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Huangdao Road, once the erotic past Qingdao

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Author: Li Ming

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To see clearly the time of Anna villa in Qingdao, less than the loss of large abalone island in china. This neighboring cities in the euro area slope, because Guangdong, Ningbo and Shandong surrounding investors generally intervention, in the city of early far beyond the imagination of the German government loan rate, a magician to create a copy of the growth story, the such as Zhou Baoshan, liuzishan, Shiyun Gong, Fu Bingzhao, Ding Jingchen, Bao Youqing, Lanpu, high Zhichen such as the Chinese business leaders, as perhaps with the old Robert such German investors contests of local model.

From the location of the Anna villa in Qufu Road North, followed by de County Road, roughness Road, Huangdao road. These four tools to the streets, in the 1900 years to complete the Qingdao city of Europe to the large abalone island city of China's excessive, and in the Huangdao road burst out of the infinite creativity.

Color, Huangdao road to Anna era villa early Qingdao significance, as Eurasia at the turn of the turkey, one side is European civilization hesitate full expansion, while the local culture struggling hard to keep. Huangdao road all the way over the continuous, did not become the barriers of conservatism, nor ever bred the seeds of idealistic, but let the rhythm of the commoner, stack integration day by day of the scenery, broad, smooth, mottled, eventually became the flowing City monuments.


It's a stranger

Huangdao road and with the large abalone Island Chinese community fountain, Zhao since November 1897, German sailors in the Gulf of Jiaozhou occupation. 1901 - August Heinrich seek music compilation of "Shandong Yuanyangdeyi Cun Zhen Zhi" records, the history of Bao Dao Cun is located in the north of Jiaozhou Bay in Qingdao. With Wang and Yu 680 residents were fishermen and farmers. The village has a school with the ancestral hall, and a Chen scale gentry manor. For music criticism, "Bao" refers to the dried salted fish, oysters and other sea creatures. The map will also be referred to here is the leopard, leopard, leopard cat. Leopard island is an island not far from the village in the Gulf. The German occupation forces will be followed by the acquisition of large abalone island in the old village, in the winter of 1900 dismantled here thatched buildings, beginning in the region established a new Chinese city.

In March 1898, Germany in Beijing signed the Convention, Germany has to determine the moment on loan at Jiaozhou Bay coast, a term of 99 years. In this regard, the Qingdao loan terrain into a basic framework. Era in Berlin, the completion of the construction of urban planning, Metro is divided into the European area of Qingdao and the Chinese area of large abalone island two departments, the center of the natural terrain to set the isolation zone. The Huangdao Road, which is then presented, is in the valley like isolation belt. European and Chinese communities in the design, based on the "apartheid" theory with discrimination, mainly on the limit in the shelter of, inter regional daily trade, social activities and personnel flow, not within the size limit. After starting up a large-scale urbanization, divide and conquer Huayang occasion ostentation and extravagance and did not restrict the large abalone Island Chinese community in the explosive expansion, then a few Shao Chinese district site progressively exhausted, the isolation region to pursue growth space, become the actual choice, Huangdao routing this was born.

1905 has mature Qingdao customs revise, become a spur to large abalone Island geographical expansion of the opportunity. The flash of a huge tax, increasing vitality of Chinese economic circle. Is years, Huangdao road with road roughness as two remedial born, appear in the edge of a piece of gauge is decorous moment "jingtianzhi" structure, one-way communication responsibilities. Color, the two rush to cut new street, rather than this is the completion of a "communication", be inferior to saying is more like a fence, which allows virtually buffer rely on row upon row of buildings, realize the true sense of geography hinder. Because when the buildings on both sides of the road gradually after the completion of, if want to from the traditional large abalone Island Chinese community travel to Europe and need very effort to bypass a large airtight of the isolated building. For the same reason, from Europe into the Chinese abalone island area, as well as pofeizhouzhe. For example, originally from villa Anna passes God teach reservation to large abalone Island, through the process passes through road roughness, Huangdao road street or building space, can be very easy to reach, but because of the barriers of the platoon building opposition, but let this simple routes lead to the downright adventure in a maze, spend energy and time cost, greatly improving. Limit the extraction of 1913 Huangdao road and Yang Shaohua, has formed the geographical barriers are retained. Until today, this strange structure of the city, is still clear as yesterday.

