The memory of 918 factory (Tianxing Machinery Factory) the origin, let us review the old story of the three line factory

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The memory of 918 factory (Tianxing Machinery Factory) the origin, let us review the old story of the three line factory

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918 factory (Tianxing Machinery Factory) origin

Let's revisit the old story of the three wire plant.

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In 918 factory (Tianxing Machinery Factory), the old man's memory, it is a heaven and earth's glory days, as per a builder from are full of revolutionary passion, although conditions are difficult, even for a moment, are not idle.

In 1966, the Ministry of machinery industry according to Chairman Mao "prepare, prepare against natural disasters, instructions for the people" command Tianjin 712 factory iron River, Hongjiang suburb village in Xiangxi formation of 918 factory, said foreign Tianxing machinery factory. August 21, 1966, the first batch of 15 people from Tianjin to Hongjiang, began to build, in November of that year the groundbreaking, June 1970, basically completed and put into operation, when 705 employees, 499 sets of equipment, the main development and production of aeronautical communication station.

In December 1982, the State Development Planning Commission approved the consent 918 factory moved to Zhuzhou, renamed as central radio factory, was completed in 1986, all of the relocation, November 29, 1986, the Ministry of electronics industry presided over the relocation of the acceptance, held relocation project completion ceremony, there are 1575 employees, after conversion, the main production fax, included machines, radios, mobile radio and other products. After the 1990s, market forces continuous influx and strong rumbling daring laid-off tide began to spread to the three line factory, Central Radio Factory eventually bankruptcy restructuring.

918 factory moved to Zhuzhou, and the other three line factory, built a relatively closed living and working areas, workers in the vast majority are not local people, although in the bustling city, but it is difficult to into the lives of local people, there is no ID identity, some after the worker is retired, returning to their roots back to the home.

On in terms of the three line factory over the working life of workers and children, whatever it is on account of the origin, regardless of the future, where work and life, the factory always is the hometown of their hearts......

Precious history.

918 factory relocation to Zhuzhou plant and living area

918 factory in Hongjiang iron Creek plant and living area

What is the three wire plant?

From 1964 to 1980, the five three year plan for 16 years, China's central and western regions of the three line of large-scale military enterprises, the total investment accounted for almost 1/3 of the country's investment. 400 million workers, cadres and intellectuals, the liberation of army officers and soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of people in the migrants, "prepare against natural disasters for the people", "good good right three line" the call of the times, playing the backpack, Bashansheshui, came to the motherland of the canyon in the mountains, and the desert wilderness, camped, shoulder people pick, hard, sweat and lives, built more than 1100 large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units and colleges, known as the "three line factory".


Time flies, stars Hong Jiang transfer, prosperity and development of traditional industries, has been fixed in. These dusty decades old photos and witness our parents' self-improvement, pioneering spirit, which is the true record of an era. Looking back Hongjiang traditional industry through the glorious history, the cohesion of the Hongjiang people too much effort and sweat, give us too much thinking, too much inspiration! Every entrepreneur should pay tribute to the history of the party! To the creation of the traditional industrial glory of the predecessors to pay tribute! Now the spirit of the heritage fathers Hongjiang people are creating new industry brilliant hongjiang!

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