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| shock in the overseas Chinese were built in 7 countries Chinese knowledge

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Chinese hard-working, industrious and thrifty, the tough spirit of famous overseas. Since ancient times the agricultural civilization makes Chinese is not a warrior nation, but Chinese of good management, how to rule statesman is more natural advantages, for this, no one in the world and the nation can Chinese than.

The next to see which countries are built by the Chinese people.

1. Republic of the Republic of

From the gang to the enterprise to the country

"Lan Fang", not a girl's name, but more than 200 years ago, a group of Chinese people in thousands of miles away from the tropical ocean islands on the establishment of the autonomous body. They have no country to support the conditions, with amazing will, tenacious survival.

In 1772 (Qian Long thirty-seven years), this Guangdong Meizhou Hakka Fang Luo Bo examination "is not the first, with grand ambition", carry forward the spirit of Hakka, across the sea, on Borneo (now West Kalimantan). In Pontianak set up a "Lan", contains a political organization similar to the East India Company.

Five years later, Fang Luo Bo will "company" to "Republic of China", as the capital of East Westlaw Lan Fang Republic established large control ". This year is set to be the first year of LAN fang.

Fang Luo Bo, formerly known as Luo Fangbai, Fang Luo Bo is known for his posterity. Born in 1738 (Qian Long three years), "he learned martial arts for the son and crown".

Luo Fang Bo, Meixian Guangdong stone fan Fort people

Just to Borneo, Fang Luo Bo to be a teacher, he has culture, talent, and to understand the martial arts, can unite overseas Chinese, and to cooperate with the local natives, supported by the local people and overseas chinese.

Borneo fertile land, arable and forest, but herd, gold, rich in resources, and harbor development traffic, but the island within the size of mining companies fighting each other, external and armed invasion of the Empire of Holland East India Company, domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Luo Fangbai after a firm foothold, with his partner, and the local people together, to assist the local Sultan chiefs flat native rebellion, obtained the leader awards, will be the East Law under the jurisdiction of Wan Fang Luo bo. This place has about 100000 people and tens of kilometers north and south to China, the number of adsorption million, hundreds of thousands of native, logical to set up a huge economic entity - Lan Fang company.

In 1776, Luo Fangbo established the "big control Lan Fang Republic", beginning with "Lan" in the year. Luo Fangbo has set up a complete set of administrative, legislative and judicial institutions by referring to some legal system in the western countries. The National Defense Department, but there is no standing army, but all, usually scattered and engage in production, together to resist the enemy in wartime. Local sub provincial, provincial and county level three, by all levels of citizens to vote to elect the person in charge of the local administrative organs.

Had wanted to be incorporated into the territory of the Qing Dynasty, but was rejected by the emperor Qian Long

Just the Fang Luo Bo sent to the emperor, the request into the Borneo land in the territory, or become a vassal state. But the emperor did not ignore the "heavenly abandoned people", also don't recognize the Nanyang Chinese built overseas countries.

Lan Fangguo territory Map

Luo Fang beudant nineteen years of state died in 1795, before his death he also explained the national, whether in the future who were heads of state to the Qing heart never variable.

Then, by the heads of state citizens elect successor Jiang Wubo. Since then, there are seven people have served in this position.

In 1886, the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Holland was invaded by the invading army. Lan Fang Republic all the people put up stubborn resistance, eventually outgunned and collapse, the presence of a small Chinese 110 year unfortunate death.

Not only is the Chinese king

According to the "Fang Luo Bo" argument, the local ruler of Sultan and ceded land to contract Fang Luo Bo Lan Fang autonomous, "the cession of land, planning the east boundary million labor, West Kapusi River, the southern boundary of the compound, Hou, Shuang'gou month line, north of Yamaguchi Yo, the state was weary, line, and the hundreds of years......" A vast population has reached millions of native country, why did the epitaph, partial to call "company"?

In fact, such as Luo Fangbo, Chinese immigrants in the community at the time called the Chinese people to abandon the people, there is no social status. When is the Qianlong period, China thriving and prosperous, the authoritarian everywhere. Fang Luo Bo they are not afraid of making an address as king, conspiratory sin, himself far away from the homeland does not matter, hurt the body in his clan friend that is in trouble. Chinese bones always recognized the motherland, regardless of how far away, can not change my mind, "Luo Fang Chinese" they will do the same. Instead, they always hope to be accepted as a local government of Qing Dynasty, can and can also be used to glorify and illuminate the ancestors, our patron, against the invading europeans. In fact, although the Qing government never officially acknowledged Lan Fangguo, but the messenger Fang Luo Bo sent at least to see Qian Long Sydney, the Lan Fang has long coveted the Dutch have fear, always do not venture. Until 1886, the decline of Holland to see, a massive attack on the Lan Fang, out in the overseas Chinese nation established.

