Legend: Mitsutomo south are ridiculous. Dynasty minister

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Legend: Mitsutomo south are ridiculous. Dynasty minister

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The Han Dynasty is often said that the South Vietnamese country, located in the north of Guangdong, now two provinces of Guangxi and vietnam. South and dry for sixteen years, in the year 958, the cases of Liu Sheng died, his son Liu Chang on the throne, Gaiyuan Dabao, known as the South main.

Liu Chang will not rule, the government has entrusted the eunuch Gong Chengshu and waitresses in Lu Qiongxian et al. At that time, maid of the harem can also be appointed as political officials, other officials just bare bones. Liu Chang also believed that all his family, the children will be taken into account in order to do so would not only trust the eunuch. The Ministers must be castrated after appointment, that once the eunuch up to as many as twenty thousand people.

According to the Qing Dynasty historian Wu Renchen wrote the "ten annals" records: "the emperor of the fool, to" own their children not only to attend, the official was close to, to access all the ministers from castrated, then." This means that the princes of Liu Chang family and I think too much, not only for the undivided attention to the guest trusted eunuch. Therefore, the ministers to get reuse only their castrated.

In Liu Chang's twenty-three year from Gong Chengshu and other senior officials, to Wei Yuanji grassroots Xiaoli, almost all were castrated. Later, to any reading of the Jinshi, taxi sub champion, will first castrated, and then the appointment. Even the Taoist monks, Liu Chang want to talk about Zen on the road, should be allowed to enter the palace of the castrated. So, not only in the hall on the south is the eunuch minister, and there are a lot of people had been castrated, almost become eunuchs in. People outside the person person without castration punishment, and called for door has been castrated.

Because Liu Chang reuse eunuch, everything in the house is only words from some eunuchs, seized the opportunity to rebel. When eunuch Chen Yanshou was a rascal, and later due to rape women under the Jamsil, went into intrauterine as a chamberlain. Because he is smart, good at node, slowly won the Liu Chang trust. Chen Yanshou would like to invite the Chang Liu's favor, will recommend the witch fan beard enter the palace. Please send to God Xian Fan beard, draw water to get money to make a living.

She claimed in the Jade Emperor's mission to help Liu Chang made universal unified world, make Liu Chang a half believe and half doubt. The witch wearing traveleader, wearing Daisy train waist brocade skirt, foot board Zhu Hong shoes, dressed to the Jade Emperor neither priest nor layman -- nondescript, effeminate man or manly woman possessed, like, said Liu Chang this talk rubbish is the jade emperor the prince himself, to crush countries, unite the world.

And life, Lu Qiongxian, Gong Chengshu, fan beard Chen Yanshou born prince, assisted the emperor, the four men are occasionally made holy heaven, accidentally what fault, nor to punish the prince emperor. Liu Chang busy and fell on the ground, not kowtow with profound respect and humility. From the palace known as Prince of emperor Liu Chang.

Prince Liu Chang also opinionated Jade Emperor avatar, therefore more secure to rely on, oppressive up. Liu Chang often go incognito, sometimes with one or two Chamberlain, sometimes alone to the street ran. Hotels, restaurants, no less than red-light district. If the bad people met him, I have one or two words not cautious, breaking the taboo, or offended him, immediately ordered his guards into the palace to catch, peeling intestines, Dou Hu arrived as to send their lives. At that time, South Han people, the chance to see a stranger, they suspected that the emperor came together, Agape and tongue-tied even the words also dare not speak.

At that time, Liu was very favor of a Persian woman, often with her play in the temple, called her "Mei pig", and claiming to be "Xiao idle doctor". The name of the Persian women's glamorous Song Feng, as real operation, there is the beauty of bed can only be sensed, Liu Chang got entranced, much loved. Because of its dark complexion and body fat, he gave the number as "Pro pig"". Mei pig choose coquettish maid palace body of nine people, all pass her fangzhongshu, with me to serve Liu Chang.

Liu Chang momentary lust big hair, one will favor after nine of the Grant: a tall fat, called Mei cattle; a thin shoulders, called Mei sheep; a binocular with water, called the fox; a double high as Yang Mei, called the dog; a thin, soft, fragrant breath, called Mei cat; a wide forehead long face, called Mei donkey; a snow white skin and charming, and jade bone, called a rabbit like Xiao Mei; Shanyuan, called Mei apes; a sound like the roar of a lion, called mei. To Mei pig headed, called the ten Pro female.

Liu Chang is so extravagant, near south reservoir has lead a life of luxury and debauchery, empty house. Liu Chang increased taxes, where the city people in town, everyone must pay a money. Joan state place, bucket rice tax to four or five money. The annual income, do spend building detached palaces and ingenious toys. The eunuch Chen Yanshou making all her clever, daily cost tens of thousands of gold. Chen Yanshou advised Liu Chang to remove the kings in order to avoid troubles, so Liu clan were cut down.

Old Chen run by veterans. That court officials empty, only Gong Chengshu, Chen Yanshou and a group of eunuch power. So, when the Northern Song Dynasty troops Crusade, Liu Chang had to beg to surrender at a loss what to do. Since Liu Guangnan South hidden according to the emperor, Liu Chang to drop Song Wangguo, only sixty-five years of time.