Uighur speaking to. So it was, the fragrant concubine or Qianlong can communicate with her in Uygur language.

Qian Long will not use the local, Manchu gradually less, a gradual increase in Chinese archives. After the Xianfeng reign, the Manchu basically not, Emperor Xuantong's brother Pu Jie with me said, I now what Manchu are not, they will say "hello" so few words. Now after the Manchu archives and Kangxi, gradually increased the amount of Chinese archives.

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