He is the Anti Japanese star, but also after the death of both sides of the Strait mourning generals

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He is the Anti Japanese star, but also after the death of both sides of the Strait mourning generals

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In the history after the founding of new China, there have been two Kuomintang generals part on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and mourning mourning Whampoa generals, a is general Du Yuming, another is our today's hero Zheng Dongguo general.

Zheng Dongguo is one of the Whampoa Military Academy, the first of a group of students, he was falsely someone else's name was admitted to the Whampoa Military Academy and joined the Kuomintang. In 1926, the Northern Expedition army and army general Zheng Road, the Northern Expeditionary Army Sixth Army forces in Nanjing Cheng Qian Department of victory. The Northern Expedition army's victory caused panic imperialism. March 24, the British warships to protect nationals to pinch the word, vicious bombardment Nanjing Xiaguan and Qixia mountain, cause tragedy shocked.

Zheng Dongguo was one of the earliest Chinese Kuomintang generals who joined the Anti Japanese war. In 1933 the great war of resistance against Japan, Zheng Dongguo point in South Gate scene where the emergency assistance on the occasion, and in return has been the Japanese break Fangde to Japanese instigated counterattack. At this time our position has big fall, many Japanese came around. Because of Zheng Dongguo's military is weak, repeatedly counterattack defeat. At this time Zheng Dongguo carry forward the "brethren, with me all the way rushed" fine tradition, personally to throw off the arm, put a gun to his enemies to kill, often this kind of action is most can drive the enthusiasm of the soldiers, the soldiers called wolves ow towards the Japanese positions like, Shasheng. Finally defeated the Japanese invaders. But because there is no follow-up reinforcements, cannot clap with one hand, and ultimately only retreat rate of general zheng.

After the outbreak of war, general Zheng active in the battlefield. General Zheng as Wal Mart boosted Chinese expedition Burma when resume. In 1943 years, was appointed general Zheng Chinese in the Indian army new 1 Army commander. Then are in located in the northwest of Calcutta, India, lamb Caroline camp, take over the US military equipment and training, and then counterattack in northern Burma, open Burma military traffic line ready to do. In this era, Zheng Dongguo guided the relationship between the Chinese soldiers and the United States military instructors and others to make cooperation on both sides of the air increasingly harmonious.

October 1943 Simeon North counter war began, in the Indian army and Department of allied forces that passes countless bloody pitched battle, hukawng Valley war, Meng arch triumph for Valley war and Myitkyina siege warfare, the destruction of the accustomed to fighting in the subtropical forest, in Southeast Asia and other various service to win again and again, known as the "king of the subtropical forest" of the Japanese 18th division. Especially in the Myitkyina war in general Zheng FireWire, careful observation, analysis of defensive characteristics of the Japanese defenders. The resolution adopted tit for tat dug forward, friends surrounded, wiped out one by one way of destruction of the japanese. Expeditionary force dispatched three infantry division in the air fire protection instigated attack in the round, the intensive artillery fire, the enemy of carpet bombing. It can be said that this is the first time the Japanese army to suppress the superiority of the expedition force. Fully intercept the Japanese communications facilities, failure of instructions, the Chinese army and the initiatives of the general offensive, lead to the collapse of the Japanese line, killed 3000, the remaining 800 escape, suicide Myitkyina city defense commander Inoue Genhide seppuku. This battle, destroy the Japanese troops in northern Burma last strategic priority Town, the Japanese northern Burma defense system from jittery.

Stilwell, Zheng Dongguo was promoted to Expeditionary Army Deputy Commander in chief has occupied the enemy troops guarding the town of Bhamo, Sotho, the friends of mount. In late January 1945 and in western Yunnan, China expeditionary force realignment in Wanding border city in China. So far, China and India highway across the board. Northern Burma counterattack war victory is not only the important component of China's Anti Japanese War, is also the world anti fascist war the main components of the Department, to the world anti fascist war wins thatvictory play to the important role.

Zheng Dongguo later served as the vice chairman of the KMT, he has always been committed to in the reunification of the motherland, for Taiwan compatriots introduced mainland policy achievements, to realize the motherland peace with every effort, really struggle to the life the last breath.

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In January 27, 1991, died in Beijing, at the age of 88, both sides of the Taiwan Strait for a grand mourning ceremony for general zheng. Zheng Dongguo Whampoa  is one of the two generals and Whampoa  generals on both sides of mourning.