The Dujiangyan project was built in the Warring States how to flood?

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The Dujiangyan project was built in the Warring States how to flood?

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[2004 overhaul of the Dujiangyan project (Dujiangyan for the Bureau for map)]

More than 2000 years ago, the prefect of Qin Li Bing repair of Dujiangyan, Woyeqianli Chengdu Plain has become a "flood and from people, not hunger," the land of abundance. Dujiangyan water conservancy project is the world so far, the long years, only retained, still in always use, characteristics of the baronial water conservancy project on diversion without dam.

However, in the long river of history, Dujiangyan is not once and for all the water conservancy project. It is in the past dynasties, and fight against the flood. In the struggle, Dujiangyan is becoming more and more patience, care for children.

Today, let us through the process of literature and experts about the history, look at the ancient Dujiangyan is how to fight against the flood.


The flood washed away many times in Dujiangyan Jidangpu 16 thousand jin cast iron turtle town water

China ancient Sichuan officials have staged a bucket story.

Struck a flood of the Yuan Dynasty, Dujiangyan was injured again. In order to flood, when he was Secretary of the Sichuan Su Zheng Lian's visit to the Gidamp to Dujiangyan weir by Zhulong layout changed to stone layout. On the later rule weir has a tremendous impact. The reform of Dujiangyan, Sichuan Su political honest Gidamp with 16000 pounds of iron cast iron turtle, in Yuzui town water.

[workers weave bamboo (1934) Zhuang Xueben (Wang Chinese) photo for map]

Gidamp, the Mongolian people. In 1334, the Sichuan Gansu Political honest.

Jidangpu to Sichuan, a face of water conservancy projects in Dujiangyan. To understand his research, Dujiangyan annual maintenance projects of poor quality, only 9 months on the flood. Then Dujiangyan headwork repairs projects up to 132, hundreds of year mobilized militia labor, overhaul of up to 1 million people. Also designated each served for 70 days, with daily pay 3 on behalf of labor money. In this way, the rich get trapped in poor pay, trapped in the output, and official corruption weirs.

For farmers to resolve assumesoverweight problems, Gidamp personally survey visit, the key that year reached 32. So he and then filling the state judge Zhang Hong counsel, design Stone layout to reform the headworks, add the durability to cut annual repairs servitude to bear. In order to test the dependability of masonry structure, Zhang Hong also made money itself the mold test in the river.

In November 1335, under the auspices of the famous Jidangpu history in Dujiangyan I started. In 5 months time, driven by the masons and blacksmith 700, carpenter, 250 people, 3900 people (including general military). Mountain stone hundred, lime more than and 6 kg, more than 30 thousand kg of tung oil, iron 65000 pounds, 5000 pounds of ma. The food consumption of more than 1000 stone, labor and material costs totaling 49000 on money.

Gidamp bold reform the layout of the project, has been conservative block and crushed, or no water of three holes to fill the second, or destroy Dujiang stone to bad the. But Jidangpu unmoved, completed the construction of confrontation. After the completion of the water used to not only water to obtain a guarantee, and set up thousands of hydro processing workshop. The I, the project lasted 40 years, the Ming Dynasty to revise, to Jidangpu scheme as the foundation model.

[1936] after the flood of Dujiangyan for map

Perhaps of Dujiangyan water conservancy project somewhat understand people still remember, had spread over Dujiangyan buried story town water iron turtle, tractor, three gods Shiren, etc.. The legendary iron turtle is true, "Dujiangyan Chi" records, this is the cast iron turtle by Gidamp, weighing 16000 pounds. The iron turtle in the mouth to the town of stone fish, water. However, because the iron turtle fish mouth building in the sand pebbles on the riverbed, simply by rushing out, eventually into the waters have never been heard of since. Later, repairs and overhaul of Dujiangyan era, unearthed many artifacts, like Shirengou, but iron turtle into a legend, an eternal mystery.

In 2002, Dujiangyan has invited experts, for exploring the iron instrument, infrared instruments such as exploring in the bed of the Dujiangyan, trying to find traces of iron turtle, but the detector to riverbed everywhere iron reflection, so that experts don't know how to start.

Antiquities expert Jiang Yongzhi has given a concept: the tractor and iron turtle is not in the mouth of the fish in the upstream and downstream. According to his introduction, tractor and iron turtle is very heavy, according to the weight in water activity of the discipline, the heavier the tools may move up rather than down flow shift. So he thought this a few baby I can't swim, but the fish head upstream.