Why Chen Yi almost did not comment on the marshal? Premier Zhou why help him fight for?

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Why Chen Yi almost did not comment on the marshal? Premier Zhou why help him fight for?

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On September 9, 1955 and 11, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which is responsible for the decision of the marshal, held two meetings to discuss the question of the rank of Marshal.

At the meeting, some people raised objections to the marshal Chen Yi professor. Chen Yi is Chinese revolution veteran, is also the founder and leader of the people's Liberation Army China. During the war, Chen Yi, in the strategic decision-making level to control the overall situation, and the "war of war" with the tacit understanding, the revolution has made a great contribution to the victory. So why would anyone object to Chen Yi's ten Grand Marshal?

(Chen Yi and Zhou photo)

In fact, the "Chen Yi in the end will not command to fight" has nothing to do (this article is not to discuss), main reason is back in September 1954, Chen Yi was appointed Vice Premier of the State Council, concurrently in charge of the Academy of Sciences, political science, law, culture and was "ready to do diplomatic work", although hanging in the name of the member of the Central Military Commission, but have to change jobs.

According to Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping are focused on work in place on the grounds of proposed not to comment on the marshal, and Chairman Mao said "now in the local work, not to comment on the rank of for good", people think that Chen Yi not granted Marshal title, is understandable.

In addition, Chen Yi is the only south of the Red Army guerrillas, the New Fourth Army and the East China Field Army (Sanye) Marshal representatives, if he do not review the marshal, the most likely to succeed marshal was the liberation army chief of staff Suyu the. At that time, the voice of the marshal was also very high, whether it is because someone wanted to pull a handful, has not been known.

(Chen Yi) as foreign minister

But Premier Zhou know the results of secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party of China is firmly opposed to the (at the same time, Premier Zhou Enlai in Beidaihe infirmary did not participate).

Premier Zhou and Chen Yi is a good friend, Chen Yi, appreciate the character, recommended Chen Yi to replace oneself as Minister of Foreign Affairs said: "he's better than I speak, big momentum, it is in line with the US such a big country prestige Junwei." So, Premier Zhou Enlai learned that Chen Yi may not selected the marshal, call Yang Shangkun, pointed out: "the military rank is awarded to Comrade Chen Yi now and in the future work are invariably will place."

(Chairman Mao's title for Chen Yi)

Premier Zhou also cited an example: you can not usually wear uniforms. Comrade Bulganin, the Soviet Union also has the title of Marshal, and now he is doing the work of the chairman of the ministerial conference is not commonly used marshal title. Can be said to be an example.

Premier Zhou advocated to the opinions of the investiture of Chen Yi finally passed, September 27, in Zhongnanhai Huairen held the investiture ceremony, Chairman Mao will he signed the marshal Shouxian writ, Zhu De, Peng, Lin Biao, Liu, Ho, Chen Yi, Luo Ronghuan, Xu forward, Nie Rongzhen, Ye Jianying 10 people awarded.

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