South Korea does not want to become a pawn presidential candidate: to deal with the United States say no

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South Korea does not want to become a pawn presidential candidate: to deal with the United States say no

2017-04-21 09:59:57 108 ℃

Original title: South Korea does not want to become a pawn presidential candidate: deal with the United States say no


[global times in Korea, Japan mission freelance reporter Chen Shangwen blue song of Solomon Zhang Jingliu said a "New York Times"] said the timing of South Korea held the election again but the worrying. The winner will be replaced by the impeachment of Park Geun hye began to reign, and now is a time of intense relations between Korea and North korea. South Korean election results are likely to have a profound impact on the international community's efforts to deal with the threat of North Korea's nuclear missile. Reported that the South Korean conservatives worry if Wen zaiyin is elected, he will be the resurrection of Roh Moo-hyun during the "sunshine policy". In addition, in a recent book, Wen zaiyin said South Korea should learn to say "to the United states".

In fact, although the Trump government declared a "peaceful settlement" with North Korea, but South Korea on North Korea threat and "Sade" deployment still corpuscles. South Korean Foreign Ministry said 20, South Korea and the United States have been in accordance with the agreement on the status of the United States and South Korea to complete the "Sade" landing required for the program, the U.S. military can be formally prepared to deploy". In addition, the United States and South Korea held 20 code named super thunder joint air force exercises, the Korean Air Force invested a total of more than and 100 main aircraft participating. South Korea, "world news", said the United States and South Korea launched a massive air force core combat capability, drill North Korean nuclear facilities".

However, unlike before the South Korean people on the peninsula possible conflict are concerned, these days, the Koreans have complained about the US "the allies to armed conflict crisis", angry with themselves for the U.S. government. Korean national news, 20, said the United States lied Karl Vincent sailed to the peninsula, if the move is deliberately lying, so that the allies into a serious threat. The United States is trying to render the threat of North Korea, on the one hand is to keep the U.S. military presence in South Korea, in order to contain China; on the other hand, I do not know when it will fall to the Chinese side, South Korea is also the u.s.. The United States called to send aircraft carriers to the peninsula, the same is to contain the South Korean presidential election.

"Another article Korean national news" 20 days, Lee Myung-bak and park Geun hye's Government in 9 years, the South Korean government has been hoping for "North Korea collapse theory" fantasy, just blindly advocating the ROK-US alliance how strong, rely on the United states. South Korea to give up the return of wartime operational command, the decision to deploy "Sade" in Japan, without it signed the agreement, the comfort women hastily shut down the Kaesong industrial park and a series of incomprehensible diplomacy and security policy, resulting in South Korea become a pawn on the chessboard of the United states. So that the war on the Korean Peninsula, the situation is imminent, South Korea did not have the slightest say, the situation is extremely miserable.

For the United States "Huyou" South Korea "Central Daily" has been conservative views on 20 also said that only sanctions can not solve all the problems, the future of Korea should further promote inter Korean exchanges, build a platform for the peninsula unified market, and as a fulcrum, prompted the internal structure change. Commented that South Korea should strive to become the Korean Peninsula denuclearization of the designer, proposed a constructive South Korea program, or South Korea may become a spectator of the fate of the peninsula.

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