Millions of people have, all the wartime can be defeated by Lan Fangguo, from afar, the Dutchman said the main reason is the poor weapons. This matter tells us that a country implements what system is not important, important is the strength - economic strength, the strength of science and technology, as well as the strength of the military.

Overseas Chinese in the history of the founding of the people, is not uncommon. Luo Fangbo is not the only one, but he is not only a king.

At that time, the establishment of the Chinese nation in Southeast Asia is not only the "Republic of the Republic of" one, there are several other countries:

Guangdong province Wu Yuansheng, Dai Yan Kingdom established in northern Borneo, since the king, the throne hereditary, in a hundred years. Died in Holland in nineteenth Century;

Dai Yan kingdom map

Dai Yan kingdom is a kingdom, Cantonese Wu Yuansheng in northern Borneo to establish the throne hereditary, there is time in late eighteenth Century to mid nineteenth Century, the 4 generation of King 70 years calendar. In the middle of nineteenth Century to become a colony of Holland and perish.

The kingdom of Dai Yan of the first generation of King Wu Yuansheng, formerly Guangdong Jiaying state of Meixian, in the late period of Qing Dynasty because of planning an uprising leaked out and fled to southeast of the island of Borneo, in mid eighteenth Century local created a very influential Jusheng company, becoming a leader. Later, his subordinate Luo Fang's prestige gradually more than him, Luo Fang replaced Wu Yuansheng's leader position, set up the Lan Fang, Wu Yuansheng become the subordinate of Luo fang. In 1777, Fang Luo Bo established Lan Fang Republic in Borneo, Wu Yuansheng is the lower hand Fang Luo Bo will be sent, stationed in the Pontianak Department of Hebei Dai Yan Kingdom (Tayau). At that time, Dai Yan king is very cruel, people hate him, in 1783, Wu Yuansheng killed the king to kill King Wu Yuansheng Dai Yan, after people are very grateful to him, respect him, and was hailed as king Yan Dai people.

Later, after the death of Wu Yuansheng, his son by his wife dressed as the young queen, the Qing Dynasty traveler, navigator Xie Qinggao sea travel Nanyang when (1783 - 1797), the queen in Dai yan. After Dai Yanguo was succeeded by Wushi hereditary four generations, until the middle of the nineteenth Century, Dai Yan Wang Guocai became a colony of Holland and perish.

Xie Qinggao in the "sea." in a book on the wearing of Yan Kingdom records: Dai Yan in Queensland south, from Queensland Nanhe River, about seven or eight days to the double belly, Dai yan. And a few days, to the country. Qianlong, Guangdong Wu Yuansheng assassination of some people in the UAE,. Yuan Sheng die young son, wife of the attack, still exist.

3, Natuna Island King

At the end of Ming Dynasty, Guangdong Province, Chaozhou Zhang Jie Xu, in Amboina (Natuna Islands) the establishment of no specific name of the Kingdom, since the king. Zhang Jiexu's death in nineteenth Century, internal strife, the collapse of the kingdom.

The South Sea of Natuna Islands China (Kepulauan Natuna, there are several other Amboina called) of northern Indonesia island group, belonging to Indonesia's Riau islands province. Between the Malay Peninsula and the Kalimantan island. From the main island Natuna Island (Natuna Besar) and many other islands consists of 127 islands, covering an area of 2110 square kilometers, a population of about 15 thousand in 80s at the end of last century, when Chinese accounted for more than 80%, according to the Singapore media reports over the past, the Islands Chinese direct hope but was an independent country, Indonesia spring. Natuna Islands sea level is not high, the annual temperature, rainfall, rich tropical forest.

Sketch map of Natuna Islands

Natuna Islands recorded some earlier Chinese Genealogy: qingbingruguan later destroyed the southern Nanming regime, adhere to the Ming forces in Guangdong coastal islands on hundreds of archers and hundreds against Manchu rule fishermen fled to a small island on the Nashina Nanyang - later named the islands!

Na tonalide islands in was a savage land, the Chinese came to this piece of land will meet it, to develop the building into a square of paradise, Na tonalide islands became an independent princely state of chinese.

