This will be Mao Zedong's relatives, although only one leg is Megatron enemy bile

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This will be Mao Zedong's relatives, although only one leg is Megatron enemy bile

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Many people know that Mao Zedong's daughter Shao Hua, know her mother Zhang Wenqiu, but very little about Shao Hua's father Chen Zhenya know.

In fact, Chen Zhenya would have been one of Peng Dehuai's men.

Chen Zhenya is Shimenn County Hunan people, and Mao Zedong, Peng Dehuai is the hometown of Hunan. His record is very rough, also very legendary.

After Chen Zhenya was born less than three months, parents would have died. He is pulled by the grandmother hand big. My grandmother died at the age of 8, he and brother together, brother to learn the blacksmith, he to the home owner. Brother apprenticeship, he also went to the town of a blacksmith shop, blacksmith.

In 1926 the Northern Expeditionary Army, the Hunan Hubei, Zhenya Chen carrying a big hammer, running more than 30 miles, found the armies of the Northern Expedition army, Peng Dehuai. The invasion of Wuhan, Huang Gonglve introduced him to join the party, and was promoted to lieutenant. In July 1928, Peng Dehuai initiative Pingjiang uprising, Peng Dehuai in Chen Zhenya's hands is the 13 normal (equivalent to the head), followed by Peng Dehuai on the Jinggangshan. In the two attack Changsha and counter campaign against "encirclement and suppression" battle. Chen Zhenya heroic and his the regiment always is under the command of Peng Dehuai knife group, the illustrious military exploit. After the founding of new China, a lot of Republic generals are Chen Zhenya's men in the past.

But God seems to have been with Chen Zhenya.

In 1930, in Jiangxi and Yichang a bitter, bitter Chen Zhenya instructions forces and enemies. As a result, wounded leg blew off the enemy shells, which lost a leg. Lame he cannot on the battlefield, had to go to the hospital when the Hunan Military commissar, while working to heal. A red shift when he was walking inconvenience, was captured enemy. The enemy tortured him, he have not moved is a Huizan of soldiers in the "encirclement and suppression" when the Red Army was wounded. The enemy skeptical, escorted him to Shimenn County to pay the local origin, the Kuomintang authorities disposal.

Chen Zhenya's brother, with more than 40 local villagers joint guarantee, fingerprints by the full two piece of paper, let the local authorities to release him.

Still annoyed his leg. Subsequently, the red two army to march. Able-bodied people have difficulty, and Chen Zhenya had only one leg, results, and was left to confront the underground struggle.

1936 Xi'an things, Chen Zhen Ya learned that the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the movement, immediately write a letter to Yanan, asked to work in Yanan. Soon, Guan Xiangying personally gave him a reply, agree to his request, and send a sum of money. So Chen Zhenya makeup become a beggar beggars, wind bivouac, travel thousands of kilometers long and arduous journey, finally in the Eighth Route Army in Xi'an qixianzhuang services at met Lin Boqu, and also from the white area intercourse Yan'an dealings with the old white area underground workers Zhang Wen Qiu.

Because Zhang Wenqiu took the child (her husband Liu Qianchu had died), Chen Zhenya has only one leg. Lin Boqu put them together in a car. On the way to Yanan, two people see admire. To reach Yanan soon, the couple married.

Yanan often have literature and art party. Once, Chen Zhenya couple saw red army during the familiar Mao Zedong at the party. Master is very impulsive. Daughter Liu Siqi also joined the theatrical performances, performances are very successful. Mao Zedong pulled her to her side and thought she was doing her daughter.

Subsequently, Chen Zhenya went to Ke Yi county the Eight Route Army school served as director of the Political Department of the invalides. "Remembrance" is disabled soldier, are from the back of the wounded Japanese fire. The headmaster is a civilian cadres, Chen Zhenya is follow Peng Dehuai played Bingge chijun old, is to schools the military aspects of the work on the side of Lai He.

Lessons of the killing of the Eighth Route Army soldier soldier to the Kuomintang security team, Les Invalides school happen the resolution by Chen Zhenya instructions of a battle, the impact of the enemy arrogance. Chen Zhenya gallant unabated, said: "in addition to blind persons, are on fire." The results, he led more than 1000 school arm less leg disability Jiashi, open to the battlefield. The principal civilian nursing organization.

These students without a limbs move without missing, some wounds haven't healed, arms hanging on the neck, some still on crutches, on such follow Chen Zhenya to the fire. This can scare Zhang Wenqiu.

Zhang Wenqiu although the enemy prison in prison for years, experienced countless times very afeared struggle, at the moment but Zhenya Chen alarm. Whether they hand results only a leg or semi hand, rushed to the enemy, don't shoot, run run away, was captured by the enemy how to do? She quietly waiting for a day in a panic to collapse disaster. Who knows, the second day came the news of victory.

Chen Zhenya led a group of missing arm and leg of Les Invalides lurk in a hillside, not unexpectedly, because a disabled soldier walking is not convenient, spotting up enemies. But the enemy does not leave the gang on strong soldiers and sturdy horses, the crippled soldier seriously, swagger before others advance. When they walk into a "pocket", Chen Zhenya commanded, a volley of bullets that hit to enemies Guikulanghao, utterly routed. As a result, annihilating more than 120 people, played a beautiful victory.

After the news came out, not only Zhang Wenqiu surprise, even Yanan's Mao Zedong, Zhu De are very surprised. Central Military Commission sent a special award from Yanan, Chen Zhenya also received a special award.

