Do you know what is the special requirements of Wu Zetian lover?

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Do you know what is the special requirements of Wu Zetian lover?

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In ancient times, man can justifiably recruit the wife of concubinage, can sounding strokes wives satisfied princess; and as a man's slave, women only with other several, dozens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of women with a man sharing, cannot share a cup of a thick soup for that. Investigate its quality, is still a "right" word. So secret recruitment of Nanchong or said secret lovers, as they are used to solve the best style of physical and mental desires and the primary path.

Nanchong, also called the first appearance, face, beauty, hair beauty. First, it is for your woman playing with the beauty of man. In history, the woman man Nanchong is not surprising, as, Western Jin Jia Nanfeng except "and cure too much make Cheng to chaos Chang table" and sent around to collect "graceful beauty only" place "Beadle" (Jinshu), Empress Dowager Feng of Northern Wei first "Chong Li Yi", "Wang Rui lying in the balance of payments", and later "Lichong... Also see pet tent "(" Wei Shu "); the Northern Qi Dynasty Empress Dowager Hu" with Salmonella Tan Xian Tong ", after the main high latitudes toward the empress dowager, see two little Johnny, accepted the call, but the man also" ("Northern Qi book"), and so on.

Compared with them, Wu Zetian (624 - 705) boarded the pinnacle of power, so in the recruitment of Nanchong some differences.

It should be said that Wu Zetian recruitment of Nanchong, is mainly used to douse the lust, which and the family Wushi women throughout sexual desire stronger gene about. Wu Zetian's mother Rong mansion (later changed the Taiyuan Princess) 88 years old, still desire chronological, unexpectedly grandson helanmin incest and adultery, this, old Tang book called "quick youth color beauty, make to Rong Guo lady", "new book of Tang" called "quick Shaoxiu self pleasing, Zheng Rong Guo", Lianzhi science rigorous Sima Guang in Zizhitongjian "also known as" quick beautiful and steamed in Taiyuan Princess ", visible this is not fiction. In addition, Wu Zetian's daughter Chengping princess, sister Mrs. South Korea, niece Mrs. Wei Guo in private life are not fuel-efficient lights, Wu Zetian in the family is no exception.

Wu Zetian 14 revenues palace, from "Taizong smell its beauty stop, called into the Palace (the old book of Tang) record, has long coveted the emperor would never let her go. However, because of Wu, the unyielding character, the lack of the kind of woman weak, soon to be the Emperor Taizong hanging on one side, sitting in the twelve years to the bench. So, Wu Zetian did not give birth, has always been the only title. Behind Tang Taizong, Wu Zetian monk, after Emperor Gaozong remarried. Emperor Gaozong had eight children and four women, after the fourth son, after two daughters are Wu Sheng, this enough to affirm Wu Zetian in sexual life of greedy and arrogant.

Hiromichi first year (683), Emperor Gaozong died, Wu came to power, relax, long sting psychological desire under the power of the stimulation activated again and Nanchong become the necessities of Wu Zetian the widow. Since then, Xue Huaiyi, Shen Nanqiu, Zhang Yizhi, Zhang Changzong and other well-known Nanchong, have become Wu Zetian's bed partner. Putianzhixia, belongs to the king; within the territory of a state, Murphy Wang Chen, the man not Lou refers to calculate, waiting to serve Wu Zetian of man is not in the minority. So, what about Wu Zetian in the choice of Nanchong area? From the existing literature materials, the author found some traces.

Wu Zetian is a handsome man.

Xue Huaiyi is a "great spirit, extraordinary appearance, high and mighty. Historical records not Shen Nanqiu looks, but he can perhaps into court, full-time to the emperor, Empress and other high-level people to see a doctor, at least is a warm, elegant and delicate man. Zhang Yizhi "20 years, white and beautiful appearance," Zhang Changzong "face like lotus", two people grow very beautiful beautiful. It is obvious that young and beautiful Wu Zetian is a prerequisite for the selection of nanchong.

Wu Zetian's favourite are.

