The cast of "the mother of all bombs" big kill us in a dilemma of exposure

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The cast of "the mother of all bombs" big kill us in a dilemma of exposure

2017-04-21 10:02:00 167 ℃

Original title: "the mother of all bombs" big kill us in a dilemma of exposure

The United States in the middle of this month in Afghanistan for extremist organizations Islamic state stronghold cast a so-called bomb mother giant bomb, killing at least 95 militants. However, the Afghan media pointed out that the security situation in Afghanistan is worrying, the United States to use this big kill effect exactly how, still to be assessed.

Analysts believe that even in the United States, "the mother of all bombs" are used, it shows that the previous crackdown failed to reach the expected goal. U.S. military commander in Afghanistan John Nicholson previously admitted that the United States has been in a deadlock".

Flat crackdown effect

Local time the evening of April 13th at about 7 U.S. troops in Eastern Nangarhar province to the Islamic state in a stronghold of cast a nickname "bomb" the mother of the GBU - 43 type of moab. The bomb weighs about 9.5 tons and the explosive power is equivalent to about 11 tons of TNT. This is the largest non nuclear bomb used by the US military.

18, the Afghan Defense Ministry confirmed that the air strikes caused the death of the armed forces, including the "Islamic state" of the main leaders in Afghanistan, including 13. With the clean-up work, the results may continue to increase.

Some analysts say the United States use so powerful weapons, on the one hand to show the fight against Islamic state determination, on the other hand reflects previous efforts to suppress can not achieve the desired effect, and the extreme terrorist organization is still rampant in afghanistan. Nicholson said the air strikes in order to reduce the degree of danger of Afghan and U.S. forces to carry out the task of cleaning up in the area, but also from the side confirmed this view.

Afghan political expert Jafar Gardezi told Xinhua that the Islamic state by the end of 2014 began to infiltrate the Afghan border crackdown on its still needs to be strengthened, because the present situation is "launch crackdown is easy, but to eliminate militants is difficult".

Addition, said the Islamic state gradually gained a foothold in Afghanistan, the development of a large number of followers, and even attract some of the Taliban armed personnel to join. The U.S. air strikes in Nangarhar province, some areas actually has been out of control". "Must be vigilant, and the province bordering Kabul Province, province of Kunar, Laghman Province, now also have 'Islamic state' signs of activity."

According to the British Royal Armed Forces Institute of statistics, at this stage there are about 7000 to the Islamic state militants and their followers in afghanistan. With the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria retreat, there may be more of the extremist organization members fled to Afghanistan in the future, making trouble.

Nearly half of the land can hardly control

Some security analysts say the Afghan security forces is weak, coupled with foreign troops from the end of 2014 began to decrease, more is left to the terrorist forces an opportunity, the security situation in Nangarhar province is a microcosm of the national security situation.

According to the previous withdrawal plan, to January this year, the number of U.S. troops should be reduced to 5500. However, due to the volatile security situation in Afghanistan, there are still 8400 people in the u.s..

According to a report by the special inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction Office released in February this year, the Afghan government can effectively control the present territory of only 52%, compared with 72% in 2015 fell significantly.

The report also pointed out that over the past six months, the country has at least 15% of the territory was infiltrated by rebels. In addition, according to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, Afghanistan in 2016 there were 3498 civilians were killed in the violence, and another 7920 people were injured, this is from a group of system records began in 2009 since the highest civilian casualties.

Afghanistan times, 19, pointed out that although the U.S. military toward the Islamic state on the head threw a bomb mother, but how to combat the effect, to be assessed. The report quoted as saying the local radio, the extremist groups in Nangarhar province, is still "normal operation".

In addition, the Islamic state in the air after the announcement by radio, the organization no casualties".

U.S. military blockade of air strikes so far, blocking the Afghan local security forces into the scene to understand the real situation.

The urgent need to strengthen efforts to suppress

"We have reached an impasse." Nicholson, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said at a congressional hearing in February 9th this year, in view of the security situation in Afghanistan, the need for more troops.

This is not the first time Nicholson publicly called for more troops. Public opinion is generally worried about the security situation in Afghanistan, whether or not to send more troops to Afghanistan, has become one of the main military challenges since President Donald Trump took office.

Trump "adviser", national security adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster 16 visit to Afghanistan and the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met. This is the first high-level meeting between the U.S. government and the Afghan government. The media reports, the fight against terrorism has become the two main topics discussed, Mike masters also promised the United States in the future will continue to provide the necessary support to afghanistan.

Some analysts say Mike McMaster visit may be related to the next stage of American counter-terrorism strategy in afghanistan. Some people speculated that Trump's security team is considering upgrading the U.S. military operations in afghanistan.

However, some experts pointed out that if the Trump administration decided to send more troops to Afghanistan, mobilization of troops and complete supporting work will also spend a few months time, but the current situation is that the Afghan government's military strength is not enough to fully control the situation.

"The security forces are almost at the national level and at the same time, Taliban 'Islamic state' and other armed groups in each branch line of combat, often faced with and care for this and lose that equipment Co., limited, the number of military personnel problems." The Afghan military expert Wahid Mogida said in an interview with Xinhua, compared to American bombs, the local people now more worried about the 'Islamic state' in a US air strike would then take further retaliatory measures.

"The security forces are difficult to fundamentally reverse the situation," Mogida said, Afghanistan needs with the United States and the international community to continue to strengthen the crackdown, national security, and maintain security in South asia. (He Jiangchao)