Qianling three wantonly excavation, no success, eventually crossing accidentally blown farmers

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Qianling three wantonly excavation, no success, eventually crossing accidentally blown farmers

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Qianling is Tang Gaozong Li Zhi and Wu Zetian's tomb, Tang Guang Zhai first year (684 years), Li Zhi is buried in that year, Qianling initially built, has been built, until the Dragon two years (706 years) Wu Zetian was buried, is basically completed. In addition to Qianling buried Li Zhi and Wu Zetian, there are 17 accompanying tombs, including Zhanghuai crown prince Li Xian, Prince Yi De and Li Zhongrun, Li Shangjin, Wang Ze Xu Wang Bin Li Sujie, Wang Li Shouli, Yiyang princess, princess, Princess Xindu Hing, Princess of Yongtai (Wang Jishan, Xue Yuanchao, and Secretary Yang Zaisi, Liu Shenli, Dou Lu Qin Wang, Liu Rengui, Li Jinhang, Gao Kan, Su Fang and Xue Rengui).

Qianling as unique in the history of husband and wife of emperor China burial tomb, like other tombs, Tomb Raider has been coveted, countless people had a go, in an attempt to steal a wealth of treasures in the tomb, but not a success. In these tomb activities, there are three large-scale excavation activities, the first occurred in the late Tang Dynasty, Huang Chao spent 400 thousand army excavation of Qianling, the 400 thousand men in the Liangshan peak on the west side dug a depth of 40 meters of the "Huang Chao ditch", also failed to find the passage, but to make it down. The second occurred in the five generation, the Chongzhou army found all Wen Tao Jiedushi in Tang Dynasty imperial tombs, in addition to Qianling, the tomb of Tang Dynasty all other. The last time in the early Republic of China, the Kuomintang general Sun Lianzhong to protect the Qianling under the guise of was stationed and Qianling, to exercise as a cover with a division of troops Qianling excavation. During the period of Sun Lianzhong fry in many places with explosives, but always can't find the passage. The three major excavation activities, although larger, but ultimately failed to find the passage.

In 1958, due to the construction of 312 national highway, local farmers blasting stone, accidentally blown out of the passage. In February 1960, Shaanxi province has set up a "Qianling excavation committee", after the preliminary excavations confirmed the bombing of the Palace of the Earth tomb, and began to explore Qianling Palace of the Earth tomb in April 3rd. May 12th, tomb stone full disclosure. Mining and the "Old Tang Yan Shansi biography", "Xuan Qianling que, the door to the stone block, the stone gap, including solid cast iron using the same records". Subsequently, the historian Guo Moruo's initiative, the Ministry of culture "submitted to the State Council" Qianling excavation plan. Premier Zhou Enlai of the State Council on the "plan" to explore Qianling "we can not finish good, after the matter can be reserved for later generations to complete the" instructions, the State Council issued a notice requirement again, "the national imperial mausoleum before don't dig, Qianling excavation stop.