Xuehuaiyi "is very material, can Valet" (the old book of Tang), Wu Zetian test afterwards "Yue" ("new book of Tang") and "well met, deep" (the old book of Tang). Xuehuaiyi alternatives is Shen Nanqiu. The history of the Tang Dynasty Kingdoms "called" south beautiful jade real operation, do not let the Huai Yi Wushi exactly also gratified ", high degree of support. Empress Wu Zhang changzong bed of Kung Fu is wrong, and "easy" but also beyond a, Wu Zetian "unintelligibility summoned, very Yue. The brothers are paternity palace,...... The provision of Yang Pet Club ("Old Tang book"). In addition, from "left prison guard long Shi Houxiang Yunyang road grein the too xuehuaiyi specifically want to self worthy Feng Chen worship" (the old book of Tang), Wu Zetian of Nanchong nakedness is very concerned about.

Young, beautiful, strong, is the three essential prerequisite of Wu Zetian's selection of nanchong.

On demand, will be the next match. So, this is not suitable for the three premise of man, can act as Wu Zetian's favourite? No. The Tang dynasty literati songzhiwen ate Wu Zetian cold-shoulder treatment. Wu Zetian rejected the song Zhiwen, except that he has had a "breath", he is too outspoken. Wu Zetian is the emperor, although a handsome, but she is still a woman handing over what results, links need to reserve. Song Zhiwen predicament in broad daylight, not to mention the psychological defects, alone Wu Zetian don't like him, did not dare to get close with him is like also owe good commitment.

By gene families affected by the stimulation of the power factor, Wu Zetian old age although desire excitement, but throughout his life is nothing more than four Nanchong bale. Four, xuehuaiyi is your daughter Princess secretly courting, Zhang changzong is Chengping Princess Mystery recommend and Zhang Yizhi is Zhang changzong incidentally referral, Shen Nanqiu is Wu Zetian's underground lover, into the palace was averaged caused no adverse effects. Since the vertical arch first year (685) xuehuaiyi into Shi, Wu Zetian "although higher in spring and autumn, good self Tu Ze, although not to manipulate realize its decline" "new book of Tang" modern medicine has confirmed that the semen of men wonders of beauty and youth forever vitality, a long time ago in Wu Zetian was attempted. The love is moist, Wu Zetian tried to use the rule of energy glow, can open, kaiyuanshengshi laid a foundation.

No man's help, Wu Zetian may not be able to go without the love of Nanchong, ascended the throne; Wu Zetian may not be able to stay young. This, as the direct benefits to the people, Wu Zetian know, so pay attention to add several nanchong. It can be said that Wu Zetian of Nanchong with poor force.

Because the Nanchong issue, Wu Zetian was the world's criticism. The Wu said to a lascivious shameless coquettish woman, even people falsely pinch the ideal husband "such obscene vilify Wu Zetian, in order to stifle and deny Wu Zetian in history to make contributions to show off. In all fairness, Wu Zetian's psychological needs if it is strong, but her throughout his life, only trifling four Nanchong, the Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Gaozong, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Jiali tens of thousands, were out of proportion. Furthermore, Wu Zetian recruitment of Nanchong, Emperor Gaozong died, Wu Zetian is a widow, is single, is a normal make, there is no lewd.

The first year of the Dragon (705) the first month, Zhang Jianzhi, who instigated a coup kill Zhang's brother, forced Wu abdicated, Litang reply. Wu Zetian, the winner of the political struggle for half a century, did not escape the tragic fate. Support the power lost, especially poor love moist, 82 year old Wu Zetian lonely without care, physical and mental disintegration soon was distressed. In November, Wu Zetian died, and Tang Gaozong buried qianling. Qianling rosefinch doors have two stone, Emperor Gaozong of the saint tablet, Wu's Monument without words, are Wu is generated before. A monument with the words with a whole piece of stone carved into, tall and magnificent, tall and straight, thick, the monument is the first semicircle, and the monument top center position is slightly concave. This special shape, give people infinite imagination space.