In 1905, Huangdao road built, Huangdao Road, next year, just enter the Qingdao to develop the Zhejiang businessmen Zhou Baoshan will buy a few pieces of a site as the dividing line that street thriving symbol. Zhou Baoshan's presentation, just together, the first hint of the future of Huangdao road. Zhou Baoshan, alias Zhou Jifang, born in Zhejiang province Cixi, about to enter the Qingdao in 1905, the establishment of Zhou Rui, engaged in the lumber business. In 1906, Zhou Huangdao road and Pingdu road purchased two turf, laid a foundation for Huangdao road block land ownership styles. In this year, Zhejiang Jiangxi Province to build Sanjiang four Jiangsu and Anhui merchants hall in Qingdao, Zhou Baoshan became the first president. May 1907, German governor and governor of Shandong Yang Xuxiang attended inauguration of the Sanjiang culbhouse in large abalone Island focus built the Guildhall. Heshengmingsheng, Zhou Baoshan accompanied by a group of German officials and various costumes went to the Chinese, a bright sunshine of summer lining with unlimited scenery. Thereafter in 1912, Zhou and the Guangxing place neighborhood income bursa, further expanded its influence in the Chinese community in Qingdao. The same year, Zhou Baoshan and Hu Cunyue, Zhu Jie, Gu Chengzhang 4 Chinese hired by the governor, the governor became the special trust. So far, Zhou Baoshan Huangdao road for the middle of Qingdao wealth expansion map, to establish. In December 1928 book the glue Macao ", Zhou Baoshan and Fu Bingzhao, Ding Jingchen, Bao Youqing, Lanpu, Hu deposit tens of people, is considered to be the beginning of the Qingdao port," a little self vibration on behalf of the industry to participate in the municipal ".

Guang riIn 1912, Zhou Baoshan will Guangxing neighborhood into Zhou the pedigree of wealth at the same time, Laizhou Ji construction contractor Shiyun Gong also in Huangdao road output to build itself on a large scale in the Institute of building group. Gong Shiyun was born in 1878 in Chengxiang County, Laiyang, Qingdao, 19 years old into the construction of the construction, rapid construction contractors. According to the research achievements in the abalone island "of Jinshan, the palace in 1905 in Zhifu Street formation of Gonghe Hing Engineering Bureau, in cooperation with the railway company in Shandong construction Jiaoji railway bridges along the route, civil engineering, and in Huangdao Zhifu road and the intersection of investment was built school buildings. Then the contract market road public market, Jiangsu Road, Qingdao hospital, fish Road Qingdao school public buildings and Roland, cotton of inside and outside, Fuji and other textile mill workshop construction. 1923 Gonghe hing a building advertisement said: "our own office since calendar for the past 20 years, works became more and more rich, credit is evident. Set up in Qingdao, set up a branch in Ji'nan, Dalian, special contract for all kinds of civil engineering".

Gong Shiyun (ban Chi Chi "to receive the Qingdao commemorative photo" 1923)The typical large abalone island in the hospital elevationTypical large abalone IslandEarly in the hospital will be placed in the building outside the corridorColor, like Zhou Baoshan, palace Shiyun their trade activities, and property distribution is not limited to Huangdao road as, in 1914 and for a long time in the future, Huangdao road always not once had left the island community of abalone culture system and independent existence. Point out this point, to clarify the relationship between Huangdao road and the surrounding streets, the integrity and objectivity of the Huangdao Road, is very important. Because only including Huangdao Road, the large abalone island communities as a whole form, can perhaps see clearly the Chinese economic and social vitality, growth path, and associated with the cultural spirit of innovation. Qingdao concession authorities in 1913 and annual reports of record: in the annual "large abalone island and port city begins to close as a whole. In large abalone island building space is now almost completely vanished; Department of colonies initially built a few years of investment in the old house has been demolished, the more spectacular buildings vacated land. Many buildings were capped with second layers. Several large companies have moved their business to the big island. From the owners of China both in Qingdao is still in port area are carried out vigorous construction activity, houses built not only show the date (the spirit differences) of Chinese architectural style, and more to follow the open European Rural chamber. " The increasing prosperity of the Huangdao road and the increasing expansion of the investment of Zhou Baoshan, just confirms the German government's annual statement of Qingdao. The non - theory of the authorities is still a Chinese investor groups, the economic activity and community prosperity, are suitable for the needs of the trend.

After the Zhou Baoshan era Huangdao Road, cloth color is strong. Edited by Wei mirror of the 1933 version of "Qingdao guide" shows that distributed here at least Datong publishing house, Dongsheng and banks, treasure house pawn, Dexing three brothels, Baoxing three brothels and other trade service categories, and match association society and other organizations. From the end of the 20th century, 20 years to 40 years, Huangdao road gradually grew into an outdoor market, numerous stalls accounted for half the road. Plain road to Anhui section of the road, mostly operating daily iron, ceramics, wood; Anhui Road to Zhifu road section, many selling eggs, meat, seafood, the road to the Quartet Road Zhifu, first and foremost selling vegetables, fruit.

