Republic of the real first son, three defeat Peng Dehuai

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Republic of the real first son, three defeat Peng Dehuai

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Yesterday's article about one of the four major son Zhang Xueliang, Chinese people like most engage in some combination of the four King Kong, the five tiger generals. The other three is a real walk on, take Zhejiang governor Lu son Xiaojia. Daddy is nothing more than a military commander, he in this life did the biggest thing, is nothing more than in nightclubs and Shanghai mafia boss huangjinrong robbed a female partner, this little guy to Zhang Xueliang provided shoes are not enough.

This paper to tell who is worthy of the reputation of the Republic of China's son, Zhang Xueliang as bloomer, twenties is northwest military and political authority in a body, he is the Wuma of the northwest and the first Ma Bufang's son Ma Ji Yuan. Zhang by the drug bubble to earn a title of the first son, however the reputation of Ma Jiyuan down is a sword and a spear from the battlefield.

Army two generations have not much freedom, their fate was decided by the father of the early. Ma Ji Yuan in the small hour began to take over military exercises, at the age of 12, is the captain of the army, the military academy graduation did not a few days became the Tsing Ma Colts third brigade, and later served as the Tsing Ma main 82 army post. Ma Jiyuan rapid promotion in his hand Yi forces, on the other hand itself is still a few brushes.

Ma Ji Yuan Ma Jia army for few Coban life, compared to the enormity of Ma Bufang, Ma Jiyuan very is lenient, but special face forces rules, people harassment is prohibited. Ningxia rarely presents the army forced the mankind's affairs, even if it is finally Lanzhou debacle, he also told the hand retreated, don't let the horses gnawing and treading mankind crops.

When it comes to this war, the horse is for victory over Zhang Xueliang. Zhang Xueliang Bingge end Lai, his teacher Guo Songling, Guo behind Zhang unexpectedly a battle has not played a, but Ma Ji Yuan in the Anti Japanese war is in Shanxi, Henan, Anhui and other kill to the Japanese terror.

Ma Jiyuan (left) and Ma Zhongying's son (right)

This is the donkey day of the horse, and his donkey on the day of the 82 divisions of the hands are stained with the hands of the soldiers to understand the blood. The horse for not only play Japanese is also involved in the Anti Japanese War, and the New Fourth Army, he commanded the cavalry that Peng Xuefeng suffered heavy casualties. At the beginning of the civil war, Ma Jiyuan became the vanguard of Jiang Jieshi. Kuomintang key offensive Yenan, Ma Jiyuan immediately response invading Longdong, Heshui Area with the Northwest Field Army of the second longitudinal cross fire.

The point Dayuan is the people's Liberation Army the masterpiece, but this time Wang Zhen and his 359 brigade was playing up. Who also didn't expect the forces of Malaysia Jiyuan abnormal powerful, not only not to capture Heshui, also casualties more than 2000 people, 359 brigade also followed the wounded. The smell of water saved, Ma Bufang immediately publicized, and called "water victory".

Two months later, Ma Jiyuan and in Ziwuling heterodyne wiped out the wild west, vertical, Tsing Ma of propagating advocated "Ziwuling victory". Next spring, the teachings of the wild west, six vertical brigade in the protection of the main transfer, is surrounded by the reorganization of the Ma Ji Yuan 82 division group, not only suffered heavy casualties and more than 2000 PLA soldiers brutally prisoners. At this point Peng Dehuai's northwest army seems to have been from the Majiajun account for any cheap.

(a horse also looks for thandiwe Chongqing talented woman's heart)

What the hand Ma Jiyuan Energy Limited, a few back beat and cannot change the war situation in the northwest. Not long after Peng Dehuai instructions to the horse for the wild west in Lanzhou launched the offensive. The 29 year old is northwest military and political authority in a Ma Ji Yuan is high spirited and vigorous, prepared from the main Tsing Ma to fight an uphill battle in Lanzhou.

Huzongna center army have retreated to the southwest, Ma Jiyuan can set off big waves, elite evaporated, Ma Jiyuan traveled to Taiwan, hang up a virtual office in the Ministry of national defense, retired to the Mecca, 2012 there died. It is worth mentioning that 08 years of Wenchuan earthquake, Ma also contributed to the disaster area for $5000.

Chairman Mao said Ma Jiyuan modern military into the northwest, Peng also said he is the leader in a new generation of Northwest Ma Jiajun, and frankly Xifu war is his life for the third time in the Great Northern War. Zhang Xueliang is 20 years older than for horses, but in front of him only a shame.

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