Why is the Qin Dynasty easily defeated the Huns, the early Han Dynasty are not?

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Why is the Qin Dynasty easily defeated the Huns, the early Han Dynasty are not?

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In the ancient history of China, the nomadic people of the Northern Dynasty formed a huge threat to the Chinese dynasty. In addition, in the early Han Dynasty, then the court not only in the hands of defeat, and more is the use of other means to qijiang. Correspondingly, in the Han Dynasty before the Qin Dynasty and the spring and autumn and Warring States period, but easily defeat the Huns, is this why?


First of all, said before the Qin Dynasty, the first to say the Warring States period. In the Warring States period, the North Qin, Zhao, Yandu city and Hun intersecting circles, and, these countries also need to attack other countries to deal with. But is in such conflicts, Yanzhao the lasting no in the Huns had the Great Northern War, especially after Zhao Wuling emperor hufuqishe, Zhao is automatically toward the land of the Huns into. The Han Dynasty as a growth of the same Dynasty, but in the early stage and to the grievance. From this, on the general situation, it is difficult to understand.


In this regard, in the author's opinion, whether it is the Qin Dynasty is the Warring States period, each country almost are linked to wartime system style. In this war situation, the Warring States and Qin army combat was promoted to a new height. Especially in the Warring States period, the size of the test of war and even all people, this is not comparable to that of the early Han dynasty. So from their own point of view, during the Warring States period and the Qin Dynasty combat power is stronger, the combat effectiveness of the early Han Dynasty is relatively weak, natural in the match the Hun ate to have a deficit. At this point, the early Han Dynasty the emperor went out, even find a few decent horse to horse. The lack of growth in the colts, against the Hun is to suffer.


On the other hand, the Warring States and the Qin Dynasty and the early Han Dynasty facing the Huns, facing the Huns, obviously not a level. Recorded in the "records of the historian - Hun biography", during the Qin Dynasty, Hun land and the army is very weak, plus the Qin great wall and Mengtian command of the Elite Corps, Hun foundation not from the Qin Dynasty for cheap. However, in the early Han Dynasty, the Xiongnu tribes follow Maodu with a greatly expanded the land and population. Thus, Liu Bang faces the Huns, than the Qin Dynasty and the Warring States period of growth.


Finally, is not only facing the Huns abnormal growth, the early Han Dynasty because just from the Qin Mo intifada war and the war between Chu and Han were out, the country can be said to be undone. In this regard, Liu Bang and even behind the Chinese emperor, the emperor, and hope that through the process of Hugh taken interest to economic growth, the promotion strength. Thus, ratio and the emperor ascended the throne, the comprehensive strength of the country towards the new height, not only dare to Xiongnu war is under the instructions of huo qu bing, Wei Qing and other generals, the Huns played flee helter skelter.

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