As a former loan to the land and buffer zone, the order, the rule of law and competition, has long been the normal logic of Huangdao road. Like in the spring of 1930, including Huangdao Road, Da Bao Island, neither fast nor slow rhythm as in the past. A few months ago surnamed Li and Yu two plainclothes poor people to protect Weixian road famous in Yanguan sex workers is the court to punish the aftermath of disappear to just, on March 10, on the same street Huafang tailor Bureau and to the chamber of Commerce handed a letter, reluctantly. After 10 days, special public works bureau of Qingdao to Huangdao road of nine households Lin Yaotian hair to the notice and survey single in favor of him revise Heng Yu doors and windows. In nearby Boshan Road, Fu Feng Yong firm restructuring is imminent. All this, it has long been commonplace, the habit of learning.

Onward and upward Huangdao road from the Quartet Road, at the top of the open, just and fire lookout building add radiance and beauty to each other, forming block landscape climax. And from the plain way down, through the process of stone road slow footsteps, the flavor of the dealers and the Haitian Yise packaged, walk slowly, slowly, slowly into the bustling crowd. Long time, space feeling this strange infection intertwined, become an irreplaceable walking experience. With the familiar, and some of the more daily public initiatives measures, such as Huangdao road and the Quartet Road, easy, make a triangle of the soil, a public water hydrants, Qingdao old people call it dragon pond, earlier this year in the area of shops, residents of water are thus water bucket return. The front row of the faucet, water, laundry, wash dishes, wash the inexhaustible stream of people. Tap water into the home in the future, here gradually idle, became a sector of the market. Every new year, dragon pool becomes vaudeville, rings, playing chess and other entertainment, but also the raree show, sing Qinshu, performances. Water pool beside the road, is famous by the Quartet, a more representative daily convenience. As a mark, Huangdao road and the Quartet Road to complete the sub. A public water hydrant and a public toilet is composed of the geographic coordinate through blurred barriers of time, always pulling alive civilian memory, destroyed the dignitaries of the temple legend, also get rid of the chagrin of all Yixieqianli.<1Two3>

Do not restrain the yearning

Huangdao road mountain, is in hospital collection. Here, not only in hospital this strange residential form one of the birthplaces, master of Qingdao is multivariate culture innovation. Huangdao Road, temperament, character, rhythm, cloth development and School of interlocking, solidarity. We know that the focus of hospital culture is the coordination of the interpersonal relationship, the plebification of tenderness, is it the co-operative spirit. School of order is a kind of urban civilization and traditional rational mixed products, its own is multiple. It not only expresses the of modern life style not restrain the yearning and retains the agricultural civilization of the pure, simple, practical and single. Here, preservation is the first one, is the most important measure of value, which is the most simple and clear understanding of the philosophy of life. And building on this fundamental, through the process of the residents of the exchange form, it is the most true, sincere, direct. The harmonious and cooperative relationship between the surrounding and the small situation, is the most significant mark of the hospital culture. According to the Qingdao Technological University Qindao college 48 team's most recent survey, Huangdao number ten in the school of names, almost all cultural origin. Later, some of the property changes in the hospital, the name has changed, but the basic context is still clear. This phenomenon, confirms the traditional culture in college and in the evolution process of deep strength.

Comparison with strong colonial color Europe zone of Qingdao, Huangdao road in hospital is a major local units in the city, the social significance of this unit and influence on the shelter than family, streets, schools, units. It is not only a physical sense of the central link, is the most important life commoner bunkers and said. In the hospital is not only home, neighbors, space, direction and limit is still. On Huangdao Road, the residents of the thinking, feelings, habits, behavior style, are in the hospital this city unit of direct and indirect results. Looking back, Huangdao road in the endlessly rising hospital, scene image of thousands, step by step showing Qingdao local culture qiongnianleiyue reputation. Dexing, Baoxing, peace, Qing Yu, healthy, overseas Chinese, and reform, Rui Fu, Sanxing, charitable and so on row upon row, every hospital units, have full of vigor and vitality; inside each fan window, filled with affection and dedication of hope, and walked slowly past, blurred.

De LST, Huangdao Road No. 28 to 38 Pentagon three layers in the hospital, the words the moral Sutra forty-nine chapters: "the kindest person I am kind that, poor Wu Yi Shan, Deshan; letter my letter, for those who don't believe my also believe, Dickson. This pair of "Ning negative I, Mo ill" generous, revealing Rende and vocation in culture academy. A lot of people remember No. 32 de LST Taoist temple Taoist, sick children, he will take a piece of paper, and write a few words, while reading the Scriptures, side burn writing paper, then a sick child to a pill, eat, disease is good. The priest never charges, the small temple was cleaning clean, he has a "red", to prove his identity. "The Cultural Revolution" before "breaking four old", the Taoist priest was away, no one knows where to go. Older man would later occasionally mention this monk, revealed some commemorative.

