Wei Zhongxian and the eunuch party just back the blame? The Ming Dynasty is arch-criminal Donglin Party

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Wei Zhongxian and the eunuch party just back the blame? The Ming Dynasty is arch-criminal Donglin Party

2016-11-02 05:56:53 874 ℃

Xiaobian remember in school history textbooks, once said to Wei Zhongxian as Quebec Yandang, control, guard and other East secret agency, to control the affairs of mutilating zhongliang. As long as the public opposition party secretary Yan, will end up in tragic, up and down the court a fear, just a kind of a hell on earth. At that time, Xiao Bian also to Wei party gnash, such a powerful hard Ming Dynasty, such a large strong family, was a eunuch so ruined. However, with the in-depth understanding of the historical knowledge of the editor, suddenly found Wei Zhongxian Yan party although not what a fool, but in the Ming Dynasty on this matter, they really seem to be carrying a bag.

To discuss this issue, we may wish to look at the political situation of the Ming Dynasty at that time. Ming Xi Zong period, as our Li Bing pen eunuch, very popular favor, known as the "nine thousand and nine hundred years", to get rid of, arbitrary government, so that people only know a Zhongxian, but I do not know the emperor". This is the pinnacle of the power of wei. At this point, the political survival of the literati class is narrow, because, "unity is strength," the truth began to be the general acceptance of the literati. In order to Jiangnan literati dominated political groups are formed a party outside the wind, a huge political group, Donglin party.

The party is not a party, but they represent a huge social upper interest group. Although the state power struggle, and Yan party for the underdog, but the Donglin Party hold the country's most social wealth. Because of their unique status, they don't even have to pay taxes. They don't have to pay a penny to the country.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, but after the gold back, trying to invade the central plains. But at this time of Nur Ha Che or Huangtaiji worth mentioning, although they want to make a big, but did not think of the Ming Dynasty all eat this step. Li Zicheng and the peasant uprising of Manchu to occupy the whole confidence Chinese. The two became overwhelmed by the Ming Empire really cause, but if taken separately, if only one of the two regiment, strong Ming Dynasty not to fight the country. Especially for the peasant uprising in the war, the army has the upper hand in. Li Zicheng of the Ming Dynasty national strength unprecedented consumption reduces the Manchu pressure, create conditions for manqingruguan.

But this is the two who light weight, we are not good at the conclusion, therefore, may wish to analyze the reasons behind the two.

The political pattern of the Ming Dynasty, the eunuch party, literati, generals pole balance each other, after years of war and destruction of the civil Fort change combat generals in basic system. At this time, the political equivalent of a party and Donglin Party singled. The Ming Dynasty has perfect imperial examination system, although the official Korea may lower reading people but in fact, the state power is still being held in the hands of the traditional literati class. The traditional idea at that time is "grow up farming, you want to let the family to support you for your reading, then go to the examination, at the bottom of society Impergium, which itself is a kind of offbeat"". Therefore, relative to the eunuch party this upstart, is the Ming Dynasty Donglin Party foundation, is for stacking up wealthy family". Before we talk about the literati in the Ming Dynasty, do not pay taxes, tax usually comes from the lower class people's labor, such as farming, business and manufacturing etc..

The war will bring national consumption holds most of the wealth of nations Donglin have chosen the poor, such as Chongzhen wanted to donate courtiers enrich the Treasury, who knows there is no one response. People increasingly heavy taxes will eventually be forced into a corner, this is the root cause of the peasant uprising. But it is interesting that this problem has never been a party in time, on the contrary, the period of the Ming Dynasty Wei Zhongxian powerful, but the relative abundance of the treasury.

In addition, from the historical point of view, the vast majority of people are just a bunch of Donglin Party full of "Chinese dream" idealistic and romantic, they exude lofty integrity is certainly valuable, but in government, there is lack of ability. Especially after a party in the elimination of Chongzhen, Donglin Party loss limit, a single large, that on the occasion of the national crisis, the real power of the emperor was almost overhead. In addition, the other party literati class such as Chu, Zhejiang party party, and Donglin Party constantly fighting, group of four, the energy consumption of the Ming Dynasty greatly. They do not have a little effective action to save the country, only to watch the demise of the Ming dynasty.

The editor had to see a friend commented that the history of the tyrant is not Yong Jun, but compared to the tyrant, HunJun HunJun, are more likely to harm the country. Indeed, a party is not decent, Wei Zhongxian broke the intelligentsia of the political control of the party means cruel, Wei overhead emperor, ethically is treason and heresy. But the existence of Wei's party creates a kind of delicate political balance in some sense, and maintains the stable political situation. The evaluation of Wei Zhongxian's "Ming Xi Zong Ke with loyalty, count event". Wei Zhongxian in the "big" sober and decisive, especially the key problems in the maintenance of the overall situation, Zhirenshanren, reward and punishment has been recognized by the emperor, Wei Zhongxian, who is much stronger than the Donglin party.

In summary, the Ming Dynasty eunuch party blame buckle in the head is too heavy, if people do choose the Ming Dynasty, ask them who hate more, and maybe the answer is the same, the demise of the Ming Dynasty is the real arch-criminal, history textbooks praised Wei Zhongxian's henchmen to eradicate the Donglin party.

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