Until more than and 100 years ago, the island chiefs (is Natuna king) after Zhang Jiexu died, the internal strife, the Dutch took the opportunity to kill Zhang's kingdom. Indonesia independence from Holland after independence from Indonesia to Natuna islands, like Singapore independence.

This belongs to the Chinese place, but now has become the territory of Indonesia, can not help but heartache!

4, the kingdom of Siam

The establishment of the Thailand Thonburi Dynasty is Chinese Zheng letter (1734-1782), born in Thailand, the city of Ayutthaya, known as the "great marsh" or "dhonburi emperor".

Zheng Xin's father is Chenghai County Foreign China Yong Zheng Pu are (now the town of Hua Hua Fu Cun people). Qing Yong Zheng crossed the Siam River, Jua Yu Tuo city (big city). To marry a wife in Siam, and to have faith in her.

After Zheng Yong's death, Zheng Xin was Siam's minister filiate, Thailand to accept the traditional education. After growing in politics, Guanju Ganbi government prefect, knighted for chaopaya.

In 1763, Burma invaded Siam, Zheng Xin Department of defense are siam. Four years later, the Burma Army captured Siam, Dacheng dynasty.

Zheng Xin in the southeast coastal areas to establish bases, rebels, the great city, and the capital of thonburi.

In December 28, 1767 the throne, known as Thonburi dynasty. Then eliminate all separatist forces, three years after the reunification of Siam country, and many of the Kampuchea military expansion. He also sent envoys to Beijing, Korea in the Qing dynasty.

In April 7, 1782, in a palace coup, Zheng was killed. The army returned to Beijing from Kampuchea but the front rate of general Kerrey held political power, the establishment of the Bangkok dynasty.

Thailand government regulations every year in December 28th for the king of the festival.

5, the Malay kingdom of Wu

Wu Yang (1717 - 1784), also known as Wu, the word Shi Kan, who founded the Malay kingdom of wu. From Fujian Prefecture of Zhangzhou Haicheng County mountain village Tang Xiang xing.

The Malay Kingdom Wu evolved into today's Malaysia city of Songkhla.

1750 to Siam (now Thailand) in southern Songkhla (now part of Thailand, is located in the Malay Peninsula) to make a living. The song Kayuan is no human habitation zone, Wu Yang led the development of overseas Chinese farm, Songkhla gradually prospers, Wu Yang therefore known as the first building in Songkhla. In 1769, Huang Zheng Siam shuaibing South Taoping Chon rebellion, Wu Yang took the opportunity to please for the end of four Island, five island bird's nest publican, nano silver fifty-one years to Jin, Zheng Huangzhun his request, and him as viscount. Zheng Huangjia the loyalty, Zhao Zhao Meng 1775 letter (Chao Muang), meaning Duke, Duke, Wang Chung - Luang skilling wood, a pine Lian government department. Rule Kacheng and large county, Hou song, Sai Buri mud, Terengganu three city and Malaysia Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, four, city of glass. 1784, Wu Yang dies.

The Malay Kingdom Wu evolved into today's Malaysia city of Songkhla

6, the "dragon" founding monarch

Zhang Lian, the "dragon" Founding monarch. Ming Jiajing Raoping, Han nationality, born in 1563 and died. Jiajingnianjian (1522 - 1566), with the corrupt court, killing the patriarch, defected to the Tai Po eight, Xiao Zheng late rebel. After Zheng Ba's death, it was pushed to the head. After a failed uprising, then rate more than by sea sky river pilot, joint maritime armed forces continue to fight against the government of the Ming dynasty. After the way south, seize three Buddha Qi Island (now Sumatra), independence for the king, Hong Kong, Johore, Malacca occupies the old land, reclamation for fishing, said foreign ships in Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, and overseas Chinese immigrants were attached to him.

The Dragon Temple

7, Java, the country of the tower

Southern Song Dynasty Xiang Xing two years (1279 AD), song Zhang Shijie defeated yaishan, left the prime minister Lu Xiufu (Jiangsu Yancheng) negative young emperor Dao Hai died; his youngest son Lu Zili (No. complex song) and other Southern Song Dynasty by foreign ships fled to the island of Java nanyang.

Lu Zili was elected as the leader, self-reliance for the country, because of social progress, the Chinese people gradually to the world, and now, China has not only a country, and become a Chinese world (as the world of Arabia). Since there is no Chinese to establish a country, let us wait and see.

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