Reform, Huangdao Road No. 36 to 50, three layer in the hospital, from justice in the "Zhouyi & middot; miscellaneous diagrams:" leather, to therefore, tripod, take new. ". There are three yuan, from Huangdao Road No. 36 gate to enter into one or two, No. three hospital. One hospital has carved the butterfly Temple site, every fifteen years, are very busy, but was demolished during the cultural revolution. On festive occasions, the women of the reform, laughing and joking in the yard do Enkianthus chinensis, paper cutting and so on, save a significant technical strength. In 1947 the military and civilian daily had published reform residents crying, saying "homeowners wanton increase rent, each monthly cable two bags of flour, has aroused widespread concern. Reform in residents Ding's father, is new building three mixed hall boss. In the past spent many rice bought a house, so he is with the monthly pay rent tenants are not the same. 2012 Qingdao University of science and technology students visited the reform in, three hospital on the second floor of a 85 year old old man said, itself when young is textile workers, retired after the faith of Jesus Christ, and every Saturday to Jiangsu Road church to pray and sing hymns.

Yu Qingli, Huangdao Road No. 56 to 60, two layers in the hospital, the words "Zhouyi & middot; Kun & middot; classical Chinese": Charitable home, there must be Yuqing; product of a poor family, will be more than a calamity. "

Hepingli, Huangdao Road No. 82 in the three layer, the "book of changes" thirty-first Gua Tuan said: "salty feeling....... Liuhe sense and all things change, the saints moving heart and national peace." Which consists of two buildings in the square area in L, adjacent to the aisle. Each floor has a bathroom, the inner layer of the second floor has a bathroom. Qingdao high Siguo from Hepingli playwright, owner, is the merchant of Guangdong high Zhichen. High early in Yantai opened a restaurant, and after the operation of Guangdong native products, opened the temple library, selling opium, after the capital to grow in Qingdao, Qingdao become the first to enter the city of Guangdong, one of the first. After 1914 the high has bought 12 Jimo road and Huangdao Road No. 7482 real estate real estate. Jimo Road, No. 12 to the high school had founded poly Fu House restaurant, Huangdao Road, real estate owner occupied and rental business links. In this business when longer firm has 74 wanxiangzhai sauce, No. 76 Yuan Xing leather, 78, and Hing Chuen, shochu, 80, Xingbin restaurant.

Jimo road and Zhifu Road South Street building

Huangdao road 84, two high, for long rectangular courtyard, hospital space comfort. The southern three adjacent buildings, lighting and visual field affected. The first room 78, 84, 86, early trimer city business shop, prosperous moment. No. 88 and No. 84 is similar to wall separated two symmetrically consistent style, spirit.

Back return, Huangdao road to the other side of the same singular number, unlimited scenery, full of youthful spirit. No. 67 high school, with the Quartet No. 36 for a hospital, after being friends to open, independent into the hospital. Huangdao Road No. 49 to 65, two layers in the hospital, Roconri, Huangdao Road No. 65 door into, the pentagon building around the central courtyard.

Huangdao Road, No. Three9 to 47 in hospital, an conly, into two, which are communicated with the Zhifu Road, the front yard is two layers of rectangular and the back yard is three layer irregular quadrilateral. There was Weiyang the residence, there are a lot of household prostitutes, the old man said until 1952 also lead a gay life. A glorious name Claus told, her hometown of Jimo, 1931 12 year old father to Qingdao to discuss life, ply and two other people who work, bought health front yard on the second floor of a 5 square meters house with three bags of surface. She listen to father said, then health the rental people "to do business, shop, large handcart pull, pull the car, on the third floor of the backyard also lived two prostitutes, can say eight streaky, what have." People, poor majority, so 5, 6 people rent a house is in partnership. To the end of the 20th century in the 1950s, improvement of prostitutes moved away, technology were recruited to work in the factory moved out of health, lots of room rent to migrant workers live, two rented a room, board in the center of the separated, then every family erected a hammock, yard built a lot of bucket chamber, making originally spacious yard becomes smaller. 33 is also a famous erotic Huan field, a small staircase connected to the Zhifu Road, No. 26. It is said that many visitors here are foreigners, leaving a lot of hybrids, then this area is known as the overseas Chinese.


