Song Qingling attended the Zhou Enlai memorial service why be furious: I don't do it?

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Song Qingling attended the Zhou Enlai memorial service why be furious: I don't do it?

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The friendship between Song Qingling and Zhou Enlai began in the middle of last century 20 years. At that time, Zhou Enlai, who had just returned from Paris, Guangzhou, served as director of the Political Department of the Whampoa  military academy, and Song Qingling was at the mercy of Sun Zhongshan, also joined the opening ceremony of the Whampoa  military academy.

This is the first time they meet. Many years later, Song Qingling recalled: "(last century) in the middle of 20, I saw Zhou Enlai in Guangzhou for the first time. He was very young, but seems to have is a revolutionary stance and resolute, under the banner of bright and versatile, sophisticated boil smelting of lead the. "

Since then, they began a half century of revolutionary friendship.

1936, the United States well-known reporter Snow came to China, think of Northern Shaanxi interview. He found Song Qingling. Song Qingling wrote a letter to Zhou Enlai, through the process of Party organization, all the way to the center station in northern shaanxi. Snow was able to enter the Northern Shaanxi, interviewed Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other party leaders, the famous "Red Star over China".

1937 with the "77 things" as the mark, comprehensive war broke out. At that time, Zhou Enlai, who went to Mount Lu, and Jiang Jieshi on the same front of the anti japanese. When the road to Shanghai, Zhou Enlai went to visit Song Qingling. After Song Qingling heard the news, very happy. When Zhou Enlai drove home, Song Qingling enthusiastically greeted at the door.

1949 years, the national liberation period near, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai many kindness invited resident in Shanghai Soong Ching Ling north, went to Beijing to join the New Political Consultative Conference. In May, the liberation of Shanghai. CPC Central Committee decided to send Song Qingling to Shanghai to meet Deng Yingchao north. Deng Yingchao was carrying a a letter handwritten Zhou Enlai: "period of nationwide victory in the near, new China Construction to be in teachers teach teachers is much, dare borrow Ying super specially welcome then, only Chen wished Mr. north. Thank you for today is lucky enough to give order to drive."

In Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong's earnest invitation, Song Qingling judged north, arrived in Beijing in September 1st. When the Soong Ching Ling to ride the train slowly into the station. On the platform, with Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai led to dozens of Central Committee of Communist Party of China led people have long been waiting for a long time.

After the founding of new China, Song Qingling served as vice chairman of the Central People's government. She also manipulated the prestige and influence of her own in the international community, under the trust and support of Zhou Enlai, when China opened the only foreign publication, "the construction of China". "China builds a" on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the magazine, Zhou Enlai gladly wrote the inscription: "continue to do a good job with the nations for people to enhance understanding and friendship of the work." Ten anniversary, Zhou Enlai personally to visit the magazine editors.

As everyone knows the beginning of ten special period, a large number of non party Democrats impact. Zhou Enlai, restless heart, set out a "shelter should be cadres of the list, there are 13 patriotic democratic personages name. The first is Song Qingling. In Zhou Enlai's shadow, Song Qingling did not have a greater impact, the more smoothly through ten years of special period.

However, for Zhou Enlai's own body is beyond strength and power. Overwork Zhou Enlai suffered from bladder cancer admitted to the hospital. ". Song Qingling was informed that his own dove eggs one by one to save up, to Zhou Enlai sent to enhance nutrition. A, staff in her house south lake pond fish out a bighead, she could not eat, sent to Zhou Enlai sent......

On the morning of January 9, 1976, Song Qingling sat on the bed, listening to the news, as usual. Didn't expect, but the radio came out of the death of Zhou Enlai. Song Qingling listened, tears flow out, said: "the country bemoaned the less of a good helper, a good helper!"

On January 10th afternoon, Soong Ching Ling in accompanied by Secretary Du Shuzhou and sons and daughters Sui Yongqing, Sui Yongjie sisters, to Beijing hospital to Zhou Enlai body farewell. In January 15th, Song Qingling once again get to the Great Hall of the people to join Zhou Enlai lavinia.

However, Song Qingling the normal behavior has been from the "high level" criticism, said she was "the prime minister to help". Soong Ching Ling ordinary seldom angry. The she in fact unbearable, rarely fly into a rage, said: "it is really outrageous! Said I was' the prime minister '? I was' the prime minister 'and how? I quit! I retire! So the number of new year, I should rest, right? I return to Shanghai for the aged!"

Song Qingling said to do. In January 27th, Song Qingling flew a trident from Beijing to Shanghai. Coincidentally, this day, just Song Qingling 83 years old birthday.

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