This was China's most northern islands, beautiful people heartache

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This was China's most northern islands, beautiful people heartache

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When it comes to the largest island in China, many students will say is southeast of Taiwan Island, Taiwan island is actually the second largest island in China, first largest island is Sakhalin Island.

Worthy of attention is that Japan has defiled the south of Sakhalin, called karafuto. Russia has been completely broken, can only rely on the sale of Siberia's oil and gas resources dawdle, fewer and fewer. I don't know if we're ready for Russia's collapse, but Japan and South Korea are ready.

China, Japan and ROK are little more than the country, it is very essential to new for a large number of people live on the land, to the Russian occupation of the northeast, is the most suitable for large-scale immigration. Japan is the most convenient for Sakhalin, and South Korea took a fancy to the east of the Ussuri River area, the map is finished,.

Northeast, since ancient times, is China's, was only a pity Qing corrupt and incompetent, tsarist Russia abruptly cut away a million square kilometers. Fortunately, the Chinese people have never forgotten the beautiful outside the northeast, in the civil, the voice of the northeast to recover more than and 100 years from not cut off, this is the hope. However, when it comes to the northeast, China mainly remember a few names, one of the most representative is Vladivostok, then is the island of Sakhalin, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk, a tale of two cities,.

However, there is a place where the Chinese have almost never mentioned, and this is a beautiful island, when it comes to the north-east. If the islands are on the map of China, it will be the most northern of China, and the largest of the islands.

Gebute Island, do not know how many Chinese remember.

Russia's most hateful is occupied a place, get rid of original place all the traces of history, with neither fish nor fowl's Russian name. Now, the islands have no longer called Gebute Island, but the Russian name shantar islands.

In order to tell the convenience, the use of the name of the.

China is now the largest archipelago of Zhoushan Zhejiang islands, with a total area of 1371 square kilometers, the total area of the 2500 square kilometers, the total area of the island is square kilometers, is nearly double the Zhoushan islands. Now the shantar islands, belonging to Russia's Khabarovsk region, which is Russia occupied the land of China established so-called administrative region.

The capital of Khabarovsk, the so-called area called Khabarovsk, is the city of Khabarovsk China.

China's Heilongjiang to the Russian occupied area, Russia said the Amur River, has been to the Northeast flowing, and Temple Street (the so-called Nikolaevsk) into the Okhotsk Sea. The beauty of the shantar islands, Heilongjiang is two hundred and fifty kilometers from the mouth of the West side.

The Okhotsk Sea, China in ancient historical records called Beihai, Beihai's largest island, the island is Gebute. A total of fifteen islands, the largest island is the largest island in the island, the area of 1790 square kilometers, far greater than the Zhoushan islands. Then a small Chantal Island, and (Russian name) don't leech Island, feklistova Island, Prokofiev Island, library Benesova Island, Sal Hanaya Island, Mikhail Youzhny island and more than a dozen island. Which is the second largest island, island islands, an area of 372 square kilometers.

The shantar islands, most early is a part of China, was China's north and south towards the separatist era, northeast active a named Wuji nationality, they in the northeast of the northern coastal hunting and fishing, happy life. Until the Sui and Tang Dynasties, this has become a part of the Lemo Mohe family, Mohe to Central Plains court render tribute to the conqueror, is tall islands nature is belong to China the. The Liao Dynasty, Chantal islands belong to Tokyo under the jurisdiction of liaoning. Jin Dynasty replaced the Liao Dynasty, the shantar Islands belongs to Jin Shangjing road jurisdiction, road on the northern tip of the cut-off point for the Po and the road and Holi.

To the Yuan Dynasty, it belongs to Liaoyang branch Province, to Kaiyuan Road and shuidada road at the northern end of the junction point. The Ming Dynasty, there is still China land belonging to the Ming Dynasty, Manuel dry division of jurisdiction. The Qing Dynasty in the northeast, pay more attention to the protection of here, here is the Gebute island name.

In the early years of the Qing Dynasty, Russia continues to expand the Northeast penetration. It is said that the Qing Dynasty under the command of Emperor Kangxi, won the battle of albazin, fell the aggressive ambition of the tsarist Russia. East Russia cannot, with the Qing government in Nerchinsk negotiation, and signed the famous "clear Russian Nerchinsk treaty" on the world. The provisions of the treaty with Russia for Xingan outside the Qing Ling, north of Russia, the south is clear, of which the first question on the river basin area.

But it is clear that the tar is no mistake for the Chinese land, is under the jurisdiction of Jilin general. Over a hundred years, Xianfeng Period, both internal and external, greedy Russia forced battered by the Qing government signed the so-called "Aihui treaty, tsarist Russia forced the stanovoy range to the south, Heilongjiang to the north of the six hundred thousand square kilometers fertile land appropriation, then the Wusuli River 4 00000 square kilometers of land away. So far, the beautiful Gebute beautiful island was the Russian occupation, and defiled so far.

Big is still the main part of the island, the island is still the main part of the island, the highest peak of 701 meters above sea level, there are forests, is a typical northern islands.

Because Russia's population is limited, and less and less, in the Russian people living in the northeast of Russia almost about seven million, but also only distributed in several large cities, large tracts of land no one. Still far away from the island of the island, the basic uninhabited, tourism development is more out of the question, is the original ecology.

History is past, but the future is always there.

For the modern version of the "cloud Sixteen States", the Chinese people will not forget, can not forget.

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