Song Gaozong with ten virgin to elect a prince

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Song Gaozong with ten virgin to elect a prince

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Portrait of Zhao Rui Song Xiaozong

Throughout China's thousands of years of feudal dynasty, the emperor choose Prince's style is nothing more than two: the first is the emperor in "Li Chang not young" adage knighted prince; and the other one is ministers jointly recommend. But in the Song Dynasty, Song Gaozong has created a new style of virginity election crown prince selected. What the hell is going on here? Why did Song Gaozong use virginity to choose the prince?

Song Gaozong emperor song Xiaozong Zhao Rui is one of the most capable people in all the Song Dynasty emperor to play, he assumes the throne after, agile enabled multi volume Chen capable officials, but also for the vindication of Yue Fei bear bubaizhiyuan, quite the past song Taizu style, is loved by the people. Many records of guess the later history of the emperor Xiaozong Zhao Rui, the catches the most target injection was undoubtedly by which he can sit on the process test of song Gaozong emperor's legendary experience. The reason he can play to the identity of the non parent song Gaozong's throne, on the one hand and the emperor no child was forced to the Zhao clan in selected prince on; on the other hand, for fear that is also the most important, thanks to him in a disposal of song Gaozong gave him ten questions as a handsome super Zhuo said. Incredible as it may sound, Zhao Rui play throne and disposal of ten handsome between how being so big relationship?

The story speaks of from ad 1129 is in this year, gold left, deputy marshal Zong dimensional capture of Xuzhou, the displacement of the army to the south, guarding the in Huaiyang hanshizhong's army collapsed, defeated Yancheng, Jinbing drive straight ahead, all the way down to the Yangzhou around Tianchang army. In the past, when the gold army invaded by Han Shizhong and Yue Fei and a number of famous generals to fight against, the Song Dynasty Royal family to protect the worry. But the even Han Shizhong troops are under the impact of Jinbing failure, natural makes the Song Dynasty Royal lost depend on the fence. Han Shizhong's failure to make Song Gaozong frightened, ran away than ever embarrassed. Due to excessive shock, song Gaozong Zhao Gou after the transaction lost fertility, and his only son also in Miao Liu Queening die, Taizong's descendants, basically in the Jingkang Queening is catch Jin is to from the sons and daughters of the Emperor Taizong almost can not find can act as a suitable candidate for the throne. In order not to go so far as to make itself in a throne in waixing Renshi, song Gaozong was forced to in Song Taizu, Taizong's brother, the children find can serve as the candidate for the throne.

Differences with Song Taizong's children, when children of song Taizu have thousands of people, song Gaozong to choose the suitable candidate in the more than 1000 people also is not easy. After a careful search, song and song finally found a fat one thin two children. In two Prince Zhao Rui is among the candidates, a skinny child in this. At first, Zhao Rui and Song Gaozong did not have much affection, but the child is a fat point. Arguably, Zhao Rui play throne opportunities should also come here to draw full stop, but perhaps Mingmingzhizhong own heaven, he abandons the emperor hu want, a small, thereby enabling the occasion ostentation and extravagance occurred the huge change. Passes is such: once, song Gaozong will Zhao Rui and the fat kid called all the way through to the happens at this time broke into the cat, listen to the song Gaozong speech Zhao Ruizheng attentively, the cat rushed in after even the eyes are not blink out; and obese children had differences, cat rushed in after he appears very panic, no longer unmotivated and listened to the song Gaozong, quickly kicking the cat, the action is extremely rude. The fat kid this reckless behavior completely ruined the emperor originally to him only a glimmer of good impression. Eventually, the emperor sent go fat kid, Zhao Rui in the palace.

Arguably, Zhao Rui was in the palace, the throne heir must go to him, but he in the palace spent nearly 20 years, but has not been established for the prince, which makes incredible. The reason, mainly has two aspects: one is Zhao Ruifei Gaozong biological, song Gaozong always he prejudiced, I wish he much to leave some time, keen to present itself fertile sites; the second is song Gaozong's mother Wei queen mother don't like Zhao Rui, and like other rearing in the palace Zhao Zhuo, she always advised Gao Zongli Zhao Zhuo for the prince the Gaozong in Prince legislation has been tweaking uncertain, don't know how the trade-offs. Finally, he came up with a can not Wei queen mother angry, and test of Zhao Rui and Zhao Zhuo surefire strategy: to the separation of the two of them sent to ten peerlessly beautiful virgin, after waiting for half a month then these stunning beauty called back seriously test, at least who virginity, who will be the best candidate for the throne. Song Gaozong came up with this trick is very useful, the results are obvious. Zhao Rui gave ten contestants are called back after no lack of unabated, and give it to Zhao Zhuo ten contestants are entirely are no longer is virginity. Finally, Zhao Rui through the Song Gaozong test, well being the prince ascended the throne, until.