After killing three hundred thousand Chinese, why should the Japanese help the Jewish refugees?

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After killing three hundred thousand Chinese, why should the Japanese help the Jewish refugees?

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This paper, Liu Yong (history yanxishe hatch author)

The Japanese killed three hundred thousand Chinese in Nanjing alone, helping the Jewish refugees?

Many years ago, we were reproduced in a story about the Jews who are grateful to the Chinese to save the Jewish refugees. The details don't remember clearly, but I also remember the main contents of this paper have some impression, it is mainly about: during World War II Shanghai accepted the Jews, the Jews of the Chinese grateful for, so that Chinese in Israel by taxi, the taxi driver and are grateful to the Chinese people of Israel; even in spite of the United States will resolutely oppose high tech military technology to Chinese. The description of this article is suitable for more in line with the impression that everyone.

Figure: Shanghai Jewish refugee Memorial Statue

But that article has a problem, it did not mention how the Chinese people to help jews. Later to see the relevant books, especially Chinese scholars published a series of books, the general understanding of the things to get the pulse. After Hitler came to power in 1933, the Jewish people's Germany and its control of the situation on the ground is getting worse, especially in 1938, crystal night time after the outbreak of the Jewish people and property security is at stake. They need a safe place to live, rich Jew can get a visa, but the Jewish poor but found no few countries would accept their money. At this time, Shanghai opened the door to them, as long as they can raise funds to reach Shanghai, then they can live in Shanghai. Shanghai saved more than 20 thousand jews!

Figure: the use of the seal of the Republic of China government in Vienna, Ambassador He Fenghua

Everything seems to speak, but there is still a problem. When most of the Jews came to Shanghai, Shanghai was not under the control of the government of the Republic of China, but under the control of the Japanese. According to the statistics of the Jews "map of Shanghai" of the author, the Jews came to Shanghai is divided into five stages, and most of the Jews are concentrated in Shanghai between 1937 and 1939 reached this stage, about twenty thousand Jews arrived in Shanghai. So here comes the question...。 In July 7, 1939, the Lugou Bridge incident broke out. But after more than a month of August 13th, the Japanese invasion of Shanghai, a few months after the national government had worked hard, in November 12th the fall of Shanghai. So, that is to say after November 12, 1937 Shanghai is under common control, Japanese international settlement and the French concession. So how did the Chinese help the Jews? Of course, you can think Chinese helped the Jews in the visa issue. Because Shanghai is a port several condominium, so for the entry and exit management of foreigners is not strict, as long as foreigners can arrive in Shanghai, you can stay in Shanghai. For those Jews who fled to the visa, is a matter of life and death. Indeed, the Republic of China government in Vienna, the capital of Austria consul He Fengshan issued a 1200 visa, the pseudo Manchuria ambassador Wang Tifu also issued more than 10 thousand visas (on the king of the city, there is a dispute). From this point of view, Chinese really helped Jewish refugees. At that time the government of the Republic of China also showed great enthusiasm for the Jewish refugees, Sun Ke proposed to put all the refugees in Yunnan, the Republic of China government approval, although the final proposal because of funding problems. But the Japanese also have a great contribution to the visa issue, for example, the Japanese ambassador to Lithuania, Sugihara Chi, the Eastern European Jews issued a six thousand to the visa. Japan also put forward the development of northeast Chinese absorb Jews "puffer fish", and before 1942, the plan has been executed in a certain extent.

Figure: Nazi Germany Gestapo chief Joseph in Japan. Messing lattice

And soon after the fate of the Jewish refugees in Shanghai is directly in the hands of the japanese. After the Jewish refugees arrived in Shanghai, began their diaspora in the international settlement and the French concession, a few of the very poor Jews living in Hongkou District. In 1941 after the Pearl Harbor incident, Japan's direct control of the international settlement and the French concession. A large number of Jews were forced to enter the establishment of the Jewish isolation zone in Hongkou. And this time of Japan in 1940 and the Nazi Germany and Italy, the formal alliance. In 1942, the German ambassador to Japan Gestapo chief admiral Messinger and the Japanese authorities also specifically asked Japan to discuss, in Shanghai implementation of the "final solution" for the Jews, the Japanese refused his offer, but in February 1943 the vast majority of Jews migrated to the public rental in the isolation zone (near the Shanghai Tilanqiao prison area today).

Obviously, no matter what is said before the Jews to Shanghai visa problems, or after the Jews arrived in Shanghai and Japanese living situation, are closely related, said without excessive Japanese is also the benefactor of Jewish refugees. But when the Germans and Japanese knot alliance, why also took the initiative to act as a Jewish savior?

First of all, Japanese of Nazi Germany and the Japanese plan, will not give up their interests to Nazi Germany pure Aryan target. For the Japanese businessman Ayukawa Yisuke, Yasue, naval officer inutsuka and Higuchi Xi et al, the development of Manchuria's Jews, ease Japan's economic pressure, at the same time by Jewish forces in the United States the influence of American policy toward Japan, to strictly comply with the Nazi Jewish policy in Japan is more favorable. Of course, the development of Manchuria country for them, probably in Manchuria is like the development of local development, because the imperialists in these crazy view, not only the northeast, even the whole Chinese will sooner or later become a part of the Empire of japan. Japanese is like the Jews, is precisely the value of the Jewish community have grand wealth and to other countries, especially the huge influence of American politics. Coincidence, Japanese one killed Chinese, one side has become a benefactor of Jewish refugees.


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