The real reason will not participate in the battle because of Xuanwumen mutiny!

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The real reason will not participate in the battle because of Xuanwumen mutiny!

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The year 626 is ninth at the beginning of the founding of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin Hulao victory, set fifth years after the Chinese sweep.

This year, the Tang Dynasty finally by the war, beginning into the initial peace.

A summer this year, Taibai by day, such a often indicates some important affairs of the astronomical phenomena what it means, has been started on an Jing life Changan mankind, and no notice how many.

Four days later, the work really happened.

King Li Shimin, with the Qin Palace's ten member general, in the Xuanwu Gate ambush, kill brother, brother Tu, usurped the crown prince.

This is the history of the famous basaltic door change.

One, the mystery of the basaltic door

Carefully read the history of the Tang Dynasty, in the "new book of Tang", is on the Xuanwu Gate things described, seems to be the consciousness of the fragmented, we very difficult to from the biography of what person, or imperial chronicles to transparent affairs grasp the whole picture.

And related to a lot of affairs and details, have been distributing in different biographies of sideways, if owe Heng read the book, seems to be very difficult to the entire transaction combing clearly.

This lets a person have to suspect for such a big event, the authors used such a way to record seems to consciously or unconsciously the hide what seems to just want to tell people so one thing bale, as other don't take it too seriously.

The position, in fact, in the profession he doesn't think the Xuanwu Gate, for Li Shimin is how Guanghua, how accurate.

In fact, Li Shimin in Xuanwumen change in said, really surprising.

To protect the child said: Qin Qiong this person, one great integrity, will be a winner.

I don't like the consequences, in times of war in the future, because of valiant, fame.

Later Qin to Wagang army, then Wagang army chief Li mi exultation, immediately entrusted with the account on behalf of the hussars, very thick.

In Li dense and yuwenhuaji Li Yang war, Li Mizhong arrow sacked, and pursuing and to, thanks to qinqiong Yiyidangshi tightly defend, to keep Li mi away from danger.

Later, Qin Qiong and the chaos exists in Wang Shichong's account, Wang Shichong quickly put on the position of general ryujo.

But both civil and military of the Qin Qiong, soon found wangshichong is deceitful, Clerical Officer preferences, no dial chaos Lord, and resolution and Cheng bite gold take refuge in Changan Lee's regime.

Wangshichong separate hour, Qin Qiong and not slip away, but nothing to leave, wangshichong awed qinqiong prestige unexpectedly dare not bully constrained.

So to take refuge in Li Tang, eventually became Li Shimin's three army under the right hand.

In the hands of Li Shimin, Qin Qiong also made illustrious military exploits, well-known weichijingde, is to be beaten and eventually take refuge in Li Shimin Qin Qiong.

The history of Qin Qiong said: with Li Shimin, Wang Shichong, Dou Jiande, Liu Heita of the crime, every battle first pitched, no hard to.

Whenever the enemy camp a valiant Rui Shi Zhenshuo payments to public praise, Qin is a tertiary treasure to take, prancing horse very bayonet in peoples, Mo Zhi.

In the prince Li Jiancheng and King Li Yuanji mind, Qin is one of the biggest threat to usurp the throne.

Li Jiancheng had tried to Qin Shubao transferred from the Qin palace, Li Yuanji more to say, once to kill Li Shi mm, first to kill is Qin Qiong.

Is such a Wenwushuangquan, Yong crown of the army, the awesome character, why in the Li Shimin the main war, Shicheng did not record any of his valiant deeds.

In history we couldn't find Qin Shubao, actively help snippets of Li Shimin business Xuanwu Gate, in the "new book of Tang", he and Xuanwu Gate only a record, only one sentence is said after the Xuanwu Gate, Qin Shubao is rewarding the fief of the 700 households.

Is it because he was involved in the battle of the basaltic gate, which was the prize of the bulge?

Not, because the Xuanwu Gate, in addition to outside the Qin the first actor, Yuchi Jingde, obtained after the event fief is one thousand three hundred households.

The more famous Zhang Gongjin, Hou obtained fief is one thousand, far more than Qin Shubao.

"Qin Qiong did that day to the Xuanwu Gate attendant Qin Old Tang" said.

So from the Principality of how many, seems to be difficult to determine, summer ad 626 years, Qin Shubao in Xuanwu Gate things said on the battlefield and the intrepid inevitable Panruoliangren.

This is why?

Three, Qin Qiong avoid war

People today look to measure.

Then most likely, Qin Qiong must be not willing to stirred into the field to seize the throne Guxie contend sideways, so that abnormal.

In fact, early Tang Dynasty's most famous military general Li Jing and Li Ji, struggle to Li Shimin and Prince built the throne, adopted a strictly neutral position, does not make any political speculation.

This makes Li Shimin more respectful to them.

And qinqiong himself Qin palace of generals, in the battle for mortal throne, he is not like two General Lee that can stay out, a link to a neutral.

He can only stand in the side. But he must know, the fight for the throne once started, then the city of Changan. It must be a great massacre, such and shoot and battlefield million Army take general heads, completely different.

In such a not for Datang, but to the decisive battle of Qin imperial ambitions in the bitter, complete view of Qin Qiong can do for fear that can only be negative to avoid war.

A bit of cannibalism as promised, but after Japan became the starting point of the Tang zhenguan.

Or because of Zhenguan brilliant gorgeous, a bloody gas always been cold naturally or half unconsciously.

Xuanwu things, Qin's killer weichijingde et al., became a hero venerated.

But people may not know, on that day, Tang Gaozu Liyuan, lost is not only 38 year old eldest son, Li Jiancheng, 24 years old, fourth son of Li Yuanji, and Li Jiancheng, Li Yuanji the ten underage grandchildren and their dependents cronies hundreds of people.

That day, the house and Prince Qi palace is great massacre.

Let a person feel gratified is, in Afghanistan who are sworn enemies, the people of the world are used killings and destroyed the carcasses, the pursuit of fame days, in the Datang general, there are always a complete view of Qin Qiong, in red misery can still as far as possible to observe the human conscience.

This confrontation of courage, for fear of more worthy of our deep respect one thousand and three hundred years later.