Peijia girl gave birth to six children, raising a family of three Liang

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Peijia girl gave birth to six children, raising a family of three Liang

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You must know that the reform of cacique of Liang Qichao, but you don't know her behind the woman is not his wife is not his mother, but a Peijia girl. In name, she was not the wife of Liang Qichao, nor his concubine, but gave birth to 6 sons and daughters.

She from a Peijia girl shed lead from the top Liang Jia half day woman, from beginning to end in her world are only the family, she is willing to turned into Chunni, silent silent loves her husband and children; she is willing to turned into a tree, to endure endless weather, vote for the children under the shade of a tree. She is Liang Qichao's second wife: Wang Guiquan.

Wang Guiquan, formerly known as Wang Laixi, hope for the children of festivity, scale is the name of the country children. But her childhood origin is very sad, 4 years old when his father died, endure stepmother abuse, do the girl was sold four times, and later as Peijia girl followed Li Huixian come to Liang. At that time, she has more than ten years old, because ordinary wisdom and diligent, very popular with both Liang Qichao couples, even let her family financial management. Liang Qichao too - this name too cheesy, but also personally for her renamed GUI quan.Your name became a bit, the fate of Wang Guiquan also ushered in.

The Wang Guiquan family photo

Li Huixian with Liang Qichao's life after marriage happy, but Li Huixian is always not a son half female until 6 years in the future to usher in the first son. In order to Liang Jia thriving incense and has no lack of successors, Liang Qichao under the auspices of the Li Huixian wanggui Quan and round the room, later King Guiquan for Liang students under the four sons and two daughters. Although predicament, Liang Qichao, the reform movement ringleader, but for concubinage is a violation of itself monogamous marriage standards, not only did not to the dowry girl properly birthright, even their sons and daughters called her "the king girl" or "Aunt Wang." This is no complaints the wanggui Quan of the six children's mother, still quietly for the family planning, deeply in love with their husbands and children. The children are very close to Wang Guiquan, despite his father's secret, they called Li Huixian "mother" and "mother called Wang Guiquan".

In 1924, Li Huixian due to breast cancer death, Liang Qichao's grief wants certainly, wanggui Quan all kinds of comfort, carefully give Gu assist his daily life, truly become the mainstay of the home. Five years after Liang Qichao as kidney disease and medical accident died. Before death he filled with remorse to the children to her: please, wanggui Quan quickly tears, decisively.Teachers feel at ease, the children and i!

Liang Qichao did not leave a legacy, but the 9 children to Wang Guiquan. Some funeral now spent a lot of money, the family economy serious. Wang Guiquan in order to maintain the family life, the style of the old building was sold to Tianjin businessmen, also go out odd jobs to support their family.

The couple Liang Sicheng and Wang Guiquan photo

In Liang, Li Huixian materialized in the years ahead, wanggui Quan to the shoulders of a woman weak, difficult and resolutely provoked a given Gu instrumental family responsibility. Nine children, each one is the meat of her heart, reluctant to fight, reluctant to scold, her daily have urged their studying hard to learn, encounter work they have done wrong, only temperature words spoken to education they repent. She was kind, simple and tenacious, but also in silence to affect the children, to become their creed of life.

Liang Sicheng told his mother of pride is not deep, the mother is very respected and cared for her. He often said: "the mother is a very unusual woman." He to travel to and from memory he hour thing said: once he achievement test owe good, Li Huixian shortness of breath, tied with the wire of the feather duster he smoked. Wang Guiquan was so frightened that she put Liang Sicheng in her arms and held him in his arms. Li Huixian was still in a fit of anger, don't stop, a feather duster to smoke in the body of Wang Guiquan. After work, Wang Guiquan took Liang Sicheng, with a very warm, very simple words to educate him, let him study hard.

In 1941, wanggui Quan to sell their assets, to false friends loan, for his son Liang Sili scrape together $400 to send him abroad, beam guy went to Yunnan, Liang sining to join the New Fourth Army, the same year, she and the son Liang Sili, daughter Liang Siyi and newly married husband offer the ship to the United States. Offspring one by one away from home, talent, the family fell to the ground floor only Wang Guiquan lonely figure. She is arrogant and is happy, no past Bacchic and happiness, but fortunately, this did not live up to her husband's exhortations, the children have grown to is very good.

Nine offspring, Liang, Liang Siyong, Liang Sili later became academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the eldest daughter Liang Sishun is poetry research expert; third son Liang Sizhong, graduated to the officers of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and joined the battle of Shanghai; second daughter Liang Si Zhuang is China's library science expert; Liang Sida four economists; three female Liang Siyi is famous social activist; four female Liang sining to join the army. In the past, Liang Sicheng School of architecture, beam and beam archaeology, beam and beam. She was funny and satisfied with the others, said: "I am a few of my sons are really interesting, think into a house, think loyalty fried house, the house collapsed in the ground, think forever and to dig house."

Of new China in 1949 on the eve of the establishment, small son Liang Sili and sister Liang Siyi boat returned. It couldn't be learned their exact Guiqi wanggui Quan daily at the dock eagerly watch, waited for half a month. Living alone for 8 years, at this time Wang Guiquan has white hair grey, tears hugging and suspense of the children.

Wanggui Quan in his later years still life simple, everyday early exacted up cleaning the yard, cleaning the house, sometimes consultant grandchildren. She is very thrifty food itself, but to the sons and relatives is very elegant. In 1968, 83 year old Wang Guiquan died for cancer alone, children are not come and see their mother's last time.

She regrets to Liang Jia gave his life, love them have tried, with vigour and vitality. She always live very plain, very lowly, only everyday busy daily necessities, trivial, but in the eyes of a child. She is a great woman.She reflects the eternal glory of women: good and tenacious.

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