Huangdao road style, and here are many erotic occasions. The summer of 1934, Yu Dafu to Qingdao for the summer, had several times to the Huangdao Road, a taste of Qingdao's erotic blazeof. In July 17th, Yu Dafu noted: "the night Xiao Jun please eat dinner, in Weixian cocoa Zhai road. Today, read two articles in the Journal of Japan, the feeling of the new writer Sugiyama Hisuke, the future is very promising. A climate suddenly turned cold, as of mid February, Qingdao is really strange. After dinner on Huangdao Road (China three or four other prostitutes Museum intensive) and Linqing Road (North Korean prostitute Hall Street) and go to the ten point back to sleep. " Yu Shi is a few days ago to Qingdao for the summer, fine followed partner with Qingdao wandering, scenic wonders and nook and cranny, went to the many places. Huangdao road erotic scene, the habit of the night before the life of the community to create a radical backbone, not a student.

The main area of Qingdao as the erotic service Huangdao Road, once people flock to. Huangdao road and brothels have Tianxiang building; second brothels have Ping Kang Wu Li, in Le 14 households, more than 100 prostitutes, the famous musician households have Yanfang Book apartment, Tongqing Book apartment, Fuxiang Book apartment, Lian Shengban, Tongqing class, red class and so on; three brothels Le Kang Li and Baoxing, le 34 households, prostitutes were nearly a hundred. 1933 edition of "Qingdao guide", Huangdao road Dexing and Baoxing are three brothels, parting is a prostitute, 66 people and 31 people, Zi le "closed five angle, tension Pu Yuan, night of binary".

In the early years of Haibolu, the Quartet Road opened a pharmacy and clinic of Han V or infirm memories of old Qingdao brothels can be generally divided into three categories of high, medium and low. Like the red courtyard Xiangyang Road, is a senior brothels. Once a friend went to see the courtesan, only took a cup of tea, a few pieces of cake, it took two people 10 xiandayang. If you spend the night, you will have 20 pieces of the ocean per person. At that time, the average monthly wage of workers is no more than 2 pieces of the ocean. Qiuxian road and Xiangyang Road Interchange pingkang Erli, is also the senior brothels. Is the two class, is easy to State Road, Wu Li Ping Kang Huangdao road and Zhifu Road East peace Kang restaurant. Han Fenggang introduced three brothels in Qingdao, Hebei Road, East building. Because near the creek, all at sea on the crew landed, is this a. In addition, Liaocheng Road, Linqing road is Japanese brothels. As for what to sell, Taikang demimonde, also be not at all surprising in Huangdao Road, West square. According to Halliday's view, pornography in Huangdao road is divided grade differences, class of service is endless also and same, flashed a demand complex. Han Fenggang said early to open the clinic in the four road, imported a number of penicillin, rescued many women.

It is not surprising that the search for the newspaper reports on the prostitute building. The 1934 Qingdao times had published announcement, said rent Wang Rutang because of losing with public funds fled, and carrying away Baoxing, Dexing, forgiveness of Delhi and Zhang Baotang seal statement this fourth chapter in found totally ineffective. Around Baoxing, all kinds of lace news emerge in an endless stream, 1940 poor sentry Baoxing in, for failing to register hiding under the bed of the clients to catch; 1947 several times more occurred "suffer Baoxing jealous conflict, Nie colourful female beat up" and "clients theft of mind map to rob a prostitute gold ring, was eventually caught into the Police Bureau in the affairs. In the Kang Ping Wu Li, over the years, there is also a group of friends in strange flight, the strange man beat other such social news.

A public, gambling and drugs are illegal. In Qingdao City Archives, retained the 1927 rubber O ports differential Hall in Ankang gamblers scene representations, revealing the erotic Huangdao road of the dark side. In 1946, the reform in a cracked divan news is deeper reflects the occluded drooping and desire.

Erotic and political, in Huangdao road also staged a bizarre drama. In January 1940, Wang Jingwei called North China puppet tentatively authorities, pseudo reform authorities and pseudo Inner Mongolia autonomous government representatives in Qingdao to ramble, brewing variable set up a puppet government. Chuan Chongqing national authorities sent spies mystery sneaked into Qingdao opportunistic smash, a hidden them for destruction Huangdao road brothels eluded capture, tracking enemy spy arrested, eventually for Chongqing to, forcing action abortion. On January 20, Qingdao Xin Min Daily to the Wang Tong Electric advised Chiang, promote finally awakening "in the title to publish a comment, said" this new power center brewing the mature, still re cares for Chiang Kai Shek, be final piece of advice. " January 21, Peiping pseudo ROC tentatively Administration Committee Long Wang Kemin Kai Qi Xieyuan, Wang Yitang, Zhu Shen et al arrived in Qingdao; 22 morning, pseudo Mengjiang combined with the autonomous authorities Dewang representative lishouxin took the opportunity to reach; 22 days afternoon 3 when, Wang Ching Wei Kai, Zhou Fohai, Chu Minyi, Po Sheng Lin, pseudo reform of the Republic of China administration director Liang Hongzhi Kai Chen Qun, Wen Zongyao. Also aboard Japan Mukden pill steamboat by Shanghai sail against. January 23, the Xinmin Qingdao newspaper reported ramble about the beginning, called "specific review of the history of the establishment of China's new power center main ramble meeting address of Qingdao, this in the history of new China's construction occupies the main status. The birthplace of the new China, the joy of the whole people, has reached the top." January 26, Qingdao ramble completed plans to issue, Wang Ching Wei in the afternoon at the guesthouse and interviews, transfer gossip results, said "the Qingdao ramble, the reality can be known as one of the activities of peace fierce progress and growth." The success of Wang Ching Wei Qingdao ramble, of course, non erotic Huangdao road as far as the responsibility of uncountable, but to reverse the situation of an opportunity, but really lost. The history of the inflection point of the strange, the same is true.

