World that is so cruel emperor, thirty brothers and sisters by his spare none!

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World that is so cruel emperor, thirty brothers and sisters by his spare none!

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The world was so cruel emperor, thirty brothers and sisters by his spare none!

Text / Yan Jianhuai

After Qin Hu Hai II plotted to usurp the throne. In kaijiangtuotu didn't learn beginning emperor the slightest, but in torture cool penalty on it and no less, in his brutal before, the beginning of the emperor for fear of to subtractive three points, and if it is to be listed in the history of China's most famous ten tyrant, Jr., also absolutely can selected "top three", he not only for old people cruel, is connected to the brothers and sisters, under pain of murderous mercilessly.

II of the imperial throne, wins his brother Fusu, then because the death of the emperor, noisy, attention is not so much. Along with the passage of time, his other brothers and sisters heard some rumors, inevitably Peter here whispered words, twitter. The emperor and voluminous, soon II heard some rumors. II in the end the matrimony, somewhat worried, then find a confidant of Zhao Gao said, after I came to the throne, Minister refuses to obey is to say, now son also in suspicion, case and I fight for the throne. What can we do about it??

In fact, smart as Zhao Gao who, this is what I do not know? He was expecting the second to ask him to make up his mind. He let II at the mercy of the Bingtui, yiziyidun said that Chen would like to say to your majesty. And today the chancellery, most lifetimes feats, distinguished several generations, Chen begins with a humble, majesty love Meng, ultra Jiyin, ranked high, but ministers is dubious, oral heart refuses to accept, the heart of the mutiny, if not in time to beware of, capture prisoners killed, small Chen death, his Majesty's throne is enormous trouble. Your majesty to precaution of as soon as possible, must be eradicated, the imperial clan Hoon all the old threat, together to cut away, and the other liter cited a number of new, they naturally should we, without exception, loyal to his majesty, so your majesty may be a safe pillow. II the words said to heart, he nodded and said again and again.

So, Zhao Gao II II statement, listen to, also got so many conspiracy and mutiny, approved legislation to cut. The twelve brothers, suddenly became a ghost in the Meridian Gate, with several ministers not dead. And the ten princess, II personally Ju asked, he and Zhao way, against ten princesses cursed and threatened with, stick whip their lameness, poor those charming honey, ordinary which had seen such a step, already scared half, on sticks added. Other withstand scared but he isn't playing, mass of bruis es, die immediately.

After the first batch of imperial clan killed, began planning to kill second group ii. Your son will be three brothers, LV, honest people, act in a cautious, unable to kill their excuses. II is temporary trapping the three brother inside the palace, slowly agreed their guilt. However, the sisters can be killed, but also have a few brother? Will also care about what charges? It is easy to find a pretext to beat? II immediately sent a messenger to the village of three people said, you do not keep his crime when executed, as soon as possible, be executed. Will LV said, I daily ordinary paternity, never Shiyi, along with the class official, never be disloyal to, was ordered to deal with, never lost speech, how to say I don't keep the feudal official festival? He said no matter so much, I just ordered to act, he did not dare to discuss. The LV shouted three times and then the heaven, and the other two brothers of the sword Dutch act. After the second batch of killing, and kill the third batch, the fourth batch, brothers and sisters almost killed.

High II and a brother's son, after he heard the news of the tragic death of the brothers and sisters, wanted to flee, and worrying that manmen chaozhan, so think of to bury father beginning emperor that, to preserve the parents of a young. To this end, he wrote a letter to the II said: "Chen high Mei die certify: past the first emperor unharmed, Chen into it gives food, is Yu, clothes of the Imperial Palace, Morrison to give, the stables in the BMW, Morrison to give; Chen when from the dead and cannot. As the son of unfilial, as a minister of infidelity, infidelity unfilial, unknown to stand in the world. His death wish was buried in Mount Li from the foot, but your majesty to the poor!"

II, can not help rejoicing, he is to keep this one I do not know since in the door, What can be done about it?, refused to gift for what? Immediately approved that high Lang "request", even assuming special mercy said, his filial piety is commendable, behind grant money 1 00000 for funeral expenses, so, your son is to commit suicide.

Beginning emperor a total of 10 people in three or four offspring, finally by II be ruthless, and confiscate the property, the troubler of family, the only son of high "filial piety is laudable", although at the expense of itself, is the preservation of pecking a, also included a special case.