After three months, the Central Military Commission notice, Chen Zhenya and another four disabled soldier to the Soviet Union to hold a.

Chen Zhenya and others with their families, the flight from Xi'an via Lanzhou to tihua. However, their line of the Soviet Union was blocked by the Xinjiang warlords Sheng Shicai. The Eight Route Army in the Xinjiang office repeatedly named negotiations, Sheng Shicai still does not let them go.

Chen Zhenya and services representative Chen Tanqiu raise Yee said: "cannot go to the Soviet Union, the elderly, residues in Xinjiang is very unlucky, back to Yenan. Chen Tanqiu hinted at. But it was rejected by Sheng Shicai.

Chen Zhenya, who was detained in Xinjiang, such as Sheng Shicai was banned in the.

May 1941 one day, the eight branch of the Xinjiang Office of the Party branch in the name of an outing, the organization to the outskirts of Shuimogou, the study of the fight strategy. When the plank bridge over the Shuimogou River, the bridge suddenly collapsed. Chen Zhenya had fallen into the river, the forehead and the injured leg broke the skin, bleeding, back high fever. Zhang Wenqiu was very worried, Chen Tanqiu said: "the matter as soon as possible to send hospital treatment."

Department of surgery, director of Russia after the October revolution, is to escape to China white hungry, extremely hostile Communist party. He said: "Chen Zhenya to check after the patient has broken leg bone fragments and shrapnel, by operating out of need. To be otherwise, it will lead to sepsis, will endanger life!"

Zhang Wenqiu of wonder, hospitalization is to treat bruises on the forehead and on their legs, and a cold, how to operation? Report immediately Chen Tanqiu. The doctor is Belarus Chen Tanqiu see the Soviet people think is a partner, said: "still listen to the doctor."

Belarusian officials but not to Chen Zhenya removal surgery, but in the leg to dig a hole, insert a tube, every day, taking half a bowl of bloody to. This took two weeks, Chen s increasingly frail. Zhang Wenqiu although do not understand medicine, but how can people how old blood water in her decisive requirements, only to curb down. After that, Zhang Wenqiu tried to make some chicken soup for Chen Zhenya, buy some eggs for him to eat, and his body slowly recovered.

Subsequently, Chen Zhenya and his family are required to discharge, the doctor always dragging belarus. Today, Chen Zhenya said: "tomorrow, whether you agree with, I was discharged from the hospital!" Belarus doctor is not happy, in him the listen to knock it, said: "normal heart, liver, bone and shell not dig out, is not operation, by your own resolution!"

Chen Zhenya said: "no inflammation on the right, in the future!"

Zhang Wenqiu back to the office, contact the second day of the morning to the car. What material is the second day morning, she with doing things the car all the way to meet Chen Zhenya, a stepped into the ward, aware of Chen Zhenya sleeping in bed, look pale, bed spit a beach, the house smelled. She bent over the bed tight shouted: "Zhenya, Zhenya, what's wrong with you?"

Chen Zhenya only slight breath, half ring just sounds.

Zhang Wenqiu was leaving the hospital wards soon, the nurse sent a bag of white powder to eat him. Chen Zhenya took the medicine less than half an hour, a stomach odd pain, vomiting more than one night, 20 times a night, and even the bile has been spit out.

After a while, Chen Tanqiu drove to the car. Chen Zhenya is also more sober, called Chen Tanqiu pseudonyms: "Mr. Xu, Xu teacher ah! I have been poisoned, being enemies plot! I means than with you all the way to work, can not see revolution success!"

Chen Tanqiu shook and said, "you don't want to think about it, you don't want to, I immediately went to another doctor!"

Chen Tanqiu called in a medical doctor. At this time, Belarus doctor ran into the ward, toward the medical doctor shouted: "this is a real surgery patients, don't need medicine to intervene!" the physician had turned and went.

Belarus doctor said to Chen Tanqiu: "I came to Mr. Chen shot, will be better soon!"

Chen Zhenya's eyes widened, and shook his head: "I don't give an injection, I'll never give it up."!"

Chen Tanqiu said: the patient is not willing to give an injection, I do not see the injection!"

The doctor of the Belarusian swinging a colorless transparent needle drops, said: "this is a shot in the arm, if do not give or take an injection, the patient's condition worsened, the doctor can not, ah!" say that finish, the door broke into two male nurses, rashly opened quilt, hold the patient, doctor in Belarus is to Chen Zhenya hit the shot, then separate ward.

After they leave, Zhang Wenqiu XinHuangYiLuan, Chen s side to cover the quilt, bending down to ask: "how do you feel?" Chen Zhenya opened his mouth to show a very painful look. Zhang Wenqiu heart a tight, asked: "is not his inability to speak?" Chen Zhenya did not have time to reply, face and hands on a hard to smoke. Zhang Wenqiu ran to call the doctor, and the doctor on duty said that the doctor had been off work.

When she turned to the ward, Chen Zhenya cannot move, a pair of eyes round, dead.

In 1960, Shao Hua married Mao Anqing, Chen Zhenya became Mao Zedong's relatives. But it's a pity that he didn't see her daughter's wedding. Both sides relatives together, is in memory of Chen Zhenya. Mao Zedong said, "Comrade Chen Zhenya, I knew him when I was in Jinggangshan. His appearance, I still remember. If he's still there, that's all right!" (Chen Guanren original, without permission shall not be reproduced)

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