Negative information differences and habits, we also found some brothels happy in doing good information. Such as the 1940 brothels association has been set up in the office before tea Ping Kang Wu Li, giving poor.

Brothel tax is a major source of local government. A prostitute for tax evasion, refused to enter the brothel, alone pick up, called the pheasant. The past has concentrated on Huangdao Road Street courtyard, people call the pheasant hospital. Because of the poor people to secretly bribery, although also can All the world knows. has always been there. Prostitutes are easy to become the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, so authorities for practitioners of health and epidemic prevention is very concern, 1939 the Qingdao Xinmin news "has reported that Baoxing prostitutes" not clean the police send news bureau. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases, promote the medical Changlong, only Huangdao road with a number of STD clinics. In 1932 the Qingdao times and 1934 "commoner" and separation also posted a Huangdao road venereal Medical Society doctor Dong Shutian, Fu Rui Reid LST physician Chen Xianting treatment of venereal disease advertisement. In 1940, "Qingdao daily" also published in a Huangdao Road pharmacy drug distribution Shen Miao Rong Fuhai 100 in kidney confession.

Folk known as "persuade bet not advised the custom of the prostitute, but prostitution is not the blind enjoyable, out of embarrassment is also broadly scenery. Because of the charming woman, the customer into prostitution to raise money and purchased items have occurred from time to time, brothels around many Temple library to make a living, code to when to merely sensual pleasures. As a link between the property, Huangdao road around there are restaurants, pubs, jewelry shops, barber shop. 1940 "Qingdao Xinmin newspaper" published news, the opening of Huangdao Road restaurant, Yizhen prosperity.

Files show that the authorities of the local porn industry for the management and training, has not been slack. Era, held cram different types of women, funded by the government hiring teachers, school supplies, the troupe, a prostitute to school convenient supply. The students in class, all wear dresses, without undue absenteeism. June 30, 1938, Qingdao pseudo public order will be issued by the Commission Cao Peilan, the first female tutor school principal order. The first woman in the school tuition and a square in Huangdao Lu Ping Kang, Kang Wu Li, Lu ping. Qingdao City Archives keeps a 1946 December 21 health part of the release of the Huangdao road Baoxing music households brought home for a report ", showing that the authorities of brothels daily supervision of the scene.

Lively and glitz of Huangdao Road, until the early 1950's the end. Old Qingdao still remember, 1950 years Huangdao road was shot in the biggest procuress feet scene. A shot after the event, Huangdao road immediately turn loss, erotic legend immediately disappeared. After the death of a beauty Huangdao Road, much less charming; well, much less all eyes, look around. Look back, once the customs, flowery, corruption and error, bred commoner Qingdao dance of the Pacific, memory a deformity of the era of secular face.

Civilian temperament

Once the isolation zone or, once the erotic worth mentioning, after all, not Huangdao road home, peremptory clouds gradually dispersed. But stretch down the commoner general temperament, mist filled, enduring. Huangdao road commoner as gentle, a fluttering Sasa, wet wet air than the surrounding roads nor near fewer people. This daily secular taste, fill the memories of generations of Qingdao people.

