Cold weapon era, China's military weapons are the best in the world.

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Cold weapon era, China's military weapons are the best in the world.

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Which country in the world of ancient cold weapons countries, with China's Song Diguo has 80 tens of thousands of heavy armored force (tens of thousands to one hundred thousand or so of cavalry, all men have heavy armor heavy cavalry. The infantry has more than half a million people are the elite of heavy infantry.

Is Osman Turkey army there? Is there any troops in India? Is there an army of that dynasty in Europe? A city in the ancient world, need like Bianliang, the capital of song empire as a whole need 5000 door catapult to attack down?

The Song Dynasty imperial army, almost everyone has a long weapon or crossbow weapons, then wear a knife or sword as short weapon combat? The song empire in the army, at least have millions of the swords, tens of millions of the crossbows and arrows, and quantity with the crossbow to match the mass amazing arrows of?

At that time in the world, in addition to China's local separatist ethnic country. Which country or Empire has more than 5 million heavy cavalry troops, or two to three hundred thousand heavy infantry?

China Sui Dynasty, with the number of the most powerful in the history of the world reached 120 thousand heavy cavalry troops. China during the Tang Dynasty, every 12500 people an army. Each regiment, 2500 soldiers who have elite Mo dao.

State forces in the Tang Empire, at least 60-100 million. That is to say the Tang army, just elite infantry heavy armor maek knife soldier, at least 12 to 20 million elite infantry heavy armor maek knife troops (the Tang Empire at least 48-80 Tang Empire 12500 level Legion).

When Song Diguo took most of the 80 elite troops of tens of thousands of. The Song Dynasty elite Imperial Army, all cavalry everything is heavy cavalry (at the beginning of the song Empire, Songjun elite static Lin Jun heavy cavalry troops wiped out off the Liao cavalry version of kite - Elite armoured troops Linjun), all infantry are wearing dozens of kilograms heavy step a heavy infantry.

Is the Japanese knife really forced in the ancient war? In ancient times, the cold weapon era, Japan which 10000 people are all the people can get a Japanese knife? The number of all the the Japanese sword of ancient Japan, 000 scale Legion sword?

Japan's exports to China knife in the ancient general is a plaything, for the literati scholar and a woman. In any of the ancient Chinese army generals or generals in the record, you have not seen any Chinese ancient generals in the use of the Japanese sword. So, in ancient times the Japanese knife is actually a joke.

From the end of fourteenth Century to fifteenth Century, when a large number of early firearms in the world's armed forces in the world, the cold weapon era has ended. Chinese Ming army entered the era of primary firearms. As a result, almost all of the heavy armor.

And then, in China no longer development under the condition of heavy armour, Western real authentic body type whiteboard armor, in the 16th century to the 17th century developed to its peak, which age can still count is really cold weapon era? Moreover, in seventeenth Century 16, the Western plate than Yibaierbai years ago Chinese heavy armour, a cow in the west?

Ask which, which country in Western Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, with more than 5 million heavy cavalry (of troops and armored Cataphracts troops), or 30 million heavy infantry (body armour more than 20 kg)?

Another is that the cold weapon weapons in the ancient world, which country that melee weapons cold weapon weapons, than China's 120 pounds bin manufacturing long handled knives, more killing power of? Who says China song, yuan and Ming era, no powerful warrior and the door?

The imperial examination system of China has been used in the late Qing Dynasty. The Chinese martial, isn't warrior? The door of China and continued until the late Ming Dynasty, passed on from generation to generation martial arts troops to the children of the door, do not a knight?

The Western Han Dynasty is China sword, sword cut Ma level weapon. China Tang Mo Dao power is far beyond the Western sword. And then Chinese long handle heavy knife, sword is more western than not top knife weapons.

Take the Western sword with Chinese knife yell, it is the money? Excellent products in the period of Anti Japanese War Chinese broadsword in, can easily cut a knife coins 10 stacked. This knife might use in the Cold War era, enough to cut the Western plate a knight's horse horse cavalry legs or head.

And take 16 to the 17th century western big whiteboard armour cavalry is concerned, this is only with Xixia kite, Liao Jun Lin or Jin Buddha way heavy cavalry (Western plate armour cavalry is not equipped with crossbows and arrows, in fact combat than Xixia kite, Liao Jun Lin and Jin Buddha heavy cavalry is on a level.

They hit China song Empire crossbow project or long knife battle ax horse leg tactics, they can take?

Chinese Tang Dynasty, a handle senior craftsman to use advanced materials manufacturing horse sidewards (such as: manufacturing Ma sidewards craftsman is top senior queen or weapons crafter, while the material is full bin or full Lian refined steel, fine treasure level horse sidewards. , how can not be valuable 20 sets of the western middle ages ago plate armor (at this time the Western plate armor, or primary plate armor. Also is 20 kilograms of the following junk armor.

In ancient China, the leaves of a pound of tea, a pound of insects spit out and weaving silk, to the West are equivalent to even more than the same price of gold weight goods. A treasure class China of Ma Shuo, a value of dozens of sets of Western junk armor value, this is not unusual.

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