"Huangdao Road, and have mutual concern. 1930 years to 1940 years, sanjucheng Jiang Yuan, Taixing Xiang Jiang Yuan and wanxiangzhai are operating in the field of carnivorous, Huangdao road. No. 84 Huangdao road sanjucheng Jiangyuan venture in 1930, by the Jinzhou Huang Jifu investment. Jiangyuan entrusted Zheng Changyi dispensers, cheap sold all kinds of sauce, pickles, soy sauce, vinegar, also engaged in various kinds of edible oil, fans, black fungus, mushrooms, dried kelp, paper, local goods sundry goods. Because the construction of pickles flavor, processing weird sanjucheng then slowly turned to business pickles industry. Make sauce pickles with cheap sweet sauce, mayonnaise, low salt, low sugar, fresh, sweet, tender and crisp. The cucumber sauce, tomato sauce, shrimp sauce, cucumber, glass assorted vegetables spiced pimple skin in addition to the supply of Qingdao, but also sold to Shanghai. As a product, sanjucheng spiced pimple skin every year before the Spring Festival are concentrated to Ji'nan, thirty years of the table become necessary. Famous Xiang Jiangyuan story in 1932 presents labyrinthian, the Qingdao times disclosure in the past, the sauce for posing as Shuanglu trademark was apprehended. Wanxiangzhai in 1932 by Zhang Bingzhong Pingdu was established in Yantai in 1948, No. 74 Huangdao Road, opened a semicolon, front shop. In a sauce pig meat, Amomum villosum Bao Du, spiced braised chicken, smoked fish, famous, there are other sauce pig unload, sauce lipid residue, donkey meat sauce, fresh Bao belly, miscellaneous marinated chicken, round ham, sausage, beef jerky, meat, sausage, soup and oil, wax head meat products.

Early Jiang Yuan

The implementation of public-private partnership 1950 years of Qingdao pickles industry, sanjucheng accidentally retained, until 1968 to the Quartet Road shop. Although a traditional old soy food stores, but not on the shelf, food store still put a few big cylinder and pickles. Planned economy period, food store operation is a Chinese cabbage, radish, potatoes and other "around". In winter, panic buying winter cabbages can be discharged from the group. In 1986 the greengrocer's "transformation", 10 years after the restoration of sanjucheng name. Perhaps in order to prove the legitimacy, sanjucheng old always retained in the triangle, became increasingly dilapidated old city scene. In fact, later continued to "restore" some time-honored, much like an imposter suspects, fradulent magic. Family inheritance, capital and cultural context are not, "recovery" is just a thought.

Eat in Huangdao Road, the hotel can not be. 1930 years, here is the Tianjin museum's full opened, Huangdao Road 21, en traditionalethics, Huangdao Road 59, Shandong Museum and so on. Qingdao "laughing wind no life memories, 1950s public-private partnerships in the future, Huangdao road once depressed, private economy and hawker stalls Mingjin withdraw troops. To natural disaster period, head of policy loosening, Huangdao road once again become the free market, restore the hustle and bustle of Bacchic. The Qingdao "turkey" street, the guest and beggars, thieves, marauder, ichthyosaurs jumbly premises for estimation of public stores, private stalls, size. So far, from the earliest cultural conflict, to sneak in the public and private, Huangdao road system inertia, completed the so-called reborn.

Born in 1946 Zhaoqing recall: Huangdao road step that a section of the road, on both sides of the snack shops to sell, I remember sell sesame small fire, small biscuits around the rim of the glass size, the two sides covered the white or black sesame, holding all kinds of sugar, brown sugar, sand beans, jujube paste filling, bulging, crisp, bite a mouthful Liuxiang. There is a sell glutinous rice cake of, such as finger like the length of the thickness of glutinous rice cake wrapped in roses, sweet scented osmanthus sauce filling, pink toot placed in the red jujube steamed drawer, steamed drawer below a a delicate small bamboo basket. The storekeeper is a South, see passers through, then sweet waxy waxy shouted a sound "brain meters report", every time go to here, the thousands of pieces of money (currency, 1000 yuan is equal to at the moment a dime) is the father will dig. When the paper containing the delicious snack to make my hands, I will all the way walk all the way to eat arrive home, needless to Dad back, so my father bought me eating tool is very willing to work. "

1950 years of the big department, the material supply is serious, people are seriously malnourished, a lot of people have got hepatitis. On the fourth grade primary school ". The wind" was found to have hepatitis, missing a term. Every morning, he carries all kinds of tickets, to Huangdao Road shop deputy food shop lined up. Often shops did not open the door, the door is lined up, I do not know what to sell. Once he saw a long queue, just as soon as possible on the row. Ask the person in front of what to sell, do not know. There is also the row behind, he let people keep asking, went to the front. A look at the sell pear, no ticket. Come back to say, the master gang are very cheerful, count is not the white row of the team.

Although there is a lack of planning, there is nothing in the free market, but the price is far too expensive. "Laughing wind away" in his blog wrote that I remember most clearly is peanuts a dime eight grain, and leads to the "Yang Baohua sell peanuts" anecdotes. Yang Baohua is originally Qingdao gelatin factory workers, pass once in Huangdao road sold peanuts, during the cultural revolution into the rebellious manner head, when in March 1967 Qingdao Municipal Revolutionary Committee, opposite delivery times his nickname "Yang Ba grain. The "eight Huangdao Lu Yang grain" story, although not in the official history, but anecdotal alive spread. The leaflets of the cultural revolution also had "rumor": clear as Yang Baohua then sell peanuts is not a dime eight grain, but nine grains. Color, from the "Yang eight grain" to "Yang 9 grains sarcasm, not only increase the a political violence of humorous color, also collapse the" revolution "sacred.

In the darkness of the 10 years, Huangdao Road, the days of a haze. The stone house white lady Sun Yuncai recalled scholars Wang Cang older Dynasty addicted to wallow in this, destroying the integrity of the constraints, a weeping. In 1956 9 month post Wang of Shandong University library librarian, resigned in 1961. Retrieval is Cang Wang during the great leap forward wrote in Beijing's nephew's letters second paper, praised "the great leap forward in full swing, the effect is difficult to imagine", and entrusted the China Bookstore purchasing the oracle bone inscription collection. Rotation of the rheological law of temperament; Wang Cang in 1964 for the "Chinese musical history" in mimeographed form circulated, manuscripts, including ancient temperament, elegant temperament and Yanyue third sector of the pipe & middot; member of "the fifth," Lu spring and Autumn & middot temperament, temperament, "Huai Nan Zi", "records of the historian of the book of the law," the study of temperament, three points loss method system of growth environment, advocate tube law, Xun Xu flute law, Edward 12 equal temperament, Beijing real quasi copy, Liu Zhuo Lulu theory, Zhu Zaiyu's 12 equal temperament and Yanyue, Yanyue officer, Yanyue scale height, Yanyue and guqin, a detailed elaboration. But because of the informal publications will not get widespread. During the cultural revolution, Wang Cang was forced by the Jiangsu Lu Tan Yankai old Yu moved to Huangdao Road, there is less than ten square meters, only a light through the window. Wang clothing tattered, taciturn, often "repair trunk hair" lurching in Huangdao Road, although the lapel is erected ". However, no identification. The summer of 1970, Wang Cang Long book "San's name like explanation", the ancient text learning skill, deep paper. Today we can see King Cang old text, an article is to the younger generation Suzhou dialect countermark recommend, full text is less than 600 word, but it seems to have Chinese words pass Bushikaolve. In August 1974, 75 year old Wang Cang in Huangdao road Yushe "written by the white printing draft sequence, columnists cloud:" friendly fire eating and Suzhou dialect countermark division Deng Sanmu, scattered wooden printing the shackles worn think teaching within from the tour ten years less than yuanqiang, Jinnai chasing the, follow one's inclinations, and since the age of, dance parties, with new front, try one's best the industry, Wu in the twilight years, blow eye to be Guan Sheng almost also. " Wang Cang is the people of Muping, suspected Yantai graduated from the eighth school in Shandong Province, and the roots of interconnection enthusiasts. "Revolutionary flood", Wang Cang in the later rare in sad unfailingly, the Department of. In August 18, 1977, Wang Cang was admitted to the emergency of 29 Guangzhou Road, Shinan District People's Hospital, the day of death.

In fact, the old street of Huangdao road such as Wang Cang resume, difficultyall. The differences, in tears in the same social situation, suffering, struggle. Many people, today we can only face an abstract name, a long time in a daze. In October 1959, a copy of the CPPCC, Shinan District, Qingdao City, the first session of the committee list ", marked as" social people "Huangdao Road No. 2 Fu Shuhan, was included in the" special invited people of 17 persons, and about his past, but we heard nothing. Also in this list, the authors found that the aunt, a lifetime loner obstetric healers, her name, showing in 6 "medical and health sector". And in the author's memory, aunt seems to have no and the "positive" political. In late August 1960, the author's childhood had with his family in Huangdao Road hospital to visit their elders, admission to see everywhere writing Zhang post posters, leaflets, banners, wanted make such as devastated, a pair of high-heeled shoes hanging under the door beams, the wind swing, the atmosphere is bleak. This has been difficult for elution. Huangdao road and Wang Cang close at hand, the painter Liang Tianzhu also crawl in Wei County Road at the 14 square meters of the attic. Climb up the narrow stairs, the roof with tile eaves sloping down, the shortest place can not be straight. This small space is his bedroom, living room, kitchen, room, more than ten years to complete a large number of works. Wang Cang, Liang Tianzhu, Suzhou dialect of, let idealistic art seed, develop local of the most splendid civilization of flowers on the streets of a mottled, become a dark age of evidence to the contrary.

Yang Baohua are the pinnacle of Rob chaos fleeting, thereafter removing imprisonment, after Qingdao everywhere "fundamentally change Xinyan", Huangdao road of this city history points daily scenery line, drifting further and further away. Also gone, there are a variety of legends about the Huangdao road and the memory of all sorts of strange things. In all the stories, there is also a warm sigh.